Friday, April 30, 2010

Due to thunderstorms, resulting from W.D, over many parts of the Northern/Nort-Western regions of the country,maximum temperatures have fallen by 4-8°C over parts of west Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka and by 2-3°C over parts of Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Rayalaseema. (Day temp map from Univ. of Cologne attached).The fall into the late 30s is very visible here.
The highest, 43.4c in India, was at Churu (Rajasthan) and Daltonganj.
Meanwhile, day temperatures have also dropped in Maharashtra, with Washim, recording the highest today of 42c. This fall is attributed to the light rains all over the state, as a result of a trough running from W.Bengal to the South-East Arabian Sea.

And, to the contrary, Mumbai has become worst off after a drizzle on Friday morning. S'Cruz was high at 37c, and the humidity factor was unbearable as it was partly cloudy in the day.
I do not expect this rain in Maharashtra to last beyond Saturday.

RT @abishek: its raining in chennai. this means the power supply would be off soon. a way to start the weekend! .. YES power off polichalur
Chennai - Rain rate goin down slowly now 9:50pm in Pallavaram, polichalur zone.
@brightonvino >> Where its raining? Please update ur location in chennai. Thanks
RT @prakash_chn: Rain in some parts of chennai . But not in my area :( purasaiwalkam. But it seems cloudy here..
@rajmohan86 >> Please update ur location in chennai. Thanks
RT @rajmohan86: oh yeah..!! it's drizzling in Chennai... :)
Chennai - It's raining in Pallavaram, pammal and polichalur zone... Massive lightning now!!
RT @labsji: It is raining at Nanganallur, Chennai. Yay! Yay! Smells good! cc: @weatherofindia
Chennai - After a clear evening till sunset, now 9:43pm we (South chennai) are having a sudden thunder storm.
RT @aquanav: It's raining in Chennai!!!!!!!!
RT @hashkerala: RT @Arunshah : Jst like d past few days...its raining heavily wt scary thunder nd beautiful!!
RT @devansali: heavy rain in alappuzha kerala keralaweather weatherofindia
@TapanMohanta >> Any rain in Kolkata ??
6pm, Heavy showers again over Kerala W.Ghats and along west Tamilnadu ..
6pm, Minor thunder cells visible over Gujarat..
6pm, Showers over W. Uttarpradesh, Punjab, Himachal, South Bengal and Bangladesh ..
North-south trough in lower levels now runs from west Rajasthan to southeast Arabian Sea across west Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.
Maximum temperatures are above normal by 2-4°C over many parts of Northwest, Central and West India and some parts of south peninsular India .... Cloud formation over the circulation in Bay is showing No sign of dying..! .. Early morning's cloud cover along coastal Karnataka from Arabian sea still persists.
3:30pm, Thunder cells over Punjab, Orissa, S-E corner A.P (near Chennai), S-W Bengal, S. Tamilnadu, W.ghats..
RT @TapanMohanta: @weatherofindia it seems we are going to have more showers this evening in kolkata. Dark clouds everywhere.
Early monsoon may not affect kharif sowing ...
Chennai - Having clear deep blue skies and temp. touched a max of 35.5°C (11:23am)
2:30pm, Afternoon thunder again over Orissa, Kerala W. Ghats, S. Tamilnadu, E. Rajasthan..
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Wind pattern over south peninsula:: a good S-W jet stream over west and the circulation over Bay can be seen..
12:30pm, Cloud formation over the feeble low over South central Bay is getting heavier ..
@nirmaltv >> Is it raining there (mangalore) now ?? Pls update. if possible with a picture. Thanks
RT @nirmaltv: Its raining here in Mangalore early morning
@mharishankar >> Is it raining there (Mangalore) now ?? Please update. Thanks
RT @samod: Going to Mangalore tonight.. hope Pre-Monsoon rains welcome me there :-)
@actionink >> Is it raining there (Goa) now ??. pls update. If possible with pics. Thanks
Heavy showers along Goa and Karnataka coast ..
RT @actionink: Finally! Its raining here in Goa. Rain. No drizzle!! :)
Heavy Rain in Assam, India ...

Heavy Rain in Assam, India

acquired April 16, 2010

acquired April 28, 2010

In mid- to late April 2010, torrential rains and violent winds downed electric lines, damaged homes, uprooted trees, and displaced some 150,000 people in the eastern Indian state of Assam, according to news reports. The hardest-hit area was Lakhimpur District, roughly 400 kilometers east of Assam’s principal city of Guwahati.
The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured these images of the area around Guwahati, which sits along the Brahmaputra River not far from the India-Bhutan border. The top image is from April 28, 2010, and the bottom image is from April 16, 2010. Both images use a combination of infrared and visible light to increase the contrast between water and land. Vegetation appears bright green and bare ground appears pinkish tan. Clouds appear sky blue. Water varies in color from electric blue to navy. The relatively light color of the Brahmaputra’s waters on April 28 likely results from the angle of sunlight.
Expanses of standing water surround the river on April 28, and the water sits on surfaces that had been relatively dry days earlier. Tributaries to the river, both east and west of Guwahati, are swollen in the later image.
The April floods in Assam were the second cluster of floods in that state in 2010, Sify News reported. The earlier round of floods struck the state the previous month, although with less severe effects.
Monsoon Watch - 4 ...
Western Disturbance to lessen Heat,Temporarily ..
Chennai - Already 11:30pm, we have thunder cells over W-N-W and heavy formations can be seen over West and South-WEst.
Mumbai woke up to a very stuffy morning on Friday after early a morning drizzle,0.3mm at Colaba and 0.7 mm at S'Cruz. With the rcorded minimum at 28c, the day is now partly cloudy, with medium alto-cumumlus clouds. Far Northern suburb of Nala Sopara had early heavier morning rain with thunder.
Chennai - Very good cloud formation around. 80% chance of local showers possible today. That too if the formations sustain above 1pm.
Rajasthan is having a clear day today, after a cloudy day yesterday.
Chennai - South chennai got its showers from South-east, it seems more scattered showers on way after 1-May due to the circulation over Bay.
Heavy Cloud mass seen over the potential circulation zone over South-central Bay...
8:30am, Heavy showers along Karnataka coast, and Getting reports of showers in Kanyakumari dist. Tamilnadu..
Nagercoil - Getting reports of heavy showers from 9am
Chennai - South chennai got it's first summer showers at around 4am. It was a medium shower. Most of North Chennai didn't receive the shower

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Western Disturbance to lessen Heat,Temporarily:
With a moderate precipitating rains/duststorms in Pakistan, I see the system crossing over into India by the 30th.

Result: Fairly good rains/hailstorms in the North-West/North and Central regions of India.
And with some rain in South Vidharbh today (29th.), the scorching heat of Vidharbh now underway, will lessen with the passing of the W.D. from tomorrow.
Expect the highs in Vidharbh to come down from 45c to 41/42c.Since the W.D. is moderately strong, the days will surely get cooler by 3/4c starting 30th. North Indian states, Gujarat and baking in intense 43/45c temperatures, can expect some relief,albiet for a few days only.
Today, the highest in Asia was 45c at Nagpur (India) and Nawabshah(Pakistan).
All this relief is temporary for a couple of days, till the passing of the W.D. The heat is immiediately following up in the rear of the system.
Mumbai was a sweaty 35.5c (+3c), and cloudless.(Though I was expecting some clouding today). Mahableshwar couln't be any better too, as the day was hot today at 33c with no relief at night,20c. Thane, too was scorching at 38.8c (AWS reading).

Monsoon Watch - 4

The parameter of utmost concern to me now is the Bay factor. The consistently -ve factor in the first 3 MWs.
The latest winds in the Bay show a strong current rushing Northwards along the East coast of India, into the trough in sub-Himalayan West Bengal. The North-West flow of winds into the Myanmar coast also exists. Thereby, to some extent, the hitherto prevailing "high" is somewhat breaking up.
Also, the SST in the Bay is quite conducive to host a low anytime now. Like previously mentioned, a low, according to me, should have normally formed by 15th.April.Infact,last year we had a cyclone in the Bay in April.A delay here can effect the Bay branch of the Monsoon. Now, the delay in the formatiion of the wanted low is due to the trough running along the North-Eastern states, which has caused very heavy rains there. Moisture laden winds are gushing into the region, causing heavy rains.
Now, according to ECMWF forecasts, and other models,no low is predicted in the Bay till the 6th.May at least. Indicator :-ve

The Seasonal Low in the Thar Desert is deepening gradually. As on end April, a pressure of 1000 mb in the central core region around Barmer is normal.(See Thai Met Dept Map). Now onwards,the core should expand, and stretch into the West, into Pakistan, and within a week further West. Finally, by June, the low has to stretch from India to Arabia, with its core centre (994mb) somewhere near Jacobabad. The intense heat in the sub continent is an useful aide to this formation.
Also, further heavy moisture inflow from the North-West winds into Kerala and South Karnataka coast may prevent a proper gradiant to form to give the Monsoon a final momentum and push along the west coast. During end of May,the low in the North (Rajasthan/Sindh) may be normal at 996mb,but the 1008 mb required off the Southern tip may not materise on time. And that is a must for creating a pull Northwards for the Monsoon.Still, we have the month of May for the situation to "cool off", or rather "warm up" along the south- west coast. Indicator :Normal.

Another parameter to observe now are the 200 hpa jet stream. Normally, they should be Easterlies right upto 20N by May end. This would facilitate the Northward movement of the Monsoon Current. Today, the jet stream is developed upto the Equator, and are gaining strenght over Sri Lanka.(See COLA/IGES Map) Forecasts on models show these winds getting organised around the first week of May. Should march up to the 10N by middle of May, to be in time for the Andaman Sea Monsoon arrival. Indicator: Normal

The cross equatorial flow, is surely picking up. A very crucial factor this one. The Mascrene highs are establishing and winds hitting the East African coast are getting stronger, and the Somali Current is getting defined. The lacking factor is the cross flow south of the Bay, that is, the Eastern parameter.(See Aust. Bur. of Met.TXLAPS Wind chart attached). The Bay branch should be getting stronger by now, but lacks the momento. But, a push is there in the offing. As reported by the Australian Weather buraeu "The latest guidance suggests that an active MJO event will develop in the western Indian Ocean over the coming week or two. In response to this, we would expect to see an increase in convective activity over the northern Indian Ocean, although is unlikely to trigger the Indian Monsoon onset this early in the year."
However, I feel, this will be a good booster for the Bay branch of the Monsoon. Remember, the due date for the Monsoon in the South Andaman Sea is May 12th. Indicator: Normal.

The cyclone in the Southern Indian Ocean has dissipitated, hence there is no longer any hindrance now for the ITCZ to start moving North. Situated at 5S, it should normally cross the equator around 10th.May,for a proper setting of the Monsoon in both the branches.
El-Nino: According to the latest report from the Australian Weather Bureau, "the majority of ENSO indicators have now dropped below El Niño thresholds. The cooling of the tropical Pacific Ocean ..has resulted in trade winds and tropical cloudiness returning to normal."
But, my estimates show that a weak El-Nino is still hanging around.
Regions Previous Current Temperature change
(2 weeks)
Nino 3         0.3°C cooler
Nino 3.4     0.1°C cooler
Nino 4        0.1°C cooler
While checking out all the other parameters, we cannot neglect this very important event. Still, as we have time in hand, and if all goes well, SST can start declining , and come to neutral levels by May end. SOI indicates this favourably, as it is now gained a few notches up to +15 on April 25th.. Very very encouraging. In fact,sustained positive values of the SOI above +10 may indicate La Niña episodes.
Indicator: +ve

Really, we are still at the mercy of Nature and Providence in spite of our so called "developments."

Conclusion: As of today, there seems to be a slight delay in the Bay branch of the Monsoon. And, the Arabian Sea branch needs a little trigger to get going in May. Maybe a little less rain in the first half of May for Kerala? Arrival date should be around 1st. June for Kerala.
(This Monsoon chase is my personal deciphering).
@rohitweet >> Is it raining there now ?? Please update. Thanks... Check the satellite shot at 7pm ..
RT @MiLOKMAT: Nagpur: Rains occurred at Chandrapur-Ballarshah region while the sky was overcast in the city and many other parts as well.
RT @nikhil_nine: wow...Garwa..@rohitweet Unexpected change in weather. It may rain here in Nagpur
RT @MiLOKMAT: Nagpur: Parts of South-Vidarbha today received showers which brought much needed relief to the people in the region. ... South central Bay is dotted with thunder cells and getting ready to host a minor low level circulation.
7pm, Heavy showers over East Maharastra, N. Karnataka, WEst central Tamilnadu along W.Ghats and N-W Srilanka..
RT @ESIPAQWG: RT @khurafatinitin Delhi is headed for a dust storm and squall ! Hopefully it shall rain heavily !
7pm, Today's thunder showers over most parts are still persisting .. Very heavy over pakistan...
RT @barkhad: Hail stones! Rain! Delhi! Seriously!!!!!!
RT @SachdevCharu: Love April showers in Delhi! Love the smell of soil when rain falls on scorching land.
6pm, Showers over S. Kerala western ghats ..
6pm, Heavy showers along North A.P into East Maharastra ..
RT @AlertNet: Slideshow of photos from AlertNet's George Fominyen, who's been reporting on hunger in Niger
4:30pm, More showers pushing into w-N-W Rajasthan from Pakistan ..
RT @munnartravel: kerala photo gallery , munnar photos ..
@Biorahul >> Yes, there are lots of chances for showers in Jaipur and most of central and N-W Rajasthan.
RT @mj12889: clouds over delhi................... rain rain come again
RT @akashkumarsingh: @weatherofindia yes now 29 apr 5pm , it s raining in delhi
@Biorahul >> Any rain in Jaipur today ?
@bbyf16 >> Is it raining in Kerala? Where are you updating from ? Thanks.
3pm, Showers over N-W Rajasthan, N Andhra into Maharastra .. isolated over Kerala w.Ghats, S.Karnataka and S.Tamilnadu..
From reader >> "Very dark and cloudy in Virudhunagar..expecting suuuper shower:-)"
2:30pm, Thunder cells over Munnar & Kodaikanal mountains and over Ramnad dist. of Tamilnadu ..
Low level circulation over S-central bay, this will increase the Shower possibility along TN coast from 1-May...
A minor low level Cyclonic circulation predicted over South-Central Bay on 1-May...
1pm, Thunder cells visible over central Pakistan and over N-W Rajasthan, heavy showers continue over South N-E states ..
Chennai - touched another moderate temp of 35.1°C (12:14pm). Now 12:23pm, the morning cloud formation has not sustained again.
Chennai - At 11:30am, minor thunder cells over to East and South-east over Sea. A sign of new weather front moving into N Tamilnadu coast .
Chennai - From 8am till 11:30am sky was having a DEEP blue color (sign of new weather front) and littered with lots of LOW cloud formation.
Early morning, Massive showers over N-E states .. and signs of showers over west-central Rajasthan ..
RT @rajugana: Hyd-downpour yesterday evening., Baroda- Hot and humid..clear signs of even development of clouds... (28-Apr-10)
Thunder squalls likely in east, north-east ...

Thunder squalls likely in east, north-east

India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Wednesday warned about the possibility of isolated thunder squall over the north-eastern States, West Bengal, Sikkim, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa, apart from Kerala in the South, during the next two days.

Weather over north-west India would also stay largely unstable with isolated hailstorms or thunder squall forecast over Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh during this period.


The volatile weather is being brought to bear by the causative trough formations spearheaded by embedded cyclonic circulations at all these places.

The IMD on Wednesday traced the most prominent among them running north to south trough from Gangetic West Bengal to Kerala across Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Embedded upper air cyclonic circulations sat over Gangetic West Bengal and adjoining Jharkhand.

A second trough originating from Gangetic West Bengal headed eastward to Mizoram across Bangladesh and Tripura with an embedded upper air cyclonic circulation over Mizoram. These trough formations in the eastern corridor have seen oodles of moisture being washed inland from the Bay of Bengal in the lower levels of the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, a cyclonic circulation induced by an inbound western disturbance traced to over central Pakistan on Tuesday has moved further east, partly across the international border, to lie over central Pakistan and adjoining northwest Rajasthan. This is seen as stirring up a lot of weather over northwest India in isolated hail storms and thunder squalls extending into as far east as Uttar Pradesh and east-southeast into Madhya Pradesh as well.


The IMD stated on Wednesday that the western disturbance is affecting western Himalayas and would stay active over the region during the next two to three days.

Satellite imagery on Wednesday morning showed the presence of convective (thunderstorm/thundershower-causing) clouds over parts of Jammu and Kashmir, south Bay of Bengal and south east Arabian Sea.

Low to medium clouds (partly clouded conditions) were witnessed over Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, west Haryana, west Uttar Pradesh, north Rajasthan, east Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, south peninsular India, south Andaman Sea and remaining parts of south Arabian Sea.

The cloud cover is expected to bring about a fall in maximum temperatures by 2-3 deg Celsius over northwest and adjoining central India during the next two days.

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) is of the view that northwest and central India would start heating up once again once the effect of the western disturbance wears out.

The US National Centres for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) is of the view that rain or thundershowers over northeast India and the southwest coast would continue into the second week of May.

An IMD outlook until Saturday said that scattered to fairly widespread rain or thundershowers would occur over Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.

Scattered rain or thundershowers are also likely over Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Isolated dust storm or thunderstorms have been forecast over Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, north Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh during the next two days.

Isolated to scattered rain or thundershowers would occur over West Bengal, Sikkim, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa. Isolated rain or thunder showers are likely over Maharashtra.

Isolated to scattered rain or thundershowers has been forecast over Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Forecast until Monday said that fairly widespread rainfall activity would occur over the north eastern States while it would be isolated over east and south peninsular India.

Severe heat wave conditions have been prevailing over isolated pockets of Himachal Pradesh during the last 24 hours ending Wednesday morning.

Heat wave conditions prevailed over parts of Haryana, west Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan and isolated pockets of Punjab, north-west Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. The highest maximum temperature of 45.5 deg Celsius was recorded at Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mumbai (Colaba) on 28th. April was hot at 35.5c.No indication of any cloud development and humid West winds added to the discomfort. Hottest in Maharashtra today (28th.) was at Brahmapuri: 45.5c.
RT @Discovery_Earth: Undersea asphalt "volcanoes" have been leaking oil for tens of thousands of years.
Present Pre-Monsoon Rains and Indian Heat -- Status report ...

Pre-Monsoon Rains and Indian Heat

The 2nd. half of April has seen Pre-Monsoon rains lashing the Southern and Eastern regions of India.Though today, after a long break, we see the rains relenting to some extent in the East, but the Southern state of Kerala continues to enjoy the "rain bounty", and much to the relief of the state, the temperatures have come down considerably, after record breaking 40 degree heat in the state.
The North-Eastern States had a fairly good spell of pre-monsoon rains, as mentioned. Traditional wet spot, Cherrapunjee, has recieved as much as around 3300mms of rain to date in April ! And that is 2588 mms above normal! Heading towards the 5000mms mark by May end ?? Passighat has recieved 926 mm, and is in excess by 626mm!!
And most places in the North-Eastern states are 100% to 200 % in excess rainwise.

In the South, Kerala and Karnataka have recieved, and continue to recieve the pre monsoon heavy thundershowers.Though T.N.did not get much rain, and would not normally, Kerala and specially coastal Karnataka is in excess. Thiruvananthapuram, as on 27th. has recieved 299 mms of rain, (for Mar/Apr, but almost all in April), excess by 163 mms. Now this total, is far in excess of rains recieved in this city, in April, in the last 15 years.

Good, substantial inflow of moisture into the North-East, due to a trough running into the North-East Bay is the cause of this rain there. And, a good flow of West winds, into the South Western coast of India, has precipitated rains along the coast.It is resultantly breaking up the "high" there.

Is all this now going to have a bearing on the advancement of the Monsoon? Is the heavy rain in the North-East going to effect the Bay branch? Cannot say now, but if the pre monsoon rains continue beyond, say, 10th. May, we may find some change in the arrival dates. Maybe either way, if the pre monsoon spell converts itself into a regular south-west flow.
We will discuss this as and when, with proper analysis in the Monsoon Watch series.

Todays day temperatures were above normal in the central region. The 2 IMD maps show the extreme heat wave in the centre of India. Highest today (27th. April) in Asia was at Chandrapur, Maharashtra, at 45.2c.with the night at this place recording 30.8c. Nagpur and Gwalior followed at 44.5c.
The map shows India in a clear North-South divide,weather wise. The southern temperatures were generally below normal, while the central region shows very high abnormality, and the rest of North/North-West India fairly above normal.

The Climate Prediction Centre (NOAA) deviation map of last week shows that the maximum heat was in the Rajasthan region last week. Anyway, a major portion of the sub-continent was in an "above normal zone" throughout last week.
Posted by Mr. Rajesh Kapadia
RT @Biorahul: @WaseemBits I can understand.. Hate summers.. It rained a bit in Jaipur today.. hwz karnataka??
RT @sunita67: It's raining in Jaipur.....Please please rain in Delhi too!!!
RT @flyyoufools: @kbhargava Only fair, since we had mud rain in Delhi last night....
RT @Risty1108: Rain clouds ditched us this afternoon :( RT @aatheena @ikaveri okies... hope delhi get some relief from heat.. :))
@akashkumarsingh >> Is it raining in Delhi ?? Pls update. Thanks
@ceetee >> I think u are from Chennai ?? Chennai today registered another moderate temp. of 35.2°C (12:35pm). Expect 43 deg C around 15-May
RT @jitukrish: Threatening clouds in Trivandrum
RT @bimalzone: heavy rain at Trivandrum.....feeling nice to watch a rain after a long summer days...
RT @karthika_nair: Seems the rain had made the roads here bit congested!! heavy traffic at Trivandrum
RT @hashkochi: RT @efheem : Confirmed that God had made a 'cron job' to make Kochi wet all the evenings. :) rain linux kochi kerala
RT @hashkerala: RT @akhil_k_anil : rain over here alappuzha kerala ......... cool atmosphere now !!
RT @ishafire: Enjoying the early monsoon of Cochin......
RT @chrisjob012: @neelannair ash clouds in kochi?
RT @jmanoo: its drizzling in kochi cochin
6:30pm, Lots of premonsoon and Nor-wester showers all over India.. Good looking Sat. shot..
5pm, Lots of Showers over Punjab, Haryana, M.P, Orissa, Bengal, Karnataka and Kerala ..
IMD :: Rain to continue in North-East, Orissa ..

Rain to continue in North-East, Orissa

Scattered to fairly widespread rainfall has been reported from the north-eastern States and the southern peninsula overnight on Tuesday.

The causative north-south trough ran down from east Uttar Pradesh to north interior Karnataka across Madhya Pradesh and Vidarbha with embedded upper air cyclonic circulations over east Uttar Pradesh.


A warning issued by India Meteorological Department (IMD) and valid for the next two days said that isolated thunder squalls would occur over the north-eastern States, West Bengal, Sikkim, Bihar and Orissa.

According to the US National Centres for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), the northeast would be awash with moisture from the Bay of Bengal for as long as the second week of May.

The NCEP has suggested that convective available potential energy (CAPE) values, which indicate the possibility of unstable weather (thundershowers or thunderstorms), would stay elevated during this week over the west coast also.

While the CAPE values are shown sneaking into interior Bihar and east Uttar Pradesh in the east, a convective weather system (embedded cyclonic circulation in a western disturbance) would drive moisture into the Gujarat and southwest Rajasthan during the week.

The rest of the west coast will witness volatile weather during this period as will large parts of the southern peninsula, with moisture-laden winds from adjoining seas expected to blow into interior peninsula.


An update from the Chennai Met Centre said that rainfall occurred at most places over Kerala and at a few places over Telangana, coastal and south interior Karnataka during the 24 hours ending Tuesday morning.

Isolated rainfall occurred over Rayalaseema, Lakshadweep and Tamil Nadu while mainly dry weather prevailed over north interior Karnataka and coastal Andhra Pradesh.

The forecast for the next two days said that rain or thundershowers may occur at many places over Kerala and Lakshadweep and at a few places over coastal and south interior Karnataka.

Isolated rain or thundershowers are likely over Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh and north-interior Karnataka.


As for north-west India, the region is bracing to receive some weather from an induced cyclonic circulation that is lying parked over central Pakistan and is expected to move further east.

The parent western disturbance is likely to affect the western Himalayan region during the next two to three days, the IMD said.

Satellite imagery on Tuesday morning showed the presence of convective (rain or thundershower-causing) clouds over parts of the Northeastern States, southeast Bay of Bengal and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Low to medium clouds (partly cloudy conditions) were seen over parts of the western Himalayan region, Punjab, Haryana, north Rajasthan, West Bengal, Sikkim, south peninsular India and southeast Arabian Sea.

Updated forecasts until Friday suggested the possibility of fairly widespread rain or thundershowers over Assam and Meghalaya and scattered rain over Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.

Extended forecasts until Sunday said that fairly widespread rainfall activity would occur over the Northeastern States while it would be isolated over east and south peninsular India.

Scattered rain or thundershowers are expected to occur over Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh during next two days and isolated rain over Uttarkhand on Wednesday.

Isolated dust storms or thunderstorms are likely over Punjab, Haryana, north Rajasthan and West Uttar Pradesh during the next two days.

Meanwhile, heat wave conditions prevailed over parts of Himachal Pradesh and isolated pockets of north Rajasthan, Bihar and Gangetic West Bengal during the 24 hours ending Tuesday morning.

Maximum temperatures have begun to pick up over parts of northwest, central and east India. The highest maximum of 44.5 deg Celsius was recorded at Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan.

No significant change in maximum temperatures is expected over the plains of northwest, central and east India during next 24 hours but a slight fall make take place thereafter.
Iceland Volcanos, Climate Change and Benjamin Franklin ...
Is climate change South Asia's deadliest threat? ...
From reader >> "Rapid development of clouds over Bangalore now..a shower possible late evening"
From our reader >> "Heavy rainfall expected near Kozhikode railway station.."
3:30pm, Showers over Tamilnadu is bit subdued and active over Munnar & Kodaikanal mountains ...
3:30pm, Isolated showers over Punjab, haryana, Rajasthan, N Madyapradesh, Orissa and peppered over W.ghats ..
Rain on 27-Apr, Widespread over Bengal, N-E states, Kerala and South Tamilnadu ..
On 27-Apr, Adilabad recorded the highest maximum temperature of 45 degree Celsius in SOuth India
on 27-Apr, Piravam (Ernakulam dt) recorded a heavy rainfall of 7 centimetres in South India.
2pm, Thunder cells over Orissa, Bengal, S-E extreme Jharkand, South western Ghats, and over Ramnad district of TN ..
2pm, Showers over Kashmir, Himachal and South N-E states ..
India, Rainfall 2010 toppers till 27-Apr-2010 ...
23 killed in Assam thunderstorms, flood inundates Kaziranga Park ..

Rainfall 2010 toppers till 27-Apr-2010

Cherrapunjee has got 140.1mm yesterday, in the last 10 days it has received 1580 mm

2010 toppers till 27.04.2010
Cherrapunji 344 cm
Passighat 98 cm
Silchar 88 cm
Dibrugarh 79 cm
Itanagar 74 cm
Gangtok 67 cm
North Lakhimpur 62 cm


Tamilnadu toppers from 1.1.2010 to 27.4.2010
Pechiparai – 22 cm
Valparai – 19 cm
Kodaikanal – 17 cm

Posted by Mr. Pradeep John
Fall in maximum temperatures by 2-3°C over northwest and adjoining central India during next 2 days.
Hailstorms/ thundersquall may occur over Punjab, Haryana, Delhi & Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh during next 48 hr
Heat wave conditions are also prevailing over Haryana, west Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan , Punjab, northwest Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand.
On 27-Apr, highest maximum temperature of 45.5°C was recorded at Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh)
Early morning showers over west Kashmir and otherwise whole of India is Dry ..
RT @rajugana: Hyderabad - overcast sky n pleasant for the past two days.. Baroda- it is crystal clear sky, hot n humid (on 27-Apr)
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia Mumbai today hot,sunny n cloudless. No Thunderclouds 2day.High at 35c.Mah. dry too. (on 27-Apr)
Chennai - Now 11:46am is 34.6°C and will touch another moderate high of 35.5 deg C before 1pm and go down slowly.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

7pm, ... Showers over central Bengal as well ... NO rain in Kolkata.
7pm, .... heavy showers over Central, North central Kerala, over Nilgiris (TN) and into South Karnataka.
7pm, Heavy showers from Pakistan is seeping into West Rajasthan ..
What is "TXLAPS".?? and something about South West monsoon - 2010 ..
Tamilnadu "Anthi Mazhai" ...

What is "TXLAPS".?? and something about monsoon - 2010

TXLAPS (Tropical eXtended Area Prediction System)
(A joint effort between Northern Territory Regional Office and NMOC) TXLAPS is a version of LAPS customised to describe the tropical atmosphere. In particular an attempt is made by Australian Weather Bureau to capture areas of convection that are observable as cloud formations on satellite imagery and which can lead to
the development of tropical depressions. In addition to available conventional data, input to the analysis includes bogus moisture values derived from satellite cloud imagery. Tropical Cyclones are incorporated into the analysis using a bogus system operated by Darwin RSMC staff. The first guess field for this analysis is a forecast from GASP. TXLAPS currently operates over the domain 48oN to 45oS and 60oE to 143oW with a grid spacing of 0.375o.
Thanks: Australian Weather Bureau


As SSET(one of our regular reader) asked the pictures depicts the wind pattern at specified level and the colors represents the speed in knots and the arrow head shows the direction of the flow.
However region specific data will be more useful and pronouncing.
It is too early and winds will be pseudo in nature. It has to be attested with other factors also. Any how it is pre monsoon period and the developments indicates that this year 2010 monsoon may be NORMAL.{But one has to be cautious in that also.)
Cross Equatorial Flow has not strengthened. ITCZ is below 5 Deg North and NOT pronounced in our region.

Posted by Mr. Anonymous

Tamilnadu "Anthi Mazhai"

I hope you consider heavy rain as the rainfall greater than equal to 65.0mm.
Evening TS [Anthi Mazhai] from moderately developed towering cumulus will last for minimum 20-40 minutes and rainfall will be around 3-5 cm. The down burst will bring the temperature down by 2-3 degree. Occasionally developed TS will last for more than one hour and accumulated rainfall will be 6-8 cm.[This is Tamilnadu, not the NE states where the night time TS gives copious rain]

Posted by Mr. Anonymous
RT @sudhanshuojha: its raining in bangalore.. yee
RT @sudhanshuojha: its raining in bangalore.. yee
RT @Ssaaju: @weatherofindia Lovely weather in whitefield Bangalore. Want to go on a long ride on bike now. Its raining now!!
@finaznaha >> Please update daily weather situation from your local place. Thanks visit ... Heavy showers along central, North Kerala and over Western ghats region of W. Tamilnadu.
What's happening over South East Bay of Bengal .. Any low pressure system ?? ..
5:30pm, Thunder cells over Rajasthan, Punjab and W. Pakistan..
@shibu2626 >> Is it raining there? Please update. Thanks
4:30pm, Thunder cells also visible over N. Kerala, N. Coastal Karnataka, N-E Andhra, Orissa and S-W Bengal ..
4:30pm, Showers over S. Punjab and S. Rajasthan as well ..
4:30pm, Heavy showers over central Kerala ..
RT @mercuryman3a: RT @mystikalindia: Non stop fireworks in sky in Kochi. Raingods have blessed again this summer with cool shower
On 26-Apr, maximum temperature fell appreciably at one or two places over Telangana, Tamilnadu.
South India Rain on 26-Apr, Linganamakki (Shimoga dt) and Mavelikkara (Alapuzha dt) recorded heavy rainfall of 9 and 8 CM
RT @amalji: For the last 3 days, at 4pm, Kochi gets windy, then cloudy, and then rainy. This has to be the coolest and hottest summer ever
RT @binoyxj: Ohh! Its raining heavily and the rain drops are like elephant pee.Big it is :D kochi
From our Web site reader "Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds lashing Kochi now..:-) "
RT @EcoSeed: Nepal responsible for building South Asia's first micro hydroelectric center nepal hydroelectric
RT @seenu_s: suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper rain cumin up i gez! :)) :D Cochin Kochi
Present westerly system would spark off rain or thundershowers over Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh during the next 24 hours before scaling up.
Sahara Dust Storm ...

Sahara Dust Storm

Dust blew through western Africa in late April 2010, creating a plume spanning hundreds of kilometers. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite observed the dust storm on April 22, 2010. These natural-color images provide a wide-area (top) and close-up (bottom) view of the dust storm. The area outlined in white in the top image is the area shown in the bottom image.
The region affected by this dust storm includes not just the Sahara Desert but also the Sahel, a semi-arid grassland region bordering the massive desert on the south. The dust plume hovers primarily over Burkina Faso and Mali. Straddling the border between Burkina Faso and Niger, an especially thick layer of dust appears to push southeastward. The billowy appearance of the dust and the relatively clear skies to the southeast suggest that this is an advancing wall of dust.

Top heat stays pinned down to East

The ‘trough triple' continues to bear typical pre-monsoon weather over the north-west, east and south while keeping the top heat pinned to the east and adjoining east-central India.


Heat wave conditions prevailed over isolated pockets of Bihar, east Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Vidarbha, Telangana, north coastal Orissa and north Rajasthan.

The spike in mercury over north Rajasthan could be traced to the arrival phase of a fresh western disturbance, whose ‘hot head' up front induces incremental warming of the atmosphere.

Maximum temperatures may rise by 1 to 2 deg Celsius over parts of northwest and central India during the next two days and decrease thereafter from weather triggered by the westerly system.

The warming is caused by the rising motion of air in the westerly's front from a heated up surface. It cools down the air with gain in height and sets up weather in dust storms, rain or thundershowers during this time of the year.

No significant change is seen in day temperatures over east India during this period, an IMD outlook said.


Yesterday's trough triple were more or less traceable at their respective locations in the northwest, east and south of the country.

The most prominent among them is the north to south-aligned one running down from east Bihar to the extreme south of Tamil Nadu. It snaked down across Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, east Vidarbha, Telangana and interior Karnataka.

Additionally, it featured embedded upper air cyclonic circulations hanging in over east Bihar, east Andhra Pradesh and adjoining Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu and neighbourhood.

Towards the northwest, an upper air cyclonic circulation induced by the inward movement of a western disturbance was traced to central Pakistan across the international border.

The eastward movement of the combine could bring it drifting into position over northwest India over the next few days.

The IMD has said in its outlook that a fresh western disturbance is likely to affect the western Himalayan region from Monday onwards. It could go on to affect the western Himalayan region over the next four days.


Satellite imagery indicated the presence of convective clouds capable of generating rain or thundershowers over parts of the north-eastern States, south-east Bay of Bengal, south Andaman Sea, south Arabian Sea, the Comorin area and the Gulf of Mannar.

Low to medium clouds (partly-clouded conditions) were seen over the western Himalayan region and south peninsular India.

The forecast, valid for the next two days, said that fairly widespread rain or thundershowers would occur over Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Meghalaya, while it would be scattered over Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.

A warning valid for the period said that an isolated thunder squall may occur over the north-eastern States, West Bengal, Sikkim, Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand.

The proceedings could perk up further from Saturday as the western disturbance livens up the resident trough leading to a more active mop-up of moisture from the Bay of Bengal.

Presently, the westerly system would spark off rain or thundershowers over Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh during the next 24 hours before scaling up in intensity.

The rains would filter into adjoining plains of the north-west, with Uttarkhand, Punjab, Haryana, north Rajasthan and West Uttar Pradesh bracing to slip under the same from Wednesday.

Scattered rain or thundershowers would occur over sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim, Kerala and coastal Karnataka during this period, in tandem with the fluctuating fortunes of the north-south trough.

Rains would be isolated over Jharkhand, Gangetic West Bengal, south Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Lakshadweep, interior Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
RT @EcoSeed: Green vehicles star at the Auto China 2010 BeijingInternationalAutomotiveExhibition greencars
Rain map of 26-Apr, Heavy and widespread over N-E states and South Extreme peninsula ..
Rainfall activity would increase over northeastern states and east India.
Heat wave conditions are prevailing over parts of Himachal Pradesh and isolated pockets of north Rajasthan, Bihar and Gangetic West Bengal.
On 26-Apr, highest maximum temperature of 44.5°C was recorded at Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan)
2:30pm, Showers also seen over Orissa ..
2:30pm, Fresh western disturbance is over Kashmir, Punjab and Himachal ..
2:30pm, Thunder showers again over South Tamilnadu and SOuth Kerala ..
Chennai - Light showers expected in Chennai this weekend - BBC Weather
Heavy showers to continue over N-E states ...
Afternoon showers to continue over S-W coast of Peninsula over Karnataka, Kerala and South Extreme Tamilnadu ..
12:30pm, South extreme peninsula over South TN & Kerala are heavily cloudy. Getting reports of some rain ..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia:- Hyd - Only slight drizzle yesterday in some parts... but overcast sky n cool breeze overall
Chennai - Touched a max of 35.9°C (11:19am).. with breeze from S-E continues.
Brahmaputra in spate in the Dibru-Saikhowa National Park on Sunday..
Chennai - "Current dry phase enters 111th day" ... When'll the first rain come ??
All thru the night the South Bay East of Srilanka was very active with lots of thunder storms ..
8:30am, S-E coast of Tamilnadu is having an isolated thunder cell and South Gulf of Mannar is also active ...
Yesterday night Coastal & Western Ghats of Karnataka got heavy showers ..
RT @blessenonly: I love the climate that we have at kerala now. Rain in the evening makes the atmosphere so cool and fresh...
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia Mah's hottest Brhamapuri 44.1c, Mum Scrz 36.5c, M'Shwar 33.7c, Pune 40.4 n Thane (Suburb) 40.6c(AWS).
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia A stray thunder cloud seen east of Mumbai over the ghats in the evening. (26-Apr)

Monday, April 26, 2010

RT @KeralaTourism: Cochin Marina In Photos -
RT @Discovery_Earth: Crazy landslide buries 6-lane highway in Taiwan -- Pictures:
On 25-Apr, Ramagundam recorded the highest maximum temperature of 45 degree Celsius in South India
Rain map of 25-Apr, Showers over Rajasthan, N-E states and South peninsula ..
Rainfall activity would increase over northeastern states and east India.
Trough runs from east Bihar to south Tamilnadu across Jharkhand, Orissa, south Chhattisgarh, Telengana and interior Karnataka.
Rain on 25-Apr, Cherrapunji-8, Kailashar-7, Jagdalpur-5, Dibrugarh and Gopalpur-4 each and Silchar and Kochi-3 CM each
Chennai - Touched a moderate 35.3°C (12:25pm). Initial cloud developments vanished after 12:30pm.
RT @Pictures_India: Amazing Stock Photos of Kerala backwaters.. Free Photos India
RT @arianthoughts: Its heavenly 2 walk out in d rain wid an umbrella knowing perfecttly well that u r gonna get drenched!!! Luv the rains.
RT @hashkochi: RT @phayas : - cochin road rain bus road car
RT @hashkochi: RT @phayas : - Finally at sis's home.. rain cochin
RT @Jaicsdx: Just got fully wet. Damn unexpected rain.lightning storms all around kochi.
5:30pm, Massive thunder storms over Central Kerala, N-E Bengal, into Bangladesh and over Srilanka..
Pre-monsoon maoist moves on forces radar...
4:30pm, Western ghats over Karnataka and Nilgiris are now peppered with thunder cells ..
3:30pm, Very heavy showers over south Kerala and N-W Andhra . .
3:30pm, A fresh western disturbance is over Pakistan and will be over Kashmir, Punjab in another 24hrs..
3:30pm, Heavy thunder squall over North Bengal ..
@rajugana >> Is it raining in Hyderabad ??
RT @binoyxj: Gonna rain here.Its raining daily in Kerala these days. rain kerala kochi (3:43pm)
RT @_muSICK_: The rain was really soothing. No rain in north f kerala. South enjoys everyday rains.
RT @kaalapayani: Heavy Thunders and Lightnings make huge noise in Trivandrum. Yet the sky is not break. Seems, waiting for the evening....
2pm, Thunder cells over N-W Andhra, Orissa, Chatisgarh, N Bengal and Heavy showers over South TN & Kerala ..
RT @agentsj: Into the pouring rain. Guess i'll be drenched to the bone by the time i get back home. Trivandrum
RT @jishinsalim: looks like a big rain comin' up, at Trivandrum
RT @sooraj_at_earth: RT @4sHwiN: - Manninte Manam..! YaY... itz rainingggg..! tirunelveli ..avideyum mazhayo?
1pm, Showers over Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari and Ramnad districts of Tamilnadu ...
"Help Us End Malaria" ..
India Monsoon - actual V official forecasts ... nice graph from Reuters...
At 12:53pm, we got reports of "Huge thunder clouds near Karaikudi" Tamilnadu
11am, Early thunder showers over S-E tamilnadu .. and at 12:30pm it has become bigger and showers over Ramnad dist..
@shankariyer23 >> Please let us know Where are you updating from in Kerala ?? Thanks
RT @shankariyer23: In awe of Nature in sun till 3 in the afternoon and rain and thundershowers thereafter..
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia Mumbai winds turn E and drops humidity. If winds remain E, temp may go beyond 36c,now 34c at 11.30.
Monsoon Watch - 3 ...
On 25-Apr, An interesting analysis of the temperature range variation in India ..

Monsoon Watch - 3

Bay of Bengal : Indicator: -ve
Continuing from MW-2, I am now worried about the "Bay of Bengal" low pressure parameter. I feel, the Bay should host a pre-Monsoon low anytime after 15th. April. Like I mentioned in the previous MW, last year we had a cyclone in the Bay by the third week.

As on today, this region still maintains a luke warm response to the formation of a quick low. The pressure is anything but low, and the winds indiacate a "high" trying to establish itself. only +ve sign of a quick formation is that the SST is conducive. Conducive , 1)as I see winds getting Easterly, (See chart) to start with and breaking up the high pressure area, and 2) the Bay sea temperatures heating up around the Andaman Islands.

Sub-Continent Seasonal Low: indicator: ++ve
On the other hand, the sesonal low in the Thar region is getting into shape fast, thanks to the intense heat wave.True,the entire sub-continent region has suffered a heat wave, but the gains are much more. The central core pressure around the Thar desert region is now 1000mb (994mb required by June begining). And , as per the scheduled development, a proper gradiant is well on its way in the making.
The line of dis-continuity is shifting back to its normal postion, in the centre of the Southern Peninsula region. Out breaks of pre- monsoon thundershowers are expected next week in thie southern states and South Maharashtra.

Cross Equatorial Winds : Indicator ++ve
The cross equatorial wind flow, has picked up superbly in the Southern Hemisphere.Winds,getting stronger,have now started hitting the East African coast, and a re-curving Northwards of the winds, on the Kenyan coast,is seen.
As a result, we are seeing the Somali Current building up now.
Cross winds in the Eastern Sector (Bay) are getting strong too, and are re-curving.
That means, a high pressure region, the back-bone of our Summer Monsoon, is starting to form down in the Southern Hemisphere, off the Madagascar Island, and in the mid South Indian ocean. We have to observe this, and if no low pressure forms there till end of April, the ITCZ can start moving North.

Amidst this, a cyclone, "Sean" has formed off the west coast of Australia. Now, this would keep the ITCZ intact and keep it firmly stuck at around 5S. But, the forecast states the cyclone to move east, and dissipate within 72hrs. That's good news.
The positive news from Australian Weather Bureau; "The risk of tropical cyclone formation in the Australian region remains a very slim possibility for the end of April, although is becoming increasingly unlikely."

El-Nino: Indicator: Same as Last MW.
El Niño is present across the equatorial Pacific Ocean. The latest weekly SST departures are:
Niño 4 0.8ºC
Niño 3.4 0.8ºC
Niño 3 0.8ºC
Niño 1+2 1.1ºC
For El-Nino Factors in detail, see Link
The monthly SOI for March was -11, but the 30-day Southern Oscillation Index [SOI] to 18 April was +10. Hence, the SOI, animportant factor for the El-Nino, has stayed +ve.
SST in the El-Nino zone are coming to normal levels very slowly. It should neautralise within 2/3 months.
If, by any chance, there is a delay in the El-Nino coming to normalcy, the set back would be, weak rains in June, picking up in July.

Posted by Mr. Rajesh Kapadia (
RPT-UPDATE 3-India sees normal monsoon rains; analysts cautious ..
Emirates Plane Drops Suddenly In Turbulence Over India, 20 Injured ..
Chennai - Having some good Low cloud formation, Will it sustain after 1pm after the strong SEA breeze sets in ???
RT @rajugana: RT @weatherofindia: Baroda- Clear Skies, hot n humid., no signs of cloud formation..
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia Mah.heat on.Hottest Chandrapur 45c,Mumbai(city &Suburbs) 35c,M"shwar 33c, Pune 39c n Thane (AWS) 40c
RT @EcoSeed: Seven gadgets that help you save electricity! conserveelectricity energyefficiency
What happened to "Emirates" flight over Goa ?? ..

What happened to "Emirates" flight over Goa ??

Emirate Flight encountered CAT at FLIGHT LEVEL 200.i.e at 20000 ft. near Goa to day 25.04.2010/0745 HRS IST.

Goa Observations at 00Z 25 Apr 2010
sn Pre (hPa) Ht(m) Dir spd[kt]
-- --------- ----- --- -------
1 548 5129 315 01
2 523 5497 307 10
3 494 5945 298 20
4 368 8192 292 31
5 343 8712 285 45
[Courtesy : Wyoming weather web]

This is a Clear Air Turbulence [CAT]. Further it indicates clear wind shear also. CAT can not be easily identifiable with RADARS. This leads to sudden altitude loss.
From FLT level 200 to level 050.

posted by Mr. Anonymous

Sunday, April 25, 2010

RT @keralatourism: Vembanad Kayal & Kumarakom, Kerala, India
RT @keralatourism: Vembanad Kayal & Kumarakom, Kerala, India
RT @hashkochi: RT @Jinurocks :Heavy raining over..i think wind destroyed many of d farm ,but its a cool soothing breeze in this hot weather.
RT @hashkochi: RT @Jinurocks :Heavy raining over..i think wind destroyed many of d farm ,but its a cool soothing breeze in this hot weather.
RT @methala: Heavy premonsoon rains @ kochi (7:18pm)
6:30pm, Some showers still over N. Tamilnadu and Heavy showers over central Kerala and along W. Ghats ..
6:30pm, Thunder storms over S-W Pakistan and over west Rajasthan ..
RT @Ssaaju: @Ssaaju @weatherofindia raining now :))) (4:38pm)
RT @Ssaaju: It's goin darker nw in whitefield b'lore , windy n it's goin to rain again .. :))) wat a Sunday :))) @weatherofindia
RT @AlertNet Today's World Malaria Day. Check out special coverage page with interviews, features and photos malaria
3:30pm, Isolated thunder cells over N. Tamilnadu and over Kodaikanal & Munnar mountains..
RT @AlertNet: Sandstorm & heavy snow sever vital air link to China's earthquake zone, severely affecting relief efforts
Surprise!!, a thunder storm is sweeping over S-E Rajasthan for the past 2 hrs..
2pm, Signs of thunder cells over N-E corner and South of A.P.
Karnataka to launch ‘Green Bangalore’ project ...
RT @praveen_j: Incredibly Kerala RT:@rajumons: Wat a pleasure trip it was.Frsh smell of rain nd nice green scenery !..really enjoyed.
RT @savetreeandmore: SaveTreesSaveMoney blog update Silent Valley National Park,Kerala,India -Rain Forests of India
1:30pm, Thunder squalls already over West Orissa bordering Chatisgarh. Some signs of showers over extreme S Kerala & TN.
RT @rajesh26: Different trend.S Mumbai. (36c) xperiancing hotter days than S'cruz (34c) last 15 dys.S'cruz low "falls" to 24c today,from 27c
China builds world's highest dam, India fears water theft ...
India Meteorological Department Moots Dynamic Models To Forecast Monsoon..
South west Monsoon forecasting ...!! .. interesting ...

South west Monsoon forecasting ...!!

IMD's long range forecast has only one thing of interest, that is its prediction that this year its going to be 98% of long term average. But it does not specify which regions would get more rain and which regions would get less. As 98% would be a country wide weighted mean; and india is a big counry, there's still a possibility of some part/parts having droughts/less rain.
IMD should improve its forecast, make it more informative and make it more interactive. I see some room for improvement in these quarters. And one more thing: Why isn't IMD including weather data and readings from regions and countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet,Bangladesh,Burma and Srilanka. My guess is, the readings from these regions/countries would definitely play a crucial in monsoon forecasting. Monsoon is regional phenomenon and monsoon winds do not recognize political boundaries.I am sure the premonsson conditions in pakistan and tibet plays as important role in monsoon generation process.
Posted by Mr. Neeraj
SAARC nations comprises India, Pakistan, Bangaladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan and Srilanka and there is co operation on weather among SAARC nations.
Though Monsoon is regional, it spreads further into Asia up to China. That why it is known as Asian Summer Monsoon.
But contrary to your belief, the [SW]monsoon winds originate from SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE near 30 Deg South and 60 Deg East in south INDIAN OCEAN.(Say, near Mauritius)
[1] The Southern Hemisphere MASCERENE HIGH plays a crucial role in determining Asian Summer Monsoon winds.
[2] The position of this HIGH pressure depends upon ENSO
[3] Further ENSO has its influence of the Sea surface Temperatures in Eastern Pacific i.e East of 180 East International Date Line.
[4] The land heating (or the heat low)in Jacobabath in Pakistan
[5] The Sub Tropical Westerly Jet zonal flow & the Sub Tropical High [STH] position over Himalayas and Tibet etc. etc also matters. These climatological factors are also taken in to consideration along with major predictors. But their influence may be in lesser scales than compared to the influence of Masceren High, SOI and other major predictors.
Region specific LRF can be tried or attempted provided the local climatological influence is properly understood or accounted and ensemble evolved accordingly.
In our country other agencies lick C-DAC, Center for atmospheric Sciences [IISc], SAC and few Agricultural Universities including TNAU are releasing advance forecast about monsoon RAINFALL. More or less some of them are regional specific.

posted by Mr. Anonymous
Myanmar is not a SAARC member but Afghanistan is. And yes, i do have some knowledge about where SW monsoon starts. I was just pointing out to the fact that Pakistan and Tibet also plays a role and i feel that these things are not given due importance. Overall prediction of course depends on the important factors that you have pointed out. But other factors will surely help to fine tune the whole thing. And yes, though Burma and China are not in SAARC, i again like to point out that SW Monsoon does not recognize any boundaries.
And on another note, all the countries in this region and particularly those in SAARC should cooperate much more as the economy and livelihood of the people in these regions depend on SW Monsoon.Maybe India can provide some assistance in weather data collection in SAARC countries.
Posted by Mr. Neeraj
@bawejaaakash >> If possible please try to post real time weather updates from your city "Delhi". Thanks
@Ssaaju >> Some strong western disturbance(WD) crossing from Pakistan may give heavy showers and reduce the heat. Another WD is in 48hr.
@bawejaaakash >> Before 15-May the city may experience one or two DUST storms with mild showers. SW-Monsoon will arrive after 25-Jun-2010.
@bawejaaakash >> Delhi is expected to get some pre-monsoon thunder showers after 15-May.
@Ssaaju >> If possible please report about weather happenings and report from your place. Where are you from ? Thanks
Rain on 24-Apr, Showers over S-S-W Karnataka and over Kerala ..
Rain on 24-Apr, Heavy and widespread over N-E states (it's like N-E states are enjoying an early Monsoon)...
Moisture incursion is taking place over West Bengal... Heavy afternoon thunder squalls expected for another 48 hrs. ... Fresh western disturbance over Punjab and Kashmir in another 48 hrs.
Heat wave conditions are prevailing over isolated pockets of Bihar, east Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand.
On 24-Apr, Highest Maximum temperature of 44.7 °C was recorded at Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh).
Chennai - So far this summer, the stiff S-E breeze all along has not allowed the temperature to go beyond 37 deg C
Chennai - now 12:03pm is at a moderate 34.7°C , Humidity 59% and with mild S-E breeze.
11am, N-E states are receiving heavy showers again, south peninsula is getting ready to host another round of TS ..
8:30am, Gulf of Mannar was having an active thunder storm ..
Early hour thunder cells along Kerala coast over Sea will normally occur during MID of may. We are having it for the past 3 days.
Early hour thunder showers along Kerala coast are signs of early South-west Monsoon, Sat shot at 5:30am..
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia On 24-Apr, Mumbai remains hot at 36c today with clear sky.Thane (suburb) jumps to 39.4 (AWS reading).

Saturday, April 24, 2010

8Pm, Lots of shower along Karnataka & Tamilnadu Border.
RT @Rakhesh: Kerala Thrissur Pooram 2010 Photos
RT @madhuchandrans: Rained in the afternoon. Nice to see rain in kerala after a long time. Felt really good :)
6pm, Where is Srilanka ???
6pm, Thunder activity over N-W, S-E Karnataka, Assam, S-W extreme A.P, Nigiris, S. Tamilnadu, S. Kerala..
6.4-magnitude earthquake strikes eastern Indonesia‎ .. .
Tropical Cyclone Sean ...

Tropical Cyclone Sean

Over the southern Indian Ocean, northwest of Australia and south of the Lesser Sunda Islands, Tropical Cyclone Sean spanned hundreds of kilometers in late April 2010. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this natural-color image on April 23, 2010. The storm has a comma shape consistent with cyclones, but lacks a discernible eye.
On April 23, 2010, the U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) reported that Tropical Cyclone Sean had maximum sustained winds of 45 knots (85 kilometers per hour) and gusts up to 55 knots (100 kilometers per hour). The storm was located roughly 475 nautical miles (880 kilometers) north of Learmonth, Australia. The JTWC reported that Sean had traveled toward the southwest and would continue on that route before turning westward. The storm was excpected to intensify over the next 12 to 24 hours, but also to weaken over the next few days.
IMD will update the "Monsoon" forecast in June as a part of the second stage forecast ..
4pm, Showers continue over South extreme Kerala, W. Ghats and over South Tamilnadu. More showers over S-W Bengal..

Met Dept confirms normal monsoon

The South-West monsoon this year is likely to be normal, according to India Meteorological Department (IMD).

In its long-range forecast bulletin issued on Friday, the IMD said that, quantitatively, rainfall during the June to September season would be 98 per cent of the long period average with a model error of plus or minus five per cent.

The long period average rainfall for the period 1941-1990 is 89 cm.


The IMD will update the forecast in June as a part of the second stage forecast. Separate forecasts for the monthly (July and August) rainfall over the country as a whole and seasonal (June-September) rainfall over the four geographical regions of India will also be issued.

The basic premise for the normal monsoon outlook seems to be the sustained weakening of El Nino conditions in the equatorial east and central Pacific.

During an El Nino, the equatorial Pacific waters to the east close to the South American shores warm up, causing cloudiness and precipitation to concentrate in that part of the world.

This brings sinking air motion and dryness to the west, affecting monsoon flows into India as well. A strong El Nino was in view during last year, causing the monsoon to end up with a 23 per cent deficit, the worst in three decades.


El Nino that remained weak during mid-June to October of 2009 started strengthening from late October and peaked in the third week of December, the IMD said.

From late December, the El Nino conditions have started weakening. Latest forecasts from a majority of weather indicate high probability for these conditions to maintain till early part of the monsoon season and then weaken to become near neutral during the subsequent months.

But a few models indicate development of weak La Nina conditions by July-August. As the lead time of the forecast increases there is considerable spread and uncertainty in these forecasts, the IMD said. ... Signs of Thunder cells also over W.Bengal and orissa at 3pm
3pm, Very heavy showers over Srilanka, south Kerala and thunder cells popping out over central A.P, N-W Karnataka..
Tracking the Asian Monsoon ...
Chennai - central chennai again touched a moderate 35.0°C (2:08pm)
On 23-Apr, Adilabad recorded the highest maximum temperature of 45 deg C in South India
On 23-Apr, Rain in Kanyakumari district, Boothapandi (Kanyakumarai dt) and Lakkavalli (Chikmagalur dt) 4 each and Pechiparai 3cm
Maximum temperatures may increase by 20C over northwest and adjoining central India during next 48 hours
Moisture incursion is taking place into West Bengal and northeastern states due to strong southerly/southwesterly winds in lower levels.
Orissa again, On 23-Apr, Highest temperature of 46.0 was recorded at Sambalpur (Orissa).
Heat wave conditions are prevailing over S-E Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, north Chhattisgarh, north Orissa, West Bengal and west Vidarbha.
Rain on 23-Apr, Cooch Behar-9, Dhubri-8, Adiramapattinam-5, Sirali-4 and Dibrugarh, North Lakhimpur, Mahabaleshwar, Kozhikode & Alappuzha-3.
On 23-Apr, Cherrapunji recorded 11 CM of rain.
2:30pm, Its raining over N-W Kanyakumari district. This is the 3rd day of afternoon showers there.
@planemad >> NO, we don't have one. Just spending more time for the cause. Do you want to join us ?
2pm, Heavy showers over South extreme Kerala and Tamilnadu.
RT @dineshrs: finally its Raining in Trivandrum and its Heavily.....Summer Rain :-)
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia Heavy Thunderstorm with hail in Mahableshwar. Night foggy and cool at 15c yesterday
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia Warmest night this season in Mumbai..29c..Morning with patchy high clouds & still.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Nervous IMD issues a "A vague South west Monsoon forecast again"... But, IS it possible to predict it even more specific OR clear ??
RT @rajesh26: IMD forecast like a deflated baloon.Vague hazy unclear and too general.Its a1959 type frcst.not region specific at all.
RT @AboutIndia: The most spectacular elephant festival in Kerala is on tomorrow! Find out more about it here.
RT @Arunshah: Raining heavily wt scary Thunder nd Lightning...!!
8pm, Showers again over Assam, N-E Andhra, S Karnataka, and S. central Kerala..
3:30pm, Thunder showers over Orissa, S-W Karnataka, South extreme Kerala and Tamilnadu ..
UK experts resolve Himalayan climate riddle ..
** FLASH NEW ** IMD : Long Range Forecast For 2010 South-west Monsoon Season Rainfall ..
Study :: Heavy snowfall over Himalayas makes drought over India more likely‎ ...
Cherapunji ...
Historical rainfall across the Asian region documented for the first time. ..
India's farmers brace for monsoon forecast after drought‎ ...
IMD :: Long Range Forecast(LRF) for Southwest Monsoon 2010 to be released at 4pm


363.2 mm on Tuesday
156.2 mm on wednesday
288.2 mm on Thursday

2010 toppers till 22.04.2010
Cherrapunji 286 cm a mindblowing 2243% above normal.
Silchar 82 cm
Itanagar 67 cm
Passighat 66 cm
Dibrugarh 66 cm
Gangtok 55 cm

the world record for maximum rainfall in a calender year is 24,555.3mm in 1974 by Cherrapunji

there is a huge chance of it being broken if this continues

Here is 30 year annual rainfall data for cherrapunji from 1973 till 2003
Chennai - Touched a moderate 35.1°C (12:33pm).. Meenambakkam Airport will be 2 or 1 deg C higher.
On 22-Apr, Ramagundam recorded the highest maximum temperature of 45 degree Celsius in SOuth India
Rain on 22-Apr, over south India.. Punganur (Chittoor dt) 5, Hangal (Haveri dt), Madikeri and Bangarpet (Kolar dt) 3 CM each
3Pm, Showers over South Extreme Tamilnadu and Kerala ...
2pm, Thunder activity over S. Gulf Mannar, South extreme Tamilnadu, Kerala, Central Andhra, Orissa and S. Chatisgarh..
12:30pm, Signs of thunder storms over central Andhra, Orissa and S. Chatisgarh ..
Heavy rain in N-E states ..

Heavy Rain in Eastern India

Heavy rains struck the Indian state of Assam for six consecutive days in mid-April 2010, according to the Press Trust of India. A lightning strike killed one person, and repeated downpours flooded urban and rural areas of the state.
This color-coded image shows estimated rainfall amounts from April 14–20, 2010. Lowest amounts (less than 75 millimeters or 3 inches) appear in pale green, and heaviest amounts (more than 600 millimeters or roughly 24 inches) appear in dark blue. Assam lies northeast of Bangladesh, and high rainfall amounts appear throughout eastern India. Especially heavy rain occurs along the border between Bangladesh and eastern India. In one area immediately east of the India-Bangladesh border, rainfall reaches or exceeds 600 millimeters.
This image is based on data from the Multisatellite Precipitation Analysis produced at Goddard Space Flight Center, which estimates rainfall by combining measurements from many satellites and calibrating them using rainfall measurements from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite.
Weather Wonder - Rainest Places on Earth ..
Today :: IMD will issue the much-awaited southwest monsoon forecast for this season.
Eyjafjallajökull Volcano has quieted considerably over the past few days.
Global warming impact on its way to Met office reports..
INFO :: "Earth Day" ..
INFO :: "World Meteorological Day" ..
Dust storm sweeps northern India ..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia; Baroda- Crystal clear blue skies, not an iota of cloud at sight.. hot and mildly breezy...
Isolated thundersquall may occur over Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal & Sikkim during next 48 hours
On 22-Apr, highest maximum temperature of 45.3°C was recorded at Bankura (West Bengal).
Trough from southeast Vidarbha to Comorin area across Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu in lower levels persists.
Early morning, Lots of thunder activity over South-east corner of Arabian sea along extreme peninsula..
Chennai - on 22-Apr, recorded a moderate high of 35.6°C (12:05pm)
RT @rajesh26: no clouds over Mah. Mumbai 10% clouds today with humid 34c max.Min also a bit lower at 25c.Thane 38.4c today as per AWS.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

EarthDay .. "Happy Earth Day !!"
RT @kevinkelso: Trees need carbon to live. Therefore to celebrate earth day, save a tree, run your car all day. fb
RT @theangrybusdrvr: Celebrating Earth Day by throwing flaming plastic bags of garbage of my balcony.
RT @hashkochi: RT @kumarvimal : Wow! Great weather here... Cool Wind is blowing with raining... cochin
RT @melvinvns: Raining in cochin.. Goodbye Hot sun..
Bt its becomin messy though..
RT @hashkochi: RT @digambaran : heavy lightingz nd thundrstrms cusat cochin
6:30pm, Very heavy showers over Central Karnataka, and Showers over central Kerala as well
India Food Inflation Quickens; Rains May Cool Prices‎ ..
"THunder storm, came very close from the west... and it moved towards Northeast
from that position... so NO rain for Chennai." >> 4-May-2009
Chennai - Got its "FIRST" Thunder storm of Summer-2009 on 4-May-2009.
So far very less thunder cells today over South Peninsula... 4:30pm
Western disturbance over north Pakistan and adjoining Jammu & Kashmir persists.
Maximum temperatures would fall by 1-20C over many parts of northwest, central and east India during next 48 hours
On 21-Apr, Cherapunji records 29 CM of rain.
On 21-Apr, Fairly widespread rainfall occurred over Western Himalayan region and northeastern States
4pm, Visible evidence of thunder cells over Interior Karnataka, North Tamilnadu and S. Andhra ..
On 21-Apr, Adilabad recorded the highest maximum temperature of 45 degree Celsius in south India.
On 21-Apr, Rainfall over south India, R.K Pet (Tiruvallur dt) , Kaikalur (Krishna dt) 5, Rajampet (Cuddapah dt), Srirangapatna (Mandya) 4 CM
3Pm, we have signs of thunder cells over Interior Karnataka, N.Tamilnadu, S. Kerala and Orissa
Showers cleared out after early morning showers over N-E states, and more western disturbance moving in over Kashmir..
Heavy showers all thru night over Assam and Meghalaya ..
Chennai - For the past 2 days, Meenambakkam(AP) is 2 deg C more hot than Nungambakam. On 20-Apr: Meenam: 38 and Nungambakkam: 36 Deg C.
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia C'Punjee's galloping total at 237cms from 1st. March to date.Target: 500cms :)
RT @rajesh26 mumbai still has many days to look out for thunder cells.Hot and humid today at 35c,with small cumulus clouds.hazy sky.
South India Rainfall on 20-Apr, Madapura (Kodagu dt), Gudiyatham (Vellore dt), Gudalur Bazaar (Nilgiris dt) and Kovilankulam 5 CM.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chennai - Missed out on rains again in last 3 days.. goin to be another Sultry night.
7:30pm, Heavy showers over N-E Andhra, South Karnataka and Over N.Extreme of Tamilnadu..
RT @AlertNet: Small farmers, not tourists, are real victims of ash cloud, IED director environment climatechange..
5pm, Heavy showers over All coastal Andhra and over South Orissa ..
RT @Rah0ol: - Again:) ice pieces
RT @Rah0ol: - Raining hailstones in Bangalore :) check out small icedroplets
RT @Rah0ol: Yay its raining hailstones :-) eating that piece of ice too
RT @abishekkalro: - Rainstorm in bangalore.. Live frm yashwanthpur
RT @crown_jk: Sky is completely cloudy, darkness all around.. heavy rain on cards...!!! Bangalore is gonna enjoy the rain today eve....
RT @surdeep: Hailstones, heavy rain in some parts of Bangalore GlobalWarming ?
Thunder cells developing over South Extreme Tamilnadu and Kerala.
RT @abhinov: Its raining in Bangalore, good that they shifted Semi's to Mumbai , Hope it rain runs for Bangalore ! pl
RT @naveen125: Enjoying the rain... The heaviest bit of rainfall I hv seen in Bangalore in years. Finally some relief from heat of late.
RT @akaranth: What beautiful weather - the rain is just priceless. Just as well the IPL matches got shifted - rain may have affected it in Bangalore.
RT @vandancd: super heavy rain in Bangalore!!!
RT @rickbanerjee: Rain. Heavy. North Bangalore. Yay!
Showers again in Bangalore.
2:30pm, ... Heavy showers over Kashmir, Himachal and over N-N-E Punjab
RT @EcoSeed: Indian renewables sector shows enormous potential for growth ecoseed renewableenergynews greennews
2:30pm, Thunder cells over, S, central and N-E Andhra, Isolated one over N.Tamilnadu and over S-E Orissa..
Vellore district has already received its first showers..hope Chennai gets it in a few days..!
Early morning showers over South Lakshadweep Islands and western disturbance over Kashmir and Punjab ..
Isolated rain or thundershowers accompanied with squall are likely over Punjab and Haryana during the next two days...
Moisture incursion from Bay into North-eastern States due to strong south-westerly winds has been triggering heavy to very heavy Showers.
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia WD cools Kashmir & Punj today. Mid-day temp at Jammu 26c and Srinagar 13c.Punj cities around 30c midday.
Baroda - clear skies, hot and humid afternoon.
Will Iceland's volcanic ash affect India's monsoon rains? ...
The Union government proposes to have a National Mission on Monsoon in the hope to improve monsoon prediction..

Moisture incursion sets up heavy weather over east

Moisture incursion from the Bay of Bengal and the North-eastern States due to strong southerly to south-westerly winds has been triggering heavy to very heavy overnight rains over these regions.

Assam Pounded

An India Meteorological Department (IMD) update on Tuesday said that fairly widespread rainfall has occurred over Assam and Meghalaya while it was scattered over Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Tripura.

Very heavy to extremely heavy rainfall has been reported from Cherapunji (36 cm), Rangia (13 cm) Agartala and Itanagar (11 cm each), Silchar (10 cm), Tezpur (9 cm) and Guwahati (8 cm) during the 24 hours ending Tuesday morning.

Satellite imagery on Tuesday morning revealed convective clouds (rain-generating clouds) over parts of Assam and Meghalaya.

The moisture incursion is set to continue over the north-east and West Bengal, and the possibility of thundershowers has enhanced, thanks to prevailing elevated convective available potential energy (Cape) values.

A warning valid for the next two days said that isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall with thunder squall would occur over Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh during the next two days.

Fresh Westerly

The weather-setting north-south trough ran down from Bihar to south Tamil Nadu across Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh in lower levels.

Over North-west India, a fresh western disturbance is approaching western Himalayan region, which would be active over the region for the next four days, the IMD said.

Thunderstorm activity is also prevalent towards the South with peninsular seas also warming up to the occasion.

Convective clouds were seen over Jammu and Kashmir and the south Andaman Sea, while low to medium clouds (partly clouded conditions) hung in over Himachal Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Orissa, south Peninsular India, remaining parts of the north-east, south Arabian Sea and south Bay of Bengal.

Forecast until Friday said that fairly widespread rain to thundershower activity would continue over Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Meghalaya and scattered over Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.

Scattered rain or thundershowers are likely over Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and isolated over Uttarkhand.

Isolated rain or thundershowers are likely over coastal and south interior Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Squall In Punjab

Isolated rain or thundershowers accompanied with squall are likely over Punjab and Haryana during the next two days. This could prove damaging for the standing wheat crop.

Isolated rain or thundershowers accompanied with squall would also occur over Orissa and north coastal Andhra Pradesh.

Meanwhile, severe heat wave conditions prevailed over isolated pockets of Punjab, Haryana and north Rajasthan overnight on Tuesday.

Heat wave conditions prevailed over the remaining parts of Punjab, Haryana and north Rajasthan, many parts of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, north Orissa, Vidarbha, Delhi, Chandigarh and isolated pockets of Telangana.

For a second day running, the maximum daily temperature was driven away to the east as a prevailing western disturbance loomed large and its calming influence prevailed over hilly regions of the north-west.

The day's maximum of 46.3 deg Celsius was recorded at Jamshedpur in Jharkhand.

A warning for the next 24 hours said that heat wave conditions would continue over parts of Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Jharkhand, interior Orissa, north Chhattisgarh and Vidarbha during the next 24 hours.

But maximum temperatures are expected to fall by 1 to 3 deg Celsius over parts of northwest and central India during the next three days with a follow-up western disturbance assuming centre-stage over the north-west.

This may lead to abatement of heat wave conditions from some parts of the region. But no significant change in maximum temperatures is indicated over East India.
Rainfall on 20-Apr, Very heavy over N-E states, Widespread over Himachal, Kashmir and over Kerala and N-W Tamilnadu..
Maximum temperatures would fall by 1-30C over many parts of northwest and central India during next 2-3 days.
Isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall with thunder squalls would occur over Assam and Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh during next 48 hours
On 20-Apr, Highest maximum Temperature of 46.4°C was recorded at Bankura (West Bengal).
Trough from Bihar to northwest Bay of Bengal across Jharkhand and north Orissa in lower levels persists
Severe heat wave conditions are prevailing over isolated pockets of Punjab, Haryana, north Rajasthan, Jharkhand and north Orissa.
Chennai - Cloud formations suggest we may have a thunder cell towards evening.. Yesterday evening also Chennai came close to a shower..!!
Chennai - Windy today from South-south-east. Temperature touched a moderate 34.9°C (10:12am) and hovering around it now 12:12pm
RT @EcoSeed: 3 Wasteful Products And Their Eco-Alternatives ecoseed greennews
RT @EcoSeed: Top 10 Recycled Gadgets of 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

8pm, A thunder cell near to chennai , just South-west of Chennai .. More showers over N-E states and Kashmir..
7:30pm, More thunder cells growing over South Extreme Tamilnadu and Kerala ..
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia Nights Hot in N.India.Min on 19th:Hissar 33c (+14) New Delhi 31c(+10) & 20th:Gwalior 31.9c Khajuraho 30.8c
5:30pm, Thunder showers engulfing almost FULL of central and North-central Kerala, and Showers in Coimbatore (TN)..
RT @sujeethnairs: Rain Gods are showering His blessings...... heavy rain in kochi....!! Heat takes a back seat for now!
RT @hashkochi: RT @kumarvimal : Strong wind blowing here with rain. Cool weather. It feel good after a boiling day. cochin cusat
RT @mystikalindia: Finally its pouring, good rain in Cochin after a gap of few hot days
RT @_anzal_: Sweat stains and sweltering in Chennai RT: @I_Sharat: ThunderStorms and Rain in Cochin!