Tuesday, January 13, 2015

10:30am, W.D is affecting Kashmir, N,central Pakistan and slowly into N,N-W Punjab .. http://ow.ly/i/8eSPK 
10:30am, dense FOG seen over Punjab, N rajasthan, Haryana, many places in Uttarpradesh, N,W Bihar.. http://ow.ly/i/8eSPK

In next 24hrs, the upper-level W.D trough will cross into N,N-W India... At present its seen dipping up to 26/27N .. http://ow.ly/i/8eT1o 

Morning and Day temp across N,N-W,N-central India tomorrow will be normal or above normal with less fog conditions.
As the W.D upper-level trough, low-level circulation moves away east... the night temp will drop again over N,N-central,N-W India.

Chennai - 6:36am, IWM Polichalur station records 18.3 C. Cold as per Chennai standards.