Friday, March 30, 2012

RT @albinantony: it may rain here @ kottayam , kerala (5:32pm)
RT @bheemaupadhyaya: Its cloudy in Bangalore. Very light drizzle for few mins in electronic city area @5pm. Cant wait for rain !
RT @venkattells: @weatherofindia Yeah it is raining heavily here :) coimbatore , 5:29pm
RT @iamvivekyadav: Hail storm in Coimbatore (5:28pm)
RT @rcxnair: Wow, the first rains of the summer lashing out at Coimbatore now - view from my office - (5:19pm)
Showers seen over coimbatore, tiruppur zones !! Request readers to update on this. Thanks
4pm, Strong showers seen over Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal pradesh...
4pm, Strong T.showers seen over N.Andhra, S. Chatisgarh, S,S-W Orissa...
chennai - 4:44pm, sea breeze is not strong enough to reduce the heat .. temp now is 31.4°C
A W.D will reach N-W Kashmir on 1-Apr..
On 31-Mar & 1-Apr... strong T.showers possible over N-E Andhra and into S. Orissa..
Good news ! Till 5-Apr, HEAT will not surge above 35 deg C over Tamilnadu, S. Karnataka and Kerala..
Moisture over S. Tamilnadu & S. Kerala to persist till 5-Apr and beyond !! So expect daily scattered T.showers in this zone.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 2.15pm, Clear sky, hot and humid..feel of real Summer...
A strong HEAT wave for Maharastra yesterday and it's expected to continue even today !..
chennai - today records a max of 34.0°C (10:57am) and even now 1:05pm temp. is hovering around 34 C. Sea breeze expected at 2:30pm