Thursday, June 19, 2014

New ray of Hope

SWM POWER HOUSE @ 70 Deg Longitude
(a) The Power house [Mascarene High] is now located at 70 Deg E longitude.

(b) The SST off Somalia Coast and near HORN of Africa is falling.

(c) The Easterly Jet formation is creeping over Chennai latitude.

(d) Hope for better SWM
Upper air EASTERLIES over 13 Deg North

SST near horn of Africa

RT @aash_tvm: Ok. #trivandrum got some #rain during today afternoon and evening. #relieved #kerala @weatherofindia 
A mid-level circulation is expected over S Rajasthan in next 12hrs ... and expected to persist till Saturday, 21-Jun 

Today, the west coast Offshore trough is almost well formed ... seen from central Maharastra coast to central Kerala 
On 21-Jun, the offshore trough is expected to get better ... more rain ahead for W,S-W coast of India !
WRF suggests a good upper-level circulation along central Maharastra coast ... more rain ahead for S Maharastra coast 

Heavy and widespread rain ahead from central-coast Maharastra to N Kerala tomorrow ... 
Most of kerala to get moderate / heavy rain during next 2 days ... 
#Mumbai - Less rain forecast for next 12hrs but towards evening of Friday and on 21-Jun a spike in showers is expected !
More rain expected for W,S-W,N-W zones of Kanyakumari district (S tip Tamilnadu) during next 2 days !
5pm, Showers continue along Goa, S,central Maharastra coast
T showers seen over S Maharastra, S Chatisgarh, Telangana
5pm, As expected more rain over Jharkhand, central Bengal, Bihar and even into E Uttarpradesh ...

Nagercoil - 5:50pm, "light rain today" ...

Weather Instagram at June 19, 2014 at 01:22PM

#chennai - 1:20pm, clear and sunny, hot and windy from West. #weather

from Instagram

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.30am,  Passing clouds with Gusty  rain.. sky 

RT @shanpati: NO rains at all in Mumbai ... Was densely clouded all morning ... Hot and humid now! Wondering when will it rain? (11:33am)

12:30pm, Heavy showers seen along coast from central Maharastra to central Karnataka and then over S,central Kerala.. 
12:30pm, N Bay, Odisha and S Bengal continue to be active due to persistent circulation ...

Yesterday's circulation that pushed inland from N Bay is now seen over central Bengal and Bangladesh .. 
This Bengal circulation is expected to linger in almost same zone during next 24hrs and merge with the heat LOW.
The mid-level circulation may persist along S,central Bengal, Bangladesh during next 2 days as well.

Heavy and widespread rain to continue over most of Bengal, S,central Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chatisgarh ... 
During next 36hrs, showers expected over most of Chatisgarh, Odisha into E Maharastra and E,S-E Madhyapradesh..
Heavy and widespread rain to continue over N-E states and Bangladesh during next 2 days ! ...