Thursday, August 15, 2013

Low pressure formed off AP coast on Thursday 15th evening at 1000 mb. Vagaries shall give it a number by Friday. Low expected to track initially along East Coast  to North AP/Orissa coast.  Heavy precipitation along AP coast on Friday/Saturday. 
Monsoon axis western end moves to Northern Pakistan, and the Bay end in the Low pressure formed.SE winds will dominate along the Orissa coast inland into UP and  Nepal. 
Heavy rains expected in Kerala. 

Special 3 days  forecast for:
Friday 16th: Cloudy in the morning. Skies getting partly cloudy in the evening.
Rain showers in the morning,and intensity decreasing post afternoon. Rain amounts will be 20 mms (average) in the day, and decreasing at night.

Saturday 17th: Partly cloudy, with some convection developing in some parts by evening. Regional rains in some parts.

Sunday 18th: Partly cloudy with very less chances of any precipitations.

More Cities on vagaries

Bangalore rain, 4:40pm

Heavy rain witnessed over Bangalore at around 2:17pm and 4:40pm.
And Bangalore recorded 28mm of rain till 8:30am today.
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South West Monsoon 2013 Rains So Far in Tamil Nadu .

Precipitation Accumulation For 24 Hours ending 08.30AM on 15/08/2013 Shows Heavy Rainfall in the Tambaram-Sriperumbudur Stretch

Puducherry - All Time Record for August Month

With 15.8mm in 24 hours ending 08.30hrs today(15/08/2013), Puducherry's 2013 August month rainfall has touched 277.3mm ...An all time record for the month of August for Puducherry..that too achieved in just 15 days!! Previous record was in August 1973,when it received 276.0mm.

"Happy Independence Day" - Raining nonstop in #Chennai again!

RT @ranganaathan: Rains start battering Chennai T-Nagar for last hour & seems to stay @weatherofindia (12:04am)
Chennai - rained all night and raining now 6:44am over Polichalur zone and almost all zones of city!

Chennai - 6:45pm, steady, moderate rain continue ! No end in sight for next 2 hours! Happy Independence day to all.
6:30am, Showers seen over central,N-central,S.Andhra and N,N-E,N-coast,central-coast Tamilnadu.. 
6:30am, Heavy rain also seen over central,S,S-E.Uttarpradesh and over W,S-W.Rajasthan...