Tuesday, January 03, 2017

The upper-level trough from Bihar to N Bay is persisting, yesterday this caused T showers, hails over Chatisgarh.. https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/original/qsKK7.gif 

As this trough moves East, there'll some isolated T showers over NE states, N bengal, Sikkim during next 24hrs.


S,SE bay is having an elongated circulation and its tracked as LOW 90B... https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/qsLE6.jpg 
90B, in next 48hrs is expected to drift N,NE and possibly consolidate to a WML / Depression over S Andaman Sea ... https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/original/qsM3I.gif 

After 48hrs, The intensity and movement of 90B will be influenced by upcoming W.D and upper-level ridge in West Pacific !! As of now, both GFS and ECMWF suggesting a North movement along Andaman islands as a Cyclone after 48hrs !! 
HEAVY rain #alert for S,central Andamans during next 48hrs !
RT @navdeepdahiya55: 
2pm, Its raining in srinagar since morning. Intensity to increase, rains to become widespread by eve. 

3:30pm, Cloudy with scattered rain over Kashmir, himachal due to upper-level W.D trough nearing North Afghanistan .. https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/qsIV6.jpg 
Rain / snow expected to persist over Kashmir and North Himachal during next 24hrs ... https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/original/qsJeZ.gif

A moderate W.D system is expected to affect N,NW India from Friday evening ... https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/original/qsJt0.gif