Friday, October 25, 2013

Heavy rain ahead for N,N-E,central Andhra, coastal Andhra, E Maharastra in 24hrs

Before noon tomorrow, HEAVY rain forecast for coastal, N,N-E Andhra, N-E Karnataka and into S-E,E Maharastra.
Before tomorrow midnight, HEAVY rain also for S,S-W,W Maharastra, N,N-E Karnataka, central Andhra, Odisha and central,S Chatisgarh.
Central,N,W Tamilnadu can get scattered moderate rain, while central,N-coast Tamilnadu can expect heavy rain.

#Bangalore - Less rain forecast for city from tonight till midnight of Saturday.
Tomorrow evening, T showers expected for Pune, Belgaum zones.
N,central Kerala can get some showers during next 24hrs.
#Chennai - 6:55pm, is getting ready for a moderate rain.
And more rain ahead for city before midnight of 26-Oct.

All the present forecast is only for next 24hrs (till tomorrow night) and based on the predicted movement of Andhra circulation.

Moderate rain over #Kolkata and #Chennai rain alert

#Kolkata - 6:20pm, "moderate rain for past 2 hrs"

#Chennai - 6:15pm, band of moderate showers closing in on city from W,S-W.
Now around 55km from city, this may intensify when nearing coast
3:30pm, Heavy rain over N,N-central,N-E Andhra, N,N-E,central Karnataka and into S chatisgarh, S,central Odisha.. 

Davangere - 1:14pm, "3 passing showers till now. Clouds sailing from west -northwest.
Seriously its raining a lot continuously."

#Chennai - 4pm, mini T showers seen over W,N-W from city at around 100 to 150km... Almost 100% chance of scattered rain after 6pm.

#Bangalore - 4:34pm, "Poured for about 20 minutes .. now coming to an end in CHIKKABETTAHALLI zone"

Circulation has moved North into N-central Andhra, where next ?

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 10.20am, Overcast sky with slight drizzle in the morning. sky pic 

#Chennai - 3:20pm, Heavy cloud cover day again. Temperature now is 30.9 C.
And wind direction is from S-S-E.

HEAVY rain over Andhra till 8:30am today ::
    Prathipadu (dist East Godavari) 26, Visakhapatnam Ap (dist Vishakhapatnam) 16, Tekkali (dist Srikakulam) , Rentachintala (dist Guntur) , Kalwakurthi and  Kollapur (both dist Mahbubnagar) 15 each, Avanigadda (dist Krishna) 14, Yerragondapalem (dist Prakasam)  and  Koderu (dist West Godavari) 13 each, Achampet and  Nagarkurnool (both dist Mahbubnagar) 12 each, Narsapuram (dist West Godavari), Kandukur (dist Prakasam), Kalingapatnam (dist Srikakulam), Gudivada (dist Krishna), Macharla (dist Guntur), Yellamanchili (dist Vishakhapatnam) and  Kaikalur (dist Krishna) 11 each, Mandasa (dist Srikakulam) and  Eluru (dist West Godavari) 10 each, Sathenapalli (dist Guntur), Cheepurupalli (dist Vizianagaram), Visakhapatnam (dist Vishakhapatnam), Devarkonda (dist Nalgonda) and  Ibrahimpatnam (dist Rangareddy) 9 each

Yesterday's S Andhra circulation has moved North and now over N-central Andhra ... 
Now, the GFS expects the system to track N-E and may pop over N-W Bay along Odisha coast on 27-Oct... 
But NAVGEM model says that the circulation will vanish over N Andhra, S-E Maharastra on 26/27-Oct.. Good possibility! 

25 Oct 13 / 00Z RF in AP


1 YERAKUNDALAPALEM 16.0 79.3 120.0
2 KALWAKURTHY 16.7 78.5 117.0
3 KOLLAAPUR 16.1 78.3 115.0
4 MARUTHERU 16.6 81.7 56.0