Saturday, May 28, 2011

Monsoon Watch-9...latest on the monsoon progress ...moving into Kerala and North Bay.
Chennai - Touched a max of 39.8 C (2:12pm)... till now 3:49pm, NO sign of Sea breeze and so Temp is at 38 deg C, No cloud formation!
RT @shanpati: Kolhapur(MH). 34 deg. Almost zero wind. Humidity high and can see t-cells developing over the horizon. It shuld rain by 5pm.
Actual location of UAC over Arabian sea is over S-W.Central Arabian sea.. and it'll be watched for Depression/Cyclone formation from 29-May
1pm, Heavy shower activity just off coast of Kerala, UAC over W.central Arabian sea, S, N. Bay ..
A weather making super circulation is seen over S. Bangladesh... .... will produce more rain over N-E states, Bangladsh
Present Arabian sea UAC is predicted to become as Depression in next 3 days and move N-N-E towards Gujarat..
A circulation can be seen over W.central Arabian sea ...
Monsoon current and Heavy showers will start from evening of 31-May along S. kerala coast ...
Chennai may also get T.showers from today till 2-Jun
Heavy afternoon T.showers will continue for S. Karnataka, S. Andhra, N. Tamilnadu till 1-Jun..
RT @remomithun89: It's vry hot in chennai.. >> Today also it'll touch 40 deg C. And there's a 50% chance of T.Shower after 3pm
Chennai - after 3pm is having a 50% chance of T.shower ... bad news for ipl lovers
On 27-May, highest maximum temperature of 44.0 C was recorded at Wardha (Maharashtra)
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 11.45am, Yestday 40.3-28.3C. Today it is clear sky, hot and windy.
RT @akshaydeoras: Temp of 45c possible today in Nagpur