Monday, March 26, 2012

India examines various weather prediction models of foreign agencies ...
chennai - will continue to have wind from S, S-E and there'll be a 2 deg rise in Day temp. from 29-Mar..
Northern N-E states will receive scattered showers well into 1st week of April !!
Due to moisture push from S-W Bay.. T.showers expected over S. Kerala, S. Tamilnadu along W.ghats from 29-Mar...
Present W.D will be active over Kashmir, Himachal till 28-Mar...
Fall in minimum temperatures by 2 to ­3°C over  Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat
and adjoining Maharashtra during next 2 to ­3 days.
W.D is active over Kashmir, Himachal, and into N-W Uttarakand...
N,N-W India will have mild days till 29-Mar.. after that those zone will also join into HEAT party...
From tomorrow, HEAT will spread into Central, E.central India and continue that way into April..
Present circulation over S-W Bay will die in another 24hrs.. but it'll push some moisture into S. Tamilnadu on 28-Mar..
As expected, a strong circulation has formed along E-S-E Srilanka coast over Bay..
chennai - today it's warm, touched a max of 31.1°C (1:25pm).. and now 4:38pm Sea breeze is in from S-E

Which place will end up as the Rainfall topper in 2012 SWM

After last year's epic rainfall race for being the wettest places during South West Monsoon. I have compiled a poll for viewers and rain followers voting for the season 2012. The link to the polls is here Poll code. The 2011 rankings can be found here - 2011 SWM rainfall rankings

Which place will end up as the Rainfall topper in 2012 SWM free polls