Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 22, 2015 at 06:50PM

1:46pm, s-tip W-ghats. Typical LWD weather. Sunny morning. Rapid convection both sides of Mountains. Now raining. #weather

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September 22, 2015 at 06:46PM

6:35pm, Shahdol - clear evening. #weather

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99B, WD and Bihar circulation expected to last another 36hrs

Today, one circulation is seen over N-W Rajasthan adjoining S-W Punjab and Pakistan.. https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/dbOzW.jpg
Another circulation is now over Bihar and adjoining N Bengal... https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/dbOzW.jpg
And LWD seen from S-E Karnataka, S Andhra to S tip Tamilnadu !

At present a strong upper-level WD trough with circulation seen over W Pakistan.. https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/dbPgb.jpg
Due to this WD and remnant circulation of 99B... HEAVY rain over N Pakistan and Kashmir, N Himachal, N Punjab.. https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/dbPrj.jpg
Remnant of 99B and WD are expected to fizzle out in next 36hrs.. !

In east India.. the present circulation over Bihar is expected to weaken to a trough and move East due to WD.. https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/dbPFd.jpg

Over S Peninsula.. LWD expected from S-tip Tamilnadu to S,S-W Karnataka and to S Andhra in next 24hrs.. https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/dbQEK.jpg

Rainfall forecast for next 36hrs

Before morning of 23-Sep...
Scattered Heavy rain for Punjab, Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Haryana, #Delhi and West Uttarpradesh.
In East India, scattered Heavy rain for Bihar, N Jharkhand, N,central Bengal, Sikkim, N,central zones of N-E states .. https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/dbR5h.jpg
During next 2 days, most of West,SW coast is expected to get less or NO rain.
Except for some rain activity along Kerala coast !
@AviationRahul >> #Mumbai - A chance of light rain (or) NO rain expected in next 24hrs.

From today evening... T showers expected over W-ghats, S,central,S-E Tamilnadu.

On 23-Sep...
WD is expected to give Heavy scattered rain for Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakhand, W UP and some zones of Haryana before evening.
The WD is expected to fizzle out around evening of 23-Sep.

Afternoon of 23-Sep.
HEAVY scattered rain are expected to persist over Bihar, Jharkhand, N Odisha, S,central,N Bengal .. https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/dbRGL.jpg
HEAVY scattered rain ahead for many zones of N-E states of India during next 2 days !!

On 23-Sep, due to LWD...
Heavy T showers for S,S-W Karnataka, #Bangalore, S Andhra, N,N-W,W-ghats,central,S Tamilnadu ..  https://d2jhuj1whasmze.cloudfront.net/photos/normal/dbS3T.jpg

September 22, 2015 at 07:20AM

7:11am, Heavy rainfall pathankot. #weather

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