Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Thursday/Friday: very humid and partly cloudy. Thundery developments in evening with 20%* chance of rain. However, nights will be unbearable at 28/29c next few days. 
Saturday: 60%* chances of rain.
For All India Weather and other cities see vagaries
The circulation over E.MP will drop a trough extending to S.karnataka, S.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu and will last till 13-May..
Today's circulation over E.Madhyapradesh, Bihar and Jharkand to continue for next 3 days!
Scattered showers over N-E states will pick up strength again from 11/12-May.
Some strong T.showers possible over N-E Orissa and central,S. Bengal from today till 11-May.
W.D induced T.showers will pop over Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Kashmir, Himachal from today till 14-May..
T.showers are going to be strong over S,S-W Karnataka, N,central Tamilnadu, S.Andhra.. from today till 14-May..
For next 48 hrs, scattered T.showers possible for Central,E. Maharastra, N,N-E.Andhra, Entire Karnataka..
A severe HOT conditions expected from 15-May for N,N-W and Central India ..

Monsoon Watch-Seasonal Low parameter:

With the heat factor still lacking absolute "full strength", in the Northern regions, the Seasonal Low core in the Thar Desert is now somewhat "unsteady", with a core pressure at 1002 mb, and requires to spread more westwards, rather than east. This (pulling Eastwards) is happening due to M1. 

The heat waves are still missing, with the minimums still showing vast regions in the below normal range. By this time each year, vagaries normally charts the "above 30c" minimums. But this year as yet, forget 30s, we are still barely reaching 25s in the night, with the odd one out in the NW plummeting to below 20c.
And the days ? 45c is just about getting its foothold!

Other Parameters and complete article at Vagaries
Super heat conditions to start over N,N-W, central, E-central and S-central India from 11-May.!
Moisture will be back strongly along Kerala from 11-May ..
Today we can see a circulation along S-Central-coastal Tamilnadu...
At 11:30am, temp. in Nagpur and Varanasi has crossed 40 deg C.
kolkata - temp. at 11:50am was 36.0°C and feels like a WoW 48.2°C
chennai - at 11:40am, temp. was bit less at 36.0°C and feels like 38.9°C
RT @paarth_: Getting drenched in the rain! In the caves of Wayanad, Kerala and having a good time with my friends...
On 8-May, highest  maximum temperature of 43.8°C was recorded at Rentachintala (Andhra Pradesh).