Thursday, November 17, 2011

chennai - Showers will start again after 11pm
All models indicate a BREAK in rain from 21-Nov to 23-Nov for entire Tamilnadu. Before moving into a VERY wet last week.
On 16-Nov, lowest minimum temperature of 9.1 C has been recorded at Jalgaon (Maharashtra)
Due to weak momentum and insufficient surface energy, BB-10 has failed to develop, and is stationed as a low at 1010 mb, off the T.N. coast. It has spread its clouding on to the T.N. coast. After all it is a system, though weak, and is expected to precipitate rain along the T.N. coast and interiors of the state during the week end.
In fact, by Saturday, as the low dissipates on the shores, we can expect some heavy rains in some pockets along the coast. Chennai too can get  some heavy showers by Sunday.

Vagaries had mentioned of a W.D. approaching our region a few days back. Now, it is expected to move into Northern Pakistan by Friday, and Kashmir region by Saturday. 
I do hope, though the W.D. is not strong, that after the passing of the system, the winds along the west coast change direction ( to NW) and effectively cool down the Gujarat and Maharashtra coastal belt.

chennai - got 4cm of rain till 8:30am... more showers expected till tomorrow evening