Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chennai - sharp showers now 11:32pm over polichalur zone
RT @1prad: @weatherofindia heavy thunderstorm and rain in breeze. (6:37pm)
Entire S-W peninsula will start to get widespread Heavy rain from 28-Aug.. which Kerala as well ...
On 28-Aug, Present UAC will be over Chatisgarh and E.Maharastra .. Fresh HEAVY rain possible in 24 to 48 hrs..
Today a fresh and strong UAC popped up over N-W Bay along Orissa coast. it'll stay there for 24hrs and then move West.
Chennai - Yesterday's heavy rain from Radar's view point .. "Rainfall accumulation 24 hrs" ...
Chennai - is fully cloudy now 6:03pm, Good sea breeze now from East... a T.cell visible over South of Chennai
RT @thesvt: @weatherofindia Today mumbai got fairly heavy rain & forecast is for rain to get even more heavier from sunday onwards.
V.Velocity is very high over N,N-W Maharastra, S,S-W Madhyapradesh.. Very heavy rain possible in next 24hrs..
@nravs >> Vertical velocity along Entire Andhra coast and Orissa is high... heavy T.showers possible along this zone in next 12 hrs.
@nravs >> Chennai - High vertical velocity is seen along S.coastal Andhra and N.Tamilnadu coast.. so conditions are perfect for T.shower
Chennai - Records a max temp. of 34.0 C (1:32pm), a stiff Sea breeze from S-E now 3:49pm.. already we have T.cell over North 35km frm center
Hurricane Irene Could Become Category 4 by Today.. and here's the latest IR sat shot ... Looks massive ...
Chennai - COLA model predicts more heavy showers till 27-Aug and after 2 day break it'll start again from 31-Aug..
Chennai - Nungambakkam records 156mm till 8:30am of 25-Aug-2011
Chennai needs just 6 mm more to break the 117 year record and it has 5 more days to go ..
Record breaking Chennai Rain till 8:30am, 25-Aug-2011 ... Must read ...
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 10.05am, Overnight showers and it is fully overcast sky but no rain as of now today.

Records breaking Heavy rains in Chennai in August 2011

Heavy rains lashed the city late in the evening on Wednesday and went on to mid night. The lack of usable storm water drains was felt keenly, as many places were flooded. As much as two to three feet of water was seen on most of the roads. The intensity of the rain sometimes was more than 100 mm/hr.

Records Broken
The all-time record for 24hrs rainfall in August till yesterday for Chennai was 100.3 mm recorded on 20.08.2008. Yesterday (25.08.2011) rainfall at Chennai was 156.2 mm.

The all-time record for Monthly in August for Chennai is 336.3 mm recorded 117 years ago during the year 1894. Till yesterday (25.08.2011) the monthly rainfall at Chennai was 329.7 mm. Chennai needs just 6 mm more to break the 117 year record and it has 5 more days to go. I personally think the record will be broken.

Rainfall ending 8.30 am at 25.08.2011 (Places in and around Chennai)

Chennai (Nungabakkam) – 156 mm
Korattur - 105
Chembarabakkam - 60
Kadambathur – 60
Arakkonam – 38
Red Hills - 27
Poondi – 21
Cholavaram - 21
Chennai Airport (Meenambakkam) – 16
Ennore – 14
Gummidipoondi – 14
Tamaraipakkam - 10
Madhavaram – 7
Poondi – 9
Ellapuram – 8
Katpadi – 7
Madhavaram – 5