Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chennai - intermittent sharp showers witnessed for the past 3hrs over most parts of city. Now also 11:28pm over Polichalur zone.

#chennai - 9:15pm, Heavy & fast moving showers seen over S.Andhra coast north of city, Rain also seen over North (Ponneri) at 45km & at 80km

#chennai - Fast moving showers possible over chennai city as well before 2am. Conditions are good !
From tonight most of the Heavy rains will be over ENTIRE Madhyapradesh till 31-Jul..

Due to upcoming UAC over W.MP & Low circulation over N-E.MP & S.Uttarpradesh.. Showers may push into #Delhi on 28/29-Jul

Showers may push into E,S-E.Rajasthan on 28,29,30-Jul.

Heavy rains for most of Madhyapradesh from tonight till 30-Jul.
Offshore trough is strong along Karnataka coast and it'll persist till 28-Jul..

Today, an UAC can be seen along Orissa coast and expected to vanish there in another 24hrs ..

Tomorrow an UAC is expected over W.Madhyapradesh and its associated low level circulation will be over N-N-E.M.pradesh.

The upcoming UAC over W.MP will slightly move West and vanish along E.Gujarat in 48hrs..

Fresh UAC along Orissa coast, N-W.Bay is expected on 30/31-Jul

Today there's a weak low level circulation N-E.MP & Adjoining S.Uttarpradesh .. expected to become strong in 12hrs..

The low level circulation is expected to persist over S.Uttarpradesh & N-E.MP & N.Chatisgarh from 27 to 31-Jul .. 
#chennai - around midnight got a mini sharp shower, same as yesterday. now 3:11pm it's Partly cloudy, HOT & Humid. Records 35.0°C at 2:40pm

#chennai - 3:12pm, Strong low level winds from West is almost coming to a stop.. meaning Sea breeze is about to set in.

Today again, Vertical.V will be Very high over S,central.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu, #chennai ,Karnataka coast from 5pm..

Heavy T.showers possible for S.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu & even for #chennai before 3am of 27-Jul.
RT @arunpillai666: Beautiful pleasant morning here in palakkad, #kerala.. looks like might rain later in the day..:)  7:24am

RT @onlineobelix: Dark clouds atop the Sahyadri range in Palakkad... hot and sultry but with the constant promise of rain #Kerala 
RT @mohit21mankani: Oyes its 26th July official rainy day !!! #mumbai #rain