Saturday, May 31, 2014

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#chennai - 12:50pm, super hot. Feels like 46C. #weather

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Friday, May 30, 2014

An extreme T-storm going to crash onto lucknow , 30th May 2014

5:30pm, Visible shot shows... 
T showers dotted over S,central,N-central Peninsula.
#Delhi "storm" ... 

W.D and Heat !

4pm, T cells popping over W,central Andhra, S Kerala, S Tamilnadu and S Karnataka ... 
4pm, Due to W.D, Heavy T shower seen over N Haryana ...

An upper,mid-level W.D trough is now over N Pakistan ... and expected to push E-N-E across N,N-W India in 24hrs ... 
In next 36-48hrs, scattered T showers is expected over Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal, N,N-E Rajasthan, Haryana ... 

RT @GanpatTeli1: Storm in #delhi @weatherofindia (4:58pm)
#Delhi to get more rain on tomorrow, 1-Jun.
This W.D will affect N,N-W,N-central India on 31-May and 1-Jun.

Super #HOT days ahead for most of N,N-W,central,E-central,N,N-central Peninsula India till 5-Jun ... 

Stormy #Delhi -- a video from Instagram ...

Monsoon for Kerala on 5-Jun !

Today, low-level trough is seen from S,central Uttarpradesh to S Tamilnadu ... 
This low-level trough is expected to persist almost in same position during next 2 days.
On 1-Jun, a good low-level circulation is expected in the N-S trough over S,central Andhra ... 

Monsoon update ::

SW Monsoon is now over S Srilanka !
And expected to cover entire Island on 3/4-Jun only... 
Sea surface temperature along Somali coast is slowly reducing and now it's around 24 C... 
It should go below 20 C

Latest model suggests that Monsoon will break into S Kerala coast, S tip Tamilnadu on 5-Jun-2014 ... 
High pressure near Madagaskar is strengthening, now around 1024 hpa... and should reach 1030hpa in next 2 week.. 

A perfect pressure map for Monsoon is expected on 5-Jun, with N-W India LOW at 992mb and an offshore trough in S-W 
Good showers expected along S,central Kerala coast, S tip Tamilnadu during early morning, morning hrs expected from 2/3-Jun.

Rainfall alert for next 36hrs ::

Before midnight today, Heavy T showers expected along W-ghats of Kerala, W-ghats, S,central Karnataka ... 
Today, Isolated T showers possible over W,central,N,S Andhra as well.
Today, tomorrow - T showers possible over N,N-W,N-central,N-E Tamilnadu ... 
Tomorrow as well, T showers will continue over W-ghats, central,N-central Kerala !
#Chennai - T cells will push near to 70km from city along W,S-W zones on today, tomorrow.
This scenario is happening during past 1 week !

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#chennai - 12:40pm, #hot day again. Photo taken facing south. #weather

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The strengethening of SWM Power House.

Mauritius Meteorological Service
270514 12Z

290514 12Z
The strengthening of High near Madagaskar is evident.  This gives a ray of hope for the much expected SWM flow into Arabian Sea in the ensuing days. As pointed out by a seasoned meteorologist cross equatorial bursts in Arabian Sea are noticed.
This will enhance the upheaval near Somalia coast to make a fall [rapid] in SST there and ensure monsoon wind to lash west coast of India.  
The strength 1024 hPa is quite normal for this time. But still it is in pre monsoon stage.
There is yet another segment of High with 1020hPa and it gives cross equatorial winds across Bay

Mumbai - today - timelapse !

Bengaluru / Bangalore today !

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 4.50pm, Sunny & Scorching day; formation of clouds in the eastern side..will it rain? a pic

RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 7.00pm, Sudden development of dark clouds and localized downpour @ Marathahalli area

#Instagram from Bangalore
Vellore at 6:15pm, Mostly cloudy ! temperature around 29 C

Barmer records 47.2 C on 28-May-2014

#HOT above 45s of 28-May...
Barmer  = 47.2 C
Churu=45.7#HOT above 45s of 28-May...
Barmer  = 47.2 C
Kandla = 45.3
Jodhpur = 45.2
Ganganagar = 45.1
Kandla = 45.3
Jodhpur = 45.2
Ganganagar = 45.1

#HOT at 1:40pm, 
Nagpur = 45 C
Lucknow = 44 C
Delhi, Jaipur = 43 C
Ahmedabad, Amristar, Hyderabad, Varanasi = 42 C

#Chennai - 1:40pm, Temperature is 37 C and feels like 44.6 C.
Sea breeze has set in from E-S-E.

1:30pm, partly cloudy and HOT looking India ... 
#Chennai - 3:40pm, lots of mini T cells has popped over W,W-N-W,S-W from city from 50 to 200km... 

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#chennai - 12:37pm, #hot. Photo taken inside a lush green movie shooting spot. #weather

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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#chennai - 9:05pm, mild with sea breeze. Partly cloudy. #weather

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A weak W.D is expected to affect N Pakistan into Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal on 31-May... 

Monsoon for Kerala after 4-Jun-2014 !!

Monsoon for Kerala :
Only a weak current is expected to reach S Kerala coast, S tip Tamilnadu on 4/5-Jun.. 

Monsoon for Kerala is expected after 3/4-Jun !
NAVGEM model also suggests a weak set-in over S Kerala on 4-Jun ... 
NAVGEM model suggests a circulation to pop over S Arabian sea on 31-May and move W-N-W on 1,2,3,4-Jun ... 
RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Raining in several parts of Palakkad district in Kerala. (6:38pm) 

RT @Arvind_LFC: @weatherofindia 4:30pm, Heavy thunderstorm over central,west TN 
4:30pm, T showers also over S,central Odisha, S,central Andhra, S,W,N-W Maharastra, S,S-W Karnataka, N,central Kerala

At 3:20pm,its raining in Erode,Tamil Nadu..

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#chennai - 11:25am, hot and humid now. Photo of almost dried pond. #weather

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Monsoon Watch-5 put up on Vagaries...Monsoon advance into Sri Lanka seen by May end, and in Kerala 2.3 June...But hotter days in Central and Northern India.
El Nino should be full fledged by August.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thunderstorm in Badlapur on 27- May- 2014.

 Rain drops shining in Sun.
                      Terrific dangerous looking clouds arrived right above of my head..

                                 Rainbow was seen as it was raining in sun..

Badlapur recorded 9mm rainfall till 5.30pm today. And temp was drop to 25.7c while time of storm at 4.30pm.

Monsoon for Kerala can be delayed beyond 3-Jun-2014.

In next 36hrs, the low-level circulation of 92B is expected to die over N,central Bengal ... 
On 29-May, the inland N-S trough from Bihar to N,N-central Tamilnadu will re-establish again ... 

Around 29/30-May, the N-W to E India Heat LOW is expected to be around 998mb and this forms the monsoon axis.. 
The Arabian sea offshore trough is also expected to take shape slowly around 29/30-May...

Monsoon for Kerala can be delayed beyond 3-Jun-2014.
But monsoon current expected to push into Bangladesh, S Bengal,N-E states on 3-Jun !

Rainfall alert for next 36hrs ::

During next 12hrs, T showers expected over W-Ghats Kerala, N,N-W,N-central,N-E Tamilnadu and into S,S-central Karnataka, S Andhra.
HEAVY widespread rain to continue over Jharkhand, central,N Bengal and into Bihar till noon of 28-May.
Tomorrow, more T showers expected ALL along W-ghats Kerala, W-ghats Karnataka, N,N-W,N-E,N-central Tamilnadu... 
On 28-May, Scattered T showers also for S,S-central Karnataka, S,W,S-central,N-E Andhra ... 

T showers over peninsula and remnant of 92B

#HOT at 3pm...
Ahmedabad = 45 C
Nagpur = 42 C
Jaipur = 39 C
Amristar, Delhi, Thiruchirapalli = 38 C

#HOT 40s of 26-May...
Jaisalmer = 44.3 C
Barmer = 45.2 C
Bhuj = 45.4 C
Rajkot = 43 C

#Chennai - Airport, 3:15pm, temperature is 36 C, Sea breeze has set in.
Yesterday max was 38.8 C

3pm, T showers has popped over W,S-W,S Maharastra, S,S-central Karnataka, N,N-E Tamilnadu, N-central,S,central Andhra 
3pm, Remnant of 92B is giving more rain to S,central Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar and into N,W Bangladesh ...

3:40pm, lots of T showers seen over N,N-E Tamilnadu... around 50 to 200km in W, W-N-W direction from Chennai ... 

Now, the remnant of 92B is seen over N Jharkhand, W Bengal ... 
Today, a low-level circulation is seen over E-central Maharastra and its trough upto N-W Tamilnadu ...
A line of wind discontinuity can be seen from the Maharastra circulation to S Arabian sea weak circulation ...

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 4.15pm, Massive T. Clouds from eastern side waiting to cross...a pic 

Weather Instagram at May 27, 2014 at 10:45AM

#chennai - 10:40am, not so hot so far. Expected to reach 39 C. #weather

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Vellore - T showers nearing at 6:30pm

Vellore - 6:25pm, "T shower is nearing the town"

Chennai - 6:30pm, a T shower is nearing Vellore town.
More rain seen from 80 to 150km over W-S-W from Chennai city 

#Vellore - 6:59pm, "Heavy T shower now"

Bhopal - 3:30pm, "it start raining in Bhopal (mp)"

Forecast on 92B, Arabian sea circulation and Monsoon onset

During next 24hrs, the low-level trough from the existing 92B will dip S-W upto S-E Arabian sea... 
Tomorrow, there can be 2 low-level circulations, one will be remnant of 92B over Jharkhand and another over S Madhyapradesh.
Tomorrow as well, the trough will drop S-W from S Madhyapradesh upto S-E Arabian sea at low-levels... 
On 29-May, the inland low-level N-S trough will re-establish again from Bihar to N,N-central Tamilnadu... 

Monsoon update ::

S, S-S-W Arabian sea is expected to pop a circulation in next 1 or 2 days, but GFS model did not expect this to sustain !
Weak monsoon current is expected to make a presence along S Kerala coast, S tip Tamilnadu on 30/31-May, rain expected 
Models expect a strong circulation over S-S-E Arabian sea on 1-Jun ... this may further delay the monsoon onset !! 

Rainfall alert for next 36hrs ::

Today before midnight, Heavy rain due to 92B will sweep further upto N,central Chatisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand and S-E,E Uttarpradesh as well.
From now, showers over S Bengal will go down and more rain ahead for central,N Bengal even till midnight tomorrow 
From now and before 12am, T showers expected over N,N-E,N-central Tamilnadu, S,W Andhra, S,central,E,N Karnataka.

Already getting reports of T showers from Bangalore 5:05pm.
RT @RajanRamaswami: @weatherofindia Now at JP Nagar V Phase Bangalore heavy rains with thunder started.. (5:06pm)
Chennai - 5pm, Heavy T showers seen over W,W-N-W from city at 175km, 120km and 80km ... 

#Chennai - W,S-W,N-W suburbs can expect a T shower pushing in from W-N-W on today late evening and tomorrow evening.

35% chance of rain.

Under the influence of 92B, Most of East India (Odisha included) can expect T shower activity till 28-May... 
More T showers ahead for w-ghats of Kerala, W-ghats Tamilnadu and W-ghats of S-W Karnataka on today, tomorrow.
S kerala coast, S tip Tamilnadu coast can expect early morning showers on tomorrow as well due to Monsoon current !

Weather Instagram at May 26, 2014 at 04:02PM

#chennai - after reaching 38 C now its around 35, with good sea breeze. #weather

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92B is inland over Odisha coast.

92B effect.
Kolkata - 1:43pm, "Mass Thunderstorm hits Kolkata
120mm/hr rains lashing kolkata now 
winds 20km/h"

LOW pressure 92B has pushed inland into Odisha coast around early hrs of today ... 
Today, a low-level trough from this 92B is seen dipping South upto S-E coast of Tamilnadu ... 
92B is expected to weaken and drift N-N-W during next 24hrs and then push N-E into N Bengal zone on 28-May ... 

2:30pm, Heavy rain due to 92B is seen over central Chatisgarh, Odisha, Bengal, Jharkhand and into Bihar ... 

Some weather snippets from 25-May.

rajugana May 25, 10:05am via Web
@weatherofindia Bangalore 10.00am, Overnight rains and wet roads, ideal lazy Sunday morning.Sun is peeping out a pic

Its raining at my Home Town Arani Tamilnadu with heavy winds cc @weatherofindia

#HOT 40s of 25-May...
Jaisalmer = 42.3C
Barmer = 43.6C
Rajkot = 42.3C
Akola = 43.8C
Nizamabad = 43.4C
Sholapur = 43.5C
Kurnool = 43.4C

Odisha heavy rainfall due to Low "92B".. 
Kalingapatnam­ 23 cm
Balasore­ 21
Contai­1 6
Bhubaneshwar,Digha,Cuttack­ 14
Chandbali­ 8
Gopalpur­ 7

Sunday, May 25, 2014

25th May 2014 BOB Low Pressure Circualtion

A Low Pressure Area over North BOB
and adjoining orissa , expected to move over WB by 26th May 2014

Weather Instagram at May 25, 2014 at 09:25AM

#chennai - 9:20am, warm morning with thin high cloud cover. #weather

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

92B - drifted W-N-W and showing signs of intensification again

During past 28hrs, "92B" has persisted as LOW pressure and drifted W-N-W and now over N-central,N-W Bay.
Now it's even showing signs of further intensification into a Depression again.
Pressure at present is around 1001mb.

10:30pm, Satellite shows the convective activity can be close to coast of Odisha and into Odisha as well.

Latest GFS predicts it can deepen further into a depression and cross into N-E Odisha coast, S Bengal coast on early hrs of Monday, 26-May.
Due to this, Heavy rain expected along Odisha coast, S,central Bengal, Kolkata from mid-morning of Sunday.
Towards evening and midnight of 25-May - Heavy, very heavy rain expected over N-E Odisha coast, S,S-W Bengal.
During afternoon, T showers will break in over N-E Andhra and over N,N-E Tamilnadu as well.
Tomorrow again, T showers possible along W-ghats of Kerala.

Monsoon update ::

In another development, a low-level trough can be seen from 92B tilting S-W across South peninsula and into South Arabian sea... this will pop a low-level circulation over S,S-S-E Arabian sea in next 24 hrs.
Initially this circulation is expected to drift W-N-W, but this can enable a weak Monsoon current along S,central Kerala coast on 29/30-May.
Today as well good cross equatorial winds are reaching Somali coast and into Maldives. Most of the winds are below the 5th parallel.