Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The present moderate W.D will stay over Kashmir, Himachal till 4-Apr.
West and S-W India will have strong winds till 3-Apr.
Meanwhile the S-E Bay corner UAC / LOW persists and will move slowly to North in another 24 hrs ...
Today, a UAC can be seen over W. Uttar pradesh and another over E. MP and N. Chatisgarh ...
12:30pm, Hazy over Mohali , meanwhile the rain creatin system is travelling S-E from Punjab, now over C. UPradesh ..
RT @punj25: Clear skies in Mohali pave way for historic India-Pak clash (via @timesofindia)
Anyone please post a latest weather photo from Mohali. Thanks
Cricket :: India v Pakistan Semi final, Mohali - Weather Status ...
Indian weather man Team wishes Indian cricket team "ALL The Best".
Nagercoil - Heavy rains lashed parts of Kanyakumari dist on afternoon of 28-Mar-2011
India/Pakistan Semi final Weather Status:
After last night's rain, bright sunshine in Mohali today morning. Should remain clear. winds might sweep up a dust storm by evening. Should be brief, not much rain though
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It’s their DNA that drives NGOs to embrace Climate Porn

The hysterical rhetoric used by many environmentalists and NGOs to hype the threat of global warming had been termed by Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), a left-leaning British think tank as Climate Porn' who elaborated:
“This alarmist interpretation is characterized by an inflated sense of urgency and cinematic tones. The public become disempowered because it's too big for them; and when it sounds like science fiction, there is an element of the unreal there."
On July 15th 2009 Greenpeace issued a press release claiming, “As permanent ice decreases, we are looking at ice-free summers in the Arctic as early as 2030.” Just a month later, Gerd Leipold then boss of Greenpeace was forced to admit that his organization put out false and misleading information about the Arctic ice melts. When confronted on the BBC’s ‘Hardtalk’ program, Leipold said it “may have been a mistake” but justified the claims saying:
"We as a pressure group have to emotionalize issues and we’re not ashamed of emotionalizing issues.”
As a climatologist Leipold should have known the Greenpeace claim of permanent Arctic melt was complete scientific nonsense. But instead he justifies this decision on the ground that emotionalizing issues is a compulsive behaviour of a pressure group as if dictated by a recessive trait of its DNA!

RT @patchandler44: The sun is shining in Mohali, but there might be some rain around tonight. >> Yes, that's a 20% possibility.
Heavy moisture content expected along entire S-E coast and over Kerala and Karnataka coast till 4-Apr ...
RT @ar_mohideen: Mohali weather update: no rain now, but conditions overcast . . (8:38am) .. It'll clear off in another 2 hrs.
In coming days.. Heavy moisture will be pushing into Bengal, Bangladesh and into N-E states.. with high CAPE values.
RT @anjan22: (night of 29-Mar) .. Heavy rain lashes Mohali
@dhirendrasgala >> What's the present weather in Mohali? It's CLEAR, BRIGHT and getting WARM .. (8:15am)
@dhirendrasgala >> Are you from Mohali ? .. Yesterday's rain forecast for Haryana, Punjab in ...