Saturday, December 05, 2009

Why flowers bloom late in Kerala and birds breed early .. .. Low first moves North into Bay and then moves East .. In any case it reaches North TN coast on 12-Dec-09
NCMRWF - now adds a twist to the predicted LOW pressure system .. ..
Latest satellite shows a wide spread activity over entire south Bay ..
Again Now, NCMRWF - predicts a different picture for 10-Dec .. .. LOW pressure moving north into Bay ???

Comments & Reply on 3-Dec-09

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Chennai - Egmore zone recorded only 5.6 mm from 12...": 3-Dec-09

I do not know from where weatherman get [Chennai Egmore] rainfall?
[Egmore reported nearly 2.2cm rainfall ending 0830 hrs IST of 03.12.2009.
"Egmore zone recorded 5.6 mm of Rain from 12 AM midnight of 3-Dec-09,  this DATA is not for 24 hrs"

Today fairly widespread rainfall is realised through out TN. Papanasam [Nellai District] reported 10 cm. The High pressure system located in NW part of INDIA and perhaps it enable easterlies to penetrate in lands of TN even Dhamapuri district. But still Vellore is not getting sufficient rainfall.[Deficient]

Dispatch of cloud mass through Easterlies, slightly above 5 Deg Latitude from South China sea to East Coast of India will last for another week or so.
Mumbai protest over water cuts leads to violent clashes ..
Tamilnadu coast will be clear with minor cloud formation and scattered local short bursts for next 48 hrs, till monday morning.
South and South-East Bay is very active to host the LOW pressure system ..
Kerela and coastal Karnataka may be in for more showers today 5-Dec-09 ..
Satellite shows the cyclonic circulation over central Arabian sea is moving west ..
RT @narayananh: Good morning! bright n sunny day out here in Chennai. Good weekend weather :)
Chennai - And most of TN coast will have a clear day, Low cloud formation may flareup around 10 am, might get a local short burst and clear.
No tracking of LOW over south Bay yet.
FNMOC-EFS model also predicts a CLEAR skies and winter weather from 12-Dec ..
FNMOC-EFS model perdicts heavy showers for entire TN coast from 8-Dec ..
Satellite shows, South & south-east is active while the Arabian circulation moves away from coast .