Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another day to remember

Non-stop light-medium-heavy rain thru the day.

For past 24hrs rain record stands 101.8 MM at 7:09 PM

Previously a day to remember was 27-Oct-2005, 423 MM.

Rain still continues as i write... lets see when it stops..
Take a look at latest Satellite image and Forecast (generated on 27-oct-2007)

Latest Infrared INSAT pic

Brightest spots will have good rain.

Latest Lightning events

Joint typhoon warning center

Have a look at "Joint Typhoon Warning Center" maintained by US Navy.
Lots of info


At last a Depression

Yes, at last. There is a tropical depression over the mid-southern Arabian Sea. The JTWC have raised an alert to the potential for a tropical cyclone.

The GFS numerical forecast has a strong low (likely a cyclone) nearing the eastern shore of Yemen on the 1st and 2nd of November. This after a brush with Socotra, east of northern Somalia.

While the story remains rather the same (inconsistency in numerical forecasts=low confidence in their solutions), we are now closer to having a tropical cyclone.

Meanwhile, a low is now east of southern India. This low is forecast to deepen a little before drifting ashore in SE India. Such behavior would bring heavy falls of rain, perhaps to Chennai, which is far behind schedule in getting its fall (North East Monsoon) rains.

The idea of a cyclone aiming for the northern west coast (Gujarat) of India has been dropped by the newest forecasts. Should not be any surprise

Continuing rain

Here is the latest INSAT

From yesterday (27-oct-2007) afternoon... the rain was intermitent and Now (28-oct-2007,Sunday) it's raining non-stop.

Rain intensity is drizzle to medium, but non-stop.

As of now past 24 hrs rain in Chennai (28-Oct-2007, 12:34PM) is 65.6mm