Monday, December 21, 2015

Moderate rain possible for Central,SE coast Tamilnadu on 23,24-Dec

Cold morning for N,central,Coast Tamilnadu .. 
Chennai Airport 20.8C
Coimbatore 21.4 C
Dharmapuri 19.7 C
Karur 21 C

Past 24hrs, Isolated rain witnessed over W-ghats of Tirunelveli District.. Papanasam 2 Cm.
Rest of Tamilnadu was DRY after a long time !!

In South India Mysore records 15 C today morning !

In upper-levels, there's NO moisture over Tamilnadu, and will not be there for another 3 days..
From noon, 22-Dec to 24-Dec, morning.. easterlies is expected to be strong along N,central Tamilnadu coast with moderate low-level moisture.

Moderate rain expected along central,SE coast Tamilnadu from early hrs of 23-Dec to Thursday morning..
Cloudy with light rain / drizzle possible for #Chennai , N Tamilnadu on morning,mid morning of 23,24-Dec.
Slightly warm morning expected !

On 23-Dec, an easterlies is expected to push into SE Bay and expected to drift West towards Tamilnadu...
Upcoming easterlies "may" have a circulation over SSE Bay on 24-Dec.
GFS expects the easterlies to affect Tamilnadu coast below 11 parallel.

Sea surface temperature over S-central,W Bay is around 27 C and S,SE Bay is above 28 C, which can host a circulation ...
Wind Shear over S,SE Bay is moderate & Shear tendency showing decreasing values so a circulation can pop and persist ...
Models are not suggesting a strong circulation but a weak one along with easterlies over SSE Bay is a GOOD possibility over 7N.