Monday, May 03, 2010

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Mumbai Spesial:April 2010

Mumbai Special: April Analysis:
April 2010, has been one hot month this year for Mumbai. Heat and humidity, has made this month seemingly like May to the citizens. I have rarely witnessed so many days in an April, with the day & night temperatures consistently higher than normal almost throughout the month.
An illustrious diagram from the CPC (NOAA) for Mumbai in 3 parts:
1. The average temperature is above normal throughout the month, as shown in red. The red is constant, almost teasingly, and moves smoothly right through the month.
2. The average for the full month was above normal by 1.46c, which, for an average is anyway high, and for Mumbai, which normally has a day/night range of only 6c in April, this is really HIGH.
3. The actual day & night temperatures are shown here. A high of 37c, on the 3rd, 8th, & 30th, and many lows of 28c in April as seen this year, are rare.Yes,believe me this is not seen too often.
But these readings are still far from the highest ever. The record for April at Colaba is 40.6c (19th.1955), and 42.2c (14th.1952) at S'cruz.
But the case this year is of the large number of "above normal" days in April.
Now, what is in store for the city in May? A city, which is already short of water.A city, which has started drawing on the reserves of 2 out of the 6 lakes providing water, and the remaning 4 lakes are at their lowest level. A city,which needs rains, as soon as possible ! It has water stocks upto 15th. July only.

Naturally, it needs rains,if you ask me, from "tomorrow"!
Now, for the next week,upto 10th. May at least, I see no rain in Mumbai. There will be only partly cloudy skies, and the prevailing hot temperatures will continue. Temperatures next week will be in the range of 35c -27c.
Lets keep a watch for a stray dark nimbus cloud ! Today,seeing one will call for a celebration !

But, as of now, it seems the Monsoon will be on time.
Mumbai should get its regular Monsoon rains from the 9th. of June. But,look up to the skies for pre monsoon thundershowers from the 1st. of June.
In my next Monsoon Watch analysis (on the blog by 5th. May), we will update the ever changing situation, and monitor the monsoon progress.
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Chennai - "The bad news: worst of summer is yet to come" ...
Chennai - "Dry spell ends at 113 days, 5 days short of record" ..
Chennai - recorded a moderate 35.5°C (10:17am). When will chennai touch 43 deg C?? Around 15-May..??
6:30pm, The western disturbance is nearing Indian borders along kashmir. Tomrw morning Kashmir, Punjab and Himachal will wake up to a cloudy
@im_adi >> If possible update us with a image from your place. Thanks
RT @im_adi: @weatherofindia Yes its raining heavily in aurangabad maharashtra with Thunders !
6:30pm, Thunder cells over N-central and N-E Maharastra ..
6:30pm, Almost FULL of Central, S-E and N-central Tamilnadu is getting showers...
6:30pm, Isolated Shower over N-E Uttar pradesh, Heavy shower over N-E Orissa bordering Bengal..
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@_anamus >> Today most of the showers are over central, East and North of West Bengal. Pls update weather from your place then and there.
5:30pm, N-central and S-S-E corrner of Tamilnadu ..
5:30pm, More showers over Uttaranchal, Bihar and N-central maharastra ..
@_anamus >> Are you in Kolkata?? Is it raining there now ??. Pls update. Thanks
RT @_anamus: way to sec V while it rained..#twitsnaps
4:50pm, It is cloudy and dark in Nagapattinam now..
Chennai - Doppler radar at airport to relay info on wind pattern‎ ..
On 2-May, Kolkata : Lightning strikes kill 5, injure 8‎ ...
On 2-May, 2 electrocuted as storm lashes parts of Kolkata‎..
Blazing May ahead in Delhi but not hotter than usual‎ ...
Western disturbance will affect western Himalayan region after 24 hours.
Trough from North East Madhya Pradesh to Tamilnadu coast with embedded upper air circulation over Tamilnadu and neighbourhood in lower level
Rain on 2-May, Madurai-6, Lengpui-5 and Goalpara, Agartala, Diamond-Harbour and Punalur-3 CM ...
On 2-May, Highest Maximum temperature of 44.6°C was recorded at Barmer (Rajasthan).
On 2-May, Maximum temperatures are below normal by 7-8°C over most parts of Bihar, by 2-7°C over most parts of east Uttar Pradesh.
RT @myviews4life: Theni - Water level in vaigai dam rises by more than a foot in 24 hours: ..
4pm, Showers over Central and S-S-E extreme of Tamilnadu...
4pm, Showers over Bihar, S-W Madhya pradesh, N & N-E Maharastra, and an isolated one over S. Gujarat...
4pm, Super showers over west bengal and Orissa..
Chennai - Has become partly cloudy with high clouds.. A still we have minor thunder cells over to South-west
RT @earthquake: M 5.9, Izu Islands, Japan region: Monday, May 3, 2010 10:27:45 UTCMonday, May 3, 2010 07:27:45 PM
Chennai - South chennai received some drizzles at around 12pm and formations vanished
1-May, Storms kill 15 Bangladeshis, thousands homeless...
Holidays and monsoon rain grip rubber market ...
RT @rajugana: RT @weatherofindia: Baroda- Hot and Humid. crystal clear skes. awaiting for first cloud formations for this season...
Report from reader .. "Raining in Villupuram at 2:31pm"
12:30pm, already we have thunder cells over N. tamilnadu and over Orissa.
weatherofindia: Chennai - heavy cloud formation to south south-west. More chances of rain over south suburbs. Will it sustain ??
At 1:30am, a Super thunder cell forms over U.P & Uttaranchal border.. 8am its over U.P & Nepal border.