Friday, February 15, 2008

2 heavy showers....unusual

From early morning (6AM) today it was like a monsoon morning.
Heavy rain clouds forming from the EAST-South-east.

2 showers with 1hr gap, it was slightly heavy.
Still the southern bay has lots of North-east activity... this is causing rain at some places over NORTH tamilnadu and to south-south tamilnadu.

Some of the amounts of rain are...
Tuticorin 5, Ambasamudram (Tirunelveli dt) 4, Kovilpatti (Tuticorin dt), Mylaudi (Kanyakumari dt), Srivaikuntam and Surangudi (both Tuticorin dt) and Nanguneri (Tirunelveli dt) 1.

Going by the latest satellite pic... it's nothing there.
Let's see what's the status tomorrow morning.