Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Agricultural experts allege Modi Sarkar taking public for a ride by their monsoon updates

Agriculture experts are up in arms accusing the government of gross dishonesty. There seem to be an element of truth to these allegations that the Modi Sarkar through the IMD is not completely honest in their feedback to the public on the gravity of monsoon failure this season.

Present upper-level W.D trough will clear away from N,N-central India in next 24hrs ... http://ow.ly/i/60F1L 
N Bay along S Bengal coast may pop a upper-level circulation on 26-Jun ! 

Arabian sea wing of Monsoon is expected to become even more weak on 26-Jun and stay put till 30-Jun... http://ow.ly/i/60DxU 
Gujarat, coastal Maharastra and #Mumbai can expect the #Monsoon to be back on 1-July !!
1:30pm, Amost NO rain over MOST of India, except cloudy over S,central Bengal and some showers over N-E states.. http://ow.ly/i/60vom 
1:30pm, some showers also seen along N coast Kerala and over central,W-ghats Kerala ... http://ow.ly/i/60vom

RT @Sailorabee: Rains are back after a short break. And how!!!
#Monsoons #Kochi @WeAreKochi @weatherofindia (8:53am)

Today, tomorrow - scattered rain expected along S,central Karnataka coast and along N,central coast,w-ghats of Kerala http://ow.ly/i/60wvE 
During next 2 days, S,central Kerala is also expected to get scattered moderate rain ... http://ow.ly/i/60wAK 

Today, tomorrow evening / late-evening showers expected to pop over N,N-E,N-central Tamilnadu, #Chennai into S,S-E Karnataka, S Andhra.

#Chennai HOT at 1:14PM and #Bangalore update

1pm, temp 37 C but feels like mid May month. Super summer day! #weather

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Bengaluru - Almost NO rain expected today. A super summer day expected.
But after 5pm, there's 10% chance of light/moderate rain due to increased vertical velocity along S,S-E Karnataka, S Andhra and N,N-E Tamilnadu.
At 1:30pm, Airport shows 34 C and feels like 36 C and Windy from W-N-W

#Chennai - Today can expect cloud formation after 4pm and there's a 20% chance of scattered light/moderate rain. Till then HOT conditions.
#Chennai - 2pm, good low-level sea breeze has set-in and this can improve the chance of rain after 5pm.

Current year's El Nino episode starts getting its act together: Nino STTs and SOI starts coupling

A key factor why the current El Nino episode found immense difficulty in establishing itself was the lack of coupling between the Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) found in the Nino region of the Central Pacific and the atmosphere. Because of this, doubts were even cast whether any El Nino would be experienced this year as Nino STTs and Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) demonstrated diametrically opposite trends – SSTs signalling an El Nino while SOI signalling La Nina.