Thursday, September 14, 2017

Big eyed typhoon Talim

Yesterday's SE corner Arabian sea circulation is now a weak circulation along S-coast Karnataka.
During next 42hrs, this circulation will fizzle and become a low-level trough and persist along Karnataka coast to S Kerala coast.

Already we have a weak circulation over N,NE Maharastra and S Madhyapradesh.
Another weak one over N Bay.
On Sunday, the remnant of Typhoon Doksuri "may" push into NE Bay ! 

The N Maharastra circulation may drift a bit South and persist till Saturday !

The upcoming North Bay circulation may become a Depression and cross Odisha coast on 20/21-Sep !!

This is happening now, 10:15pm
T showers over E,W,SW Maharastra, S,central,E Karnataka, central Andhra.

Next 36hrs, Heavy widespread rain for coastal Karnataka, Kerala and up to S-tip Tamilnadu.
More T showers ahead for central,N,E,S Maharastra and into N Karnataka and Telangana in next 36hrs.

Today, the westerlies are back over Tamilnadu and #Chennai.
SW suburbs of Chennai received a light rain, IWM Polichalur 1.5mm
T showers will pop over N,N-central,NE #Tamilnadu and #Chennai on #Friday evening.