Thursday, January 02, 2014

90B may develop into a Depression when it drifts near to N Srilanka coast on 5-Jan ... according to latest NAVGEM.
NAVGEM expects 90B to make landfall along central,S-E coast of Tamilnadu on 6-Jan.
HEAVY scattered rain ahead for central,S-E coast Tamilnadu on 4,5,6-Jan.
N-coast Tamilnadu and #Chennai also in for moderate rain on 5,6-Jan
Latest wind analysis of 90B shows that it's located around 7N, 85.2E... nearing S-E Srilanka... 

#COLD Rajasthan continue ... Today morning, Churu (Rajasthan) records -1.6 C
Jaipur = 3 C, Jodhpur = 6 C, Hissar = 1 C.

A weak W.D is expected to affect Kashmir, Himachal on morning of 5-Jan ... 
Moisture push into W,W-central,central India is happening again.. this moisture is expected to drift East on 4,5,6-Jan along with W.D trough

S-Bay circulation - 90B

S Bay circulation is now tracked as 90B... located at around 6N, and pressure around 1008 mb... 
Sea level LOW is expected over the system in next 18hrs and move close to East Srilanka coast.
90B, expected to slightly intensify, move N-W near to N,N-E Srilanka, then cross S-E,central Tamilnadu coast on 5-Jan 

Welcome rains 2014-[Nascent Drizzle]


The system in the Bay is fast approaching TN coast especially between Thoothukudi and Chennai.
    [1] There will be increase in Minimum temperature in coastal region

[2] Increase in humidity at pockets aloft  and its subsequent cooling during the fall of temperature will give light drizzle here and there.