Thursday, March 15, 2012

RT @aknarendranath: "@malleshwara: Rains in Bangalore... Pleasant after the hotweather...." @weatherofindia
RT @iAravindh: @weatherofindia rains in Bangalore 8:15 PM IST
On 14-Mar, Tuticorin 9S. Tamilnadu) recorded a heavy rainfall of 7 centimetres.
N, N-W is still cold... lowest   minimum  temperature   of  7.4°C  has   been   recorded   at
chennai - from 17-Mar, Day temp. will rise by 1 or 2 deg and Wind will be from S, S-W till noon and S-E towards evening !
Next strong W.D will reach on Monday, 19-Mar over N-W Kashmir.
The HEAT wave will spread from N, N-W India upto S. Karnataka, S. Andhra, North Tamilnadu, chennai on 20-Mar .. and continue !!
A Heat wave is predicted over N-W, West, Central and into S.central India from Sunday, 18-Mar...
Temperature ALL over West, N-W, Central and central,N-peninsula will start to increase from Saturday ..
chennai - Max. temp was 32.3°C (10:48am) and wind is from N-E now 3:40pm