Thursday, November 24, 2011

Location Position as on Thursday Evening:
The UAC has descended to sea level, and is at 3N and 82E, South of Sri Lanka. Core pressure at 1004 mb and 15 knts winds.
Anyway,do not under estimate its strength. Its maximum effect is in Sri Lanka. Chief amounts of rainfall in Sri Lanka today: Auradhapura 64 mms, Tricomalee 60 mms, Mannar 55 mms, Jaffna 43 mms.
chennai - Heavy rain now 9:25pm over pallavaram zone
RT @ravi_2kpp: மழை ஊத்திங் here in பெருங்குடி சென்னை... @weatherofindia Raining in Perungudi .. chennai (8:54pm)
Latest position of S-W Bay circulation is 2.9N and 82.9E...
chennai - good strong air current seen from E-N-E up to 7.5km height
chennai - a strong drizzle may be approaching S. chennai coast in another 15 min .
6pm, Entire S, central coastal Tamilnadu are getting sharp showers... and where's Srilanka?? ..
RT @chennaiweather: chennai Chennai may get heaviest rain of this season in next 48-72 hours
chennai - mild breeze from E-N-E, and having good cloud formation... Heavy showers to start after 12am tonight
A fresh W.D will touch N-W Kashmir on 26-Nov
Isolated Very heavy rain for Central, N coast Tamilnadu and S. Tip Tamilnadu on 26,27-Nov..
Due to movement of "98B" and strong easterlies, Heavy rain forecast for entire Tamilnadu coast from morning of 25-Nov.
"98B" will touch S. Tip of Tamilnadu and emerge into S-E corner Arabian sea along Kerala coast on noon of 27-Nov..
Latest Satellite shot shows Heavy rain over Srilanka, sharp showers over Central coast Tamilnadu and N.Gulf Mannar..
Today 5:30am, circulation "98B" was located just S-S-E of Srilanka.. and strong easterlies is nearing Tamilnadu coast.
FOG :: Visibility may reduce below 200 m over pockets of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi,
Uttar Pradesh, N-W Madhya Pradesh during next 24 hours
On 23-Nov, lowest minimum temperature of 8.0 C was recorded at Pantnagar (Uttarakhand)
Chennai - showers started almost 20hours earlier