Thursday, November 07, 2013

Easterlies are behind super Typhoon HAIYAN

The super Typhoon "HAIYAN" is in western Pacific at 10.4 Deg North / 128.1 Deg East.  Approximately 583NM East / SE of Manila Philiphines.

All easterlies are trapped in that typhoon.

It is fast tracking in West/NW direction.

Once it crosses Easterlies will pick up in Bay

Till then there is NO WET WEATHER for Chennai.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 6.00pm, Clear skies, hot and humid day, no rain for the past few days.. 

#Chennai - 8pm, "Another DRY day". Temperature now is 27.1 C ...   (IWM's 1st Weather Station for Chennai - beta)

W.D slowly moving East, Rain ahead for Uttarakhand, W,N,Central Uttarpradesh

6:30pm, Cloudy skies due to W.D has reached to W,central Uttarpradesh. Heavy rain over N Punjab, S Kashmir, Himachal 

Low level circulation due to W.D is now seen over Central Rajasthan and this is expected to push N-E towards #Delhi in 24hrs

By Friday, evening scattered moderate W.D showers will be over W,central,N Uttarpradesh, Uttarakhand and into Nepal.
On Saturday morning, entire W.D system would have moved East away from India.

Rainfall due to W.D over N India till 8:30am, today...

DRY days ahead for Tamilnadu, Kerala, #Chennai, S Andhra, S Karnataka

N-E Monsoon is expected to go to SLEEP mode for Tamilnadu, S Andhra and Kerala from tomorrow till 11-Nov.

#Chennai can expect DRY days with slightly COLD nights than normal from today till 11-Nov. NO rain expected.

A circulation is expected to drift into S-E Bay on evening of Friday, 8-Nov. 
Latest models suggest a Westward movement after that !

"90A" - Not intensified

1:30pm, LOW pressure "90A" over S Arabian sea has moved West with less intensification ... 

Latest GFS model suggests that "90A" may not develop into Cyclone ... a Depression strength is expected before making landfall.
GFS suggests that "90A" will intensify into Depression while moving West and make landfall over Somalia coast, 9-Nov 

Rain in #Delhi and dry #Chennai

1pm, moderate rain seen over S-E Tamilnadu coast... 
1pm, Showers seen over Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, E Rajasthan and into N Madhyapradesh ..

#Chennai - 2pm, Hazy skies with some low cloud formation. DRY with a mild Chill in wind.
NO sign of rain !