Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rainfall till 8:30am of 16-May-2012...
Latest models suggest that S-W Monsoon will reach S.Andamans by 22/23-May and Somali Jet will pick-up strength..
Today's Super HEAT over most of N,N-W,central, E-central,S-central,S-E India to continue till 23-May and beyond..
IMD : Forecast for the 2012 Southwest Monsoon Onset over Kerala ...
chennai - at around 2pm Sea breeze has set in.. and this is reducing the temp. gradually.. at 4:40pm, it was 35 degC
Cross equatorial winds into S,S-E Bay slowly increases in Speed... and Rain over S.Andamans also increases..
RT @rajugana: Baroda 2.40pm, Clear skies, hot and humid. 40C. News to rejoice is that the Great Indian Monsoon are just round the corner !
IMD report about "Thunder Squall" at Agartala on 30-Apr-2012..
Today as well, the vertical velocity is very high over S. Andhra ... Showers forecast for next 24hrs in this zone..
Relentless above 40 deg C to continue for N-W,N, Central, E-central ,S-central and S-E coast India upto chennai, No end date in sight !!
Nagpur touches 44.0°C at 1:10pm
chennai - WoW .. at 1:10pm, temp reached 40.0°C .. DRY breeze from N-N-W
On 15-May, highest maximum temperature of 44.5°C recorded at Titlagarh(Orissa)
Monsoon to hit Kerala on June 1: Met office ...