Thursday, December 15, 2011

A strong Easterlies will also approach C, S. Tamilnadu coast .....
A fresh W.D will affect N, N-W Kashmir from 19-Dec ...
@nravs >> chennai - NO rain expected for city till 19-Dec .. OR today's shower may be the LAST for this season!
In S. India, Minimum temperature fell at one or two places over Coastal and South Interior Karnataka and Kerala.
chennai - had a heavy rain during early morning today.. Anna University (Chennai dt) recorded a heavy rainfall of 8 centimetres

Winter may have had a mild start but likely to be progressively harsh

During the Durban Climate meet, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) circulated a paper that despite a strong La Niña, winter was mild this year.  This is a bundle of lies but was picked up by warmist media such as Down to Earth and the lies re-circulated. There are three major differences between the last winter and this year.  

Firstly, last year’s winter was conditioned by a large so-called blocking high in North Atlantic that led to the polar outbreaks into Europe where the cold air went, making it warmer in behind. Coincidentally pressures have been much above normal in the far North Pacific, and that is typical with a strong La Nina. The pressures were high enough to make the main branch of Westerlies active to the south and led to the pineapple express and heavy rains in California. [Pineapple Express - atmospheric river, which is a more general term for such narrow corridors of enhanced water vapor transport at mid-latitudes around the world.]