Sunday, September 30, 2012

RT @akwaghmare: @weatherofindia heavy rain with thunderstorm in #Pune. Much to my surprise and relief both. # TheLastFewRains 8:18pm

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 8.00pm, After a cloudy day, it is drizzling in the evening.

RT @gravikumar: , for past 1hr it rained twice and made it cool in Adyar , #Chennai. Now it's 5:15pm seems one more round pending

Bay LOW is nearing S.Andhra coast ...

The Bay LOW will enter into Central Andhra coast on 1-Oct... LOW is expected to reach upto N,N-W.Maharastra ..

Bay low level circulation can be seen nearing S.Andhra coast ..

The Bay LOW is expected to cross into S,central Andhra coast by tomorrow morning...

A weak low level circulation can be seen along Karnataka coast...

After the present circulation reaches central Maharastra, a fresh circulation is expected along N-E.Andhra on 5-Oct...

UAC of the present Bay LOW is expected to enter thru #chennai coast by early hrs of 1-Oct.. 
Report, 2:30pm :: In Vijayawada, Coastal Andhra, It is raining heavily with thunderstorms.
RT @jayaprakashpv: An unexpected #rain continuing at #malappuram #palakkad districts. #Kerala (9:43am)

RT @arajiven: #rain #pond #kerala #homegarden  @ Edachira 

RT @bala236: Pollutants in Chennai air dangerously exceed WHO limits via @TheHindu
Plz wear a mask while u go out...
#chennai - 9am, Having good sign of Rain. Almost 90% chance of rain today as Bay LOW nears S.Andhra coast.
RT @sivas001ster: @weatherofindia Heavy rain around Gundlupet (29-Sep, 6:55pm)

RT @iaravindh: @weatherofindia Bangalore starts the sunday with heavy rain (8:02am)

RT @ronaldvargheese: wow.. Rain after 3 wks...little lightning tooo....#smellofsand .am happy #kerala looking for a heavy rain :) (29-Sep)