Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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IMD - Chennai weather RADAR gets a software upgrade .. 
@raoathreyas >> #bangalore - Some showers possible on 13,14,15-Oct .. other than this nothing much for city.
4:30pm, "94B" is still intensifying and strong Showers already seen over S,S-E.Bangladesh and into South of N-E states.

WARNING :: "94B" is expected to pack a punch with strong winds & heavy rain, people along S,S-E.Bangladesh coast "Take Care".

"94B" is expected to cross inland before early morning of 11-Oct.
T.showers for S,W.Tamilnadu, S.Kerala to continue for next 3 days ...

Due to "94B" .. very heavy rains coming up for S,S-E.Bangladesh and into South N-E states during next 36hrs ...

Showers along Orissa & N-E.Andhra to continue till Saturday ...

After 13-Oct, rain over most of N-E states will go down drastically ... Almost NO rain !

On 13,14-Oct, Heavy rain are expected over W,N-W.Tamilnadu ... 
RT @midhun536: cool rain in trivandrum (4:21pm)
"Yesterday north kolkata rcvd.heavy rainfall for 4 hours frm 4pm"
5:30am analysis of IMD-GFS & WRF models have not picked / forecasted the intensity of the present N-E Bay circulation..

The present N-E.Bay LOW "94B" is expected to move fast in N-N-E direction and expected to crash over S,S-E Bangladesh coast in next 12/16hrs

 A weak low level circulation persists over S.Orissa ..

This Orissa circulation may drift S-W into N-E.Andhra and persist till 13-Oct ...

On 12-Oct.. a strong low level circulation will pop over S.extreme Tamilnadu & along S.Kerala .. More rain ahead.. 
2:30pm, Fresh T.showers seen over South W.ghats of Kerala & Tamilnadu ...

3pm, N-E Bay Low is now marked as "94B" .. continuously showing signs of Intensifying and moving North .. 

3pm, Present wind speed of "94B" is around 45km/hr and pressure is 1000mb, position is 20.3N, 91.1E.
Min. temperatures have already fallen by 3 to 4 deg Celsius over parts of Bihar and isolated pockets of sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim
N-E monsoon for Tamilnadu coast "‘anytime after October 17" .... 
Latest S-W monsoon withdrawal limit as on 9-Oct ... 
NOGAPS model suggests that N-E Monsoon may reach N,central Tamilnadu coast by 17-Oct .. 
Today as well T.showers expected over W.ghats of Tamilnadu & Kerala, W,S,central.Tamilnadu and S.Kerala..

Today's N-E.Bay LOW is expected to crash into S,S-E.Bangladesh coast & S.N-E states of India by early hrs of 11-Oct.. 
Yesterday's E.Bay circulation has consolidated quiet fast and now it's almost a Deep LOW and nearing Bangladesh coast.

At 9:30am, N-E.Bay LOW is resembling a cyclone. .This may strengthen further before making landfall over S-E.Bangladesh 
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.45am, Clear skies, bright sunshine, warm and wet earth due to yesterday's rain.