Thursday, May 17, 2012

9pm, T.showers raging over central,N Tamilnadu, T.showers/drizzle possible for W.Rajasthan moving in from Pakistan..
Severe HEAT wave to cover most of India upto S,S-E coast including chennai Delhi Kolkata ..till 24-May and beyond..
RT @jagzk: R.A.I.N chennai
T.showers near chennai.. seen here in this satellite IR image.. a lonely Thunder cell..
RT @saisundharp: Chennai storm. One more snap
chennai - T.shower is moving south skirting along Western,S-W suburbs of city (3:49pm)... NO Rain for City !
RT @ranganaathan: @weatherofindia Chennai skyline (3:45pm)
RT @nilouferj: The rain has hit the outskirts of the city! Waiting for it to reach us! Finally a break from the scorching heat! chennai
RT @bharadc23: Dust storm in Chennai ? (3:41pm)
chennai - after 42 deg C HEAT.. now 3:39pm a Thunder Squall is nearing West,S-W,N-W suburbs of City
chennai - a good sea breeze now 3:03pm is fueling the Thunder shower over N-W of City
chennai - a T.shower is raging over N-W at around 45 km from City.. showers possible for N-W,W.. suburbs of city.
Chennai - at 2:10pm, records the hottest day of 2012 so far.. 42.0°C
chennai - T.shower seen over N-W at around 50km from city and North of Tiruvallur... T.cell formation possible over City as well in 1hr
chennai - WoW .. airport records 41.0°C at 1:40pm ... Hint of sea breeze now 2:06pm !
A Western Disturbance is over Kashmir & Himachal. Cloudy Day with Showers possible for Dharamsala .. IPL Chennai CSK
Some Heavy T.showers possible for Central Bangladesh and Central Bengal from Today till 20-May..
Due to present W.D, some T.showers may pop into W,S-W, central Rajasthan on today and tomorrow.. Showers forecast for Kashmir & Himachal .
chennai - will experience DRY & HOT winds from W,N-W till 2pm, from Today till 24-May
Deļ¬nition of the Indian Summer Monsoon Onset ... Research Paper .. PDF ...
S-W Monsoon may reach S.Andaman Islands on 21-May ..
After 19-May, T.showers from entire S-Peninsula may vanish ... Isolated T.showers possible over W.Ghats of Kerala. Good sign for Monsoon !
For next 24hrs, T.showers possible for S.Karnataka, N,N-W Tamilnadu, N,central Kerala ...
On 16-May, highest maximum temperature of 45.7°C was recorded at Ganganagar (Rajasthan)
At 12:40pm, Nagpur airport touches 45.0°C
chennai - again touches 40.0°C, (feels like 46.0°C) at 12:40pm and expected to reach 41/42 before 2pm.