Thursday, September 07, 2017

Interesting next 6 days for South India

A weak mid-level circulation seen just South of Kanyakumari and another parallel over SE Bay.

At present (9:30am) this circulation near Kanyakumari is giving heavy rain for S-tip Tamilnadu.

9:30am, Heavy rain in #nagercoil zone, Kanyakumari district of S #tamilnadu.. #video .. 
RT @Ajith_Abraham_: 
11:26am, Now heavy rain in Trivandrum..Infosys area !

During next 2 days, the present mid-level circulation near Kanyakumari is expected to drift into SE corner Arabian sea..... while the SE Bay circulation to drift into S-central Bay. This will be like fresh #Monsoon onset along S #Kerala on Saturday !! 

Today, a weak low,mid-level circulation seen over SE Bay. During next 3 days, it's not expected to intensify but it'll drift WNW towards central/North coast Tamilnadu.

The circulation may drop a LOW when it nears Tamilnadu coast on Sunday.
This system is expected to push across into Arabian sea along Karnataka coast on Tuesday.
It'll be like a fresh or second Monsoon onset along Karnataka coast, Kerala and for S-tip Tamilnadu.
Seems to be a wet next 6 days for entire South India.

Lets see !! Check the above video for chart ! or watch here... 


Today, the LWD can be seen along W-ghats from W Maharastra to S-tip Tamilnadu.

MORE Heavy rain ahead for entire S,central,W Karnataka before morning of 8-Sep.

In 24hrs, scattered T showers will pop ALL along W-ghats from SW,W Maharastra to S-tip Tamilnadu.
In 24hrs.. Scattered rain ahead for N,NW,W,central,S Tamilnadu and into Kerala.

#Chennai - W,NW,SW suburbs have a good chance of T showers today and less for city.
#Bengaluru to get more HEAVY rain today !

Heavy rain was witnessed over S,central,E,W Karnataka into adjoining S,SW Andhra, N Tamilnadu.

#Chennai - past 24hrs,
Nungambakkam 2.8mm
Airport 46.8mm
IWM Polichalur 30.3mm