Thursday, December 04, 2008

Now it's name as "07B"

The cyclone we were projecting for the past 1 week after "Nisha".
Now JTWC has labeled it as "07B"... soon it'll be named as
"Bijli" or "Bandu"
Take a look at the latest satellite pic and JTWC tracking.

At last we have the perfect visual of the upcoming weather system.
Going by satellite pic, Now the current position of the cyclone is East of Srilanka.
The natural movement will be North-west.
But the JTWC is tracking it towards Srilanka East coast and then brushing the southern Tip of Tamilnadu.
By today late evening we'll have a clear picture of where it's moving? and whether it's going to intensify or not??
Still the system has lots of SEA ahead.
Regarding cyclone threat for North-Tamilnadu, keep ur fingers crossed. Wait for another 24 hrs and we'll see a clear picture.
I got a tip from Jim's blog ( that the present MJO condition is not that great for a Cyclone.