Monday, June 16, 2014

Weather Instagram at June 16, 2014 at 11:34PM

#chennai - 11:08pm, nearing midnight and its warm 31.8C. Odd June so far. #weather

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#Mumbai - 7:27pm, instagram

Mumbai - 7:27pm, "Its raining its pouring"

6:30pm, HEAVY rain over S,S-W Kashmir, N Punjab, T showers over S-central Bengal, coast,S Odisha, S Chatisgarh ...
6:30pm, T showers over W,central,S-E Gujarat and monsoon along N-coast Karnataka, Goa, most of coastal Maharastra ... 

#Mumbai today evening, Instagrams

Heavy Rain in Badlapur with loud thundering & lightning flashes on 16 June 2014.

First Heavy SW Monsoon Rain in the day time today. As last 3 days, Heavy rain were restricted in night time only..

#Chennai - No end to summer !

#Chennai - 2:15pm, a HOT day again... 38 C and feels like 41 C.
"No end to summer".
"Weak sea breeze during past 3 days".

#Chennai - If good sea breeze sets in after 3pm, then a GOOD chance of a moderate T shower sweeping in from W,S-W,N-W after 5pm.
#Chennai - If NO or weak sea breeze ! then the HOT and sultry conditions will prevail well into midnight during next 2 days !
RT @AlluSirish: Mist + Rain + Clouds + Sunrise = Beautiful morning. 6:30AM, Kozhikode, Kerala. 

1:30pm, Showers seen along S,S-E Gujarat, scattered along coastal Maharastra and coastal Karnataka ... 

Today, the mid, upper-level circulation persisting along S Gujarat coast over N-E Arabian sea ... 
17-Jun, the mid, upper circulation is expected to come close to N,central Maharastra coast and S,S-E Gujarat coast . 

Tomorrow, the offshore trough along W, S-W coast is expected to be in good shape from N maharastra coast to N kerala 
Monsoon will push into #Mumbai on Tuesday, 17-Jun !

Widespread moderate / heavy rain expected ALL along Maharastra coast from today evening.

@bublly89 >> #Pune - T showers expected today.

But it'll take 2/3 days for Monsoon current to push into Pune city after 17-Jun in #Mumbai.

N Bay is still silent !

Tomorrow, a mid, upper level circulation can be expected over N Bay along S Bengal coast ... 
GFS expects "NO" North Bay LOW formation during next 5 days !!
This is needed for Bay wing of Monsoon to get activated and start pushing