Sunday, November 04, 2012

Very heavy rainfall over N-E Andhra till 8:30am... Narasapur (West Godavari dt) 31cm, Amalapuram (East Godavari dt) 27cm & Rajahmundry 25cm
Today a weak W.D has started affecting N-W Kashmir .. Some rain/snow is expected into W,N-W kashmir for next 36hrs.
3:30pm, Isolated showers seen over Jharkand, S.Orissa and N-E Andhra ... 
Some showers along Karnataka coast may persist till 6-Nov.
Circulation along 5th parallel near mouth of Bay persists today and its expected to drift W-N-W towards S.Srilanka..

Wind direction is expected to shift to E,N-E along entire Tamilnadu coast from 6/7-Nov... and some monsoon showers possible after that!
Today the remnant circulation of Nilam is seen over N-E Andhra... and it's circulation extends upto N-E Tamilnadu ..

Still the models expect the N-E Andhra circulation to move N-N-E upto Jharkand in next 2 days...

Before 7-Nov, some showers are expected over Jharkand & Orissa .. and scattered rain over Central-coast,N,N-E Andhra..  
#chennai - 3:52pm, good signs of T.shower.. good prelim. T-cell formations seen over S,N of city.

#chennai - Almost NO ground level winds today so far. Hot & Humid ! T.showers expected again today after 5pm.

#chennai - now.. Low level wind is from S-E and at upper levels its from N,N-W