Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chennai - sharp showers here in Pallavaram zone ... 8:38pm
Chennai - another sharp shower moving in from W-S-W chennai ... showers now 8:04pm over Poonamalle zone!
Chennai - N-W,North chennai get ready for a sharp shower in next 15 min
Heavy rainfall over Central, E-S-E and S-W of India from 13-Jul to 19-Jul .. http://ping.fm/FeKvG
Agumbe has got 879 mm rainfall in last 4 days ... http://bit.ly/mXvVeV
Very heavy convective activity can be seen over S. Arabian sea.. good sign of strong cross equatorial winds... !
RT @Psyridah: Chennai weather is making me go crazy!!.. Anyway leaving to Kodaikanal in an hour
6pm, Heavy widespread showers over E.Maharastra, Madhyapradesh, Jharkand, S. Bengal... http://ping.fm/WWXfR
Chennai - Today touched a max of 37.2 C (3:10pm).. really hot for JULY .. previous Record heat was 41.1 C (4-Jul-1915)
Chennai - Sharp showers can be seen over to West at around 60km from center.. 6:51pm
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 11.00am, Dark clouds and it is raining heavily now. Yestday eve thunderstorm brought heavy rain.

Agumbe has got 879 mm rainfall in last 4 days

The following are the rainfall recorded by Agumbe, Karnataka in the last 4 days

16.07.2011 - 153 mm
17.07.2011 - 336 mm
18.07.2011 - 220 mm
19.07.2011 - 170 mm

Total rainfall Agumbe got this season (01.06.2011 to 19.07.2011 - 49 days) is 3428 mm and is now second behind Kollur, Karnataka which has got 4221 mm rainfall in the race to be the wettest place this monsoon in India. Gaganbawada, Maharashtra till yesterday has got 3320 mm, lets see the rainfall today it has to get 11 cm to overthrow Agumbe from second position.


Dark clouds over gujrat nearing pakistan karachi. 2 am mumbai time tue morning.all deep clouds skipping mumbai.
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