Monday, August 31, 2015

Monsoon over Peninsula is expected to be WEAK till 6-Sep !!

Today, at low-levels..
A circulation seen over N Bengal and its trough seen South up to N Tamilnadu coast ...
And, another circulation seen over central Pakistan and its trough seen up to N-N-E Arabian Sea ...

In mid-level (700hpa), a weak trough seen from central Pakistan to N-E Arabian sea near to S,S-W Gujarat coast..
Today as well the West coast offshore trough is weak ..only seen along S coast Gujarat to S-central coast Maharastra ..
Weak or NO west coast offshore trough is the Trend of this SW monsoon so far and there's no change expected for next 3 days !!
Even the mid,upper-level RH is also weak (very weak) at this time of year ...

During next 2 days, the central Pakistan circulation and its trough up to N-E Arabian sea is expected to persist at low,mid-levels.
Trough will continue to whip up some moderate rain for N coast Maharastra, Mumbai, S,S-E Gujarat for 1 / 2 days ..
For most of N,N-W,W India, almost NO rain expected from 2/3-Sep till 6-Sep !!

From 3-Sep, the monsoon current is expected to become very weak over Peninsula and even the Bay wing.
This condition will drop a low-level N-S trough from Jharkhand to S-tip Tamilnadu on 3/4-Sep ...

Rainfall alert for next 36hrs
Due to weak monsoon conditions and N-S trough and LWD formation... T shower activity expected to pick over central, S peninsula from 2-Sep

Before morning of 1-Sep...
Scattered rain over N-E Andhra, Odisha, S,central Chatisgarh, Jharkhand and S,S-W Bengal.
For next 36hrs... heavy, widespread rain expected for  N Bengal and over many zones of N-E India.
Only scattered rain expected along Maharastra coast, Karnataka coast and Kerala during next 36hrs.

N-E Tamilnadu, #Chennai and S Andhra can get a T shower after 5pm and before am tonight.

On 1-Sep...
Again, scattered moderate rain for N-E Andhra, S,central Chatisgarh, Odisha, S,S-E Madhyapradesh, Jharkhand, S,S-W Bengal.
On 1-Sep, almost NO rain expected over N-E Tamilnadu, Chennai, S Karnataka and S Andhra.

August 31, 2015 at 01:51PM

#Chennai - Rainfall till 8:30am today... IWM Polichalur = 9mm Nungambakkam = 29mm Airport = 1mm. #iwm