Monday, March 31, 2014

#HOT "April Fool day" ahead for E,S-E India and over N, central Peninsula.
After 3-Apr, HEAT is expected to spread into central,W,N-central India as well ... 

A moderate mid-level W.D trough is expected to affect Pakistan, N,N-W India from evening of 1-Apr ... 
A low-level circulation is also expected in the mid-level W.D trough over central Pakistan tomorrow ... 

From tomorrow evening, scattered rain expected over Kashmir, N Punjab, Himachal... expected to last till 2-Apr .. 
On Wednesday, moderate rain also expected to pop over Haryana, #Delhi, into W,N-W Uttarpradesh and Uttarakhand as well !

This W.D may be immediately followed by another system on 5-Apr !!
Today, a weak low-level circulation seen over N Karnataka, S Maharastra ... 
Low-level line of wind discontinuity seen from N,N-E Odisha to N,N-W Karnataka ... expected to persist for 48hrs . 

This can produce scattered light, moderate showers over N,N-central Karnataka, N,central,N-E Andhra, Odisha during next 2 days.

A low-level trough can be seen from N Karnataka circulation to S tip Tamilnadu, and expected to persist till 1-Apr.. 
Scattered T showers expected for W-ghats from Karnataka to S kerala and S tip Tamilnadu during next 24hrs ... 

Badlapur Overall March 2014 Weather

Second half of March was hot than usual here !!
#WOW #Chennai - At 1:10pm, Airport registers a #HOT 39 C (feels like 37.4 C)

#HOT at 1:10pm, Nagpur, Hyderabad = 40 C,
#Kolkata = 37 C.

Yesterday's #HOT 40s club...
Bankura = 41.5 C
Jamshedpur = 41.2 C
Raipur = 40.3 C
Bhubaneshwar = 42 C
Ramgundam = 41 C
Sholapur = 40.9 C

#HOT 40s club ...
Gulbarga = 40.9 C
Rentachintala = 41.2 C
Kurnool = 41.7 C
Nellore = 40.6 C
Vellore = 40.2 C
Anantapur = 41 C

RT @sanjeevnaique: Its hot n humid here in Madgaon in #Goa. West coast of #India, Temp.  risen to 32 degree C. Cloudy sky at 1.45 pm.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

At a kali temple in extreme south #Kolkata ... 
where temp soared at 41.8 C hot hot kolkata today ...

Heat wave in Interior North Konkan today !!

First 40c temp of year 2014 today dated (30-03-2014 ) at following places :

Thane Envirocon AWS max temp 40.0°C at 1:48pm with min humidity of 20% ..

Badlapur max temp 40.0°C with min humidity of 14% @ 3pm today..

Thane IMD AWS estimated max temp 40.5°C 

Karjat max temp 42.0°C with min humidity of 14% today..
#HOT #Chennai - 2:30pm, Airport = 37 C.
Now good Sea breeze has set in !

#HOT conditions ALL over Peninsula at 2:30pm,
Bangalore = 38C
Kolkata, Hyderabad = 40 C
Nagpur = 41 C
Mumbai = 34 C
Ahmedabad = 38 C

Saturday, March 29, 2014

#HOT at 1pm, Hyderabad = 40 C, Nagpur, Jamshedpur = 39 C, #Kolkata (DumDum) = 38 C, #Bangalore, Lucknow, #Chennai = 37 C

Earth Hour Today ! 8:30pm to 9:30pm

Earth Hour Today, 8:30pm to 9:30pm…

" Contribute in saving energy by switching off ALL your electrical appliances "


Friday, March 28, 2014

ENSO and its effect on the South West Monsoon:

Basically, the South West Monsoon advances and covers the entire Sub Continent region in June and completes its advance around early July.
Now, these advancing parameters and criteria are not linked or affected by the El Nino or the La Nina.                               vagaries

The advancing parameters are initiated from the South Indian Ocean, and are largely influenced by the Mascrene Highs between Madagascar and Australia.
Other parameters, which largely influence the advance is the seasonal low over the sub continent and the pressure gradient thus created. Many of the initial parameters are discussed in the Vagaries' Monsoon Watch Series, which are found in the Archives Page of this blog.
The ENSO factors affect the subsequent performance of the Monsoon rains.

In an El -Nino year, the waters of the Pacific Ocean off the Peru Coast in South American Continent heats up by 2/4c. Now, as a result, the Central Pacific Ocean , roughly where the "tongue" of the heated waters end, rise, and form rain bearing clouds, and precipitation in the Central Pacific Region. 
El- Nino induced warm zones in the Pacific cause the warm air over them to rise and initiate circulation cells. Such cells along northern Australia, Indonesia and the eastern edge of the Indian Ocean could have their down draft sides over a nascent monsoon circulation cell in the Indian Ocean, which would disrupt Monsoon Depression  formation, causing poor monsoon rains over the subcontinent. 
Thus, there is a marked reduction in Typhoons and Depressions forming. Consequently, in an El Nino year, we would expect lesser depressions and lows forming in the Bay. This sequence  implies that El Nino years should coincide with deficient monsoon rains.
Normally, when in a neutral or La Nina year, the waters normally heat up towards the far West of the Pacific Ocean, rain bearing clouds are formed much to the West and near the Philippines.

Now, Typhoons and Lows forming from these regions travel West, and send Low pulses into the Bay. These are the "life giving" depressions in the Bay which criss- cross across the Indian regions.

But, that does not mean lower rainfall all over the Sub Continent. Absence of Lows from the Bay will keep the WDs active, and may increase the number of WDs crossing the Northern Regions even till July/August. This has happened, when the Lows from the Bay do not "interfere" and WDs are given a "free hand".

But, the above sequence may not necessarily happen, and sometimes, even in an El Nino year, the Central Regions of India get good rains from Line of Wind Discontinuity forming from localised heat developments. Deeps troughs in the jet streams could bring or create UAC in the Gujarat regions, even in an El Nino year.
So, all El -Nino years are not bad for Monsoons.This Graphical Plotting from IITM, shows  the inconsistency of 130  years..
From Vagaries
#HOT day conditions to continue for East, S-E India (Andhra, Odisha, Chatisgarh, Jharkhand) during next 2 / 3 days ... 

Low-level circulation persists over N Bangladesh, N Bengal and Sikkim ... meaning more rain for N-E states of India 
Scattered moderate T showers to continue over N,N-central zones of N-E states during next 2 days ... 

Present W.D system is moving away E-N-E... showers expected to persist till Saturday, evening ... 
Showers expected over Kashmir, Himachal till evening of 29-Mar... 

Next W.D for N,N-W India is expected on 2-Apr.. !
#HOT #Chennai today - Airport = 37.1 C and Nungambakkam = 36.1 C.
Other hot towns in Tamilnadu...
Madurai = 38.4, Salem = 38.5 C

Today,  Bhubaneswar (Odisha) records a super #hot 41.3 C

7:30pm, T shower seen over N-W Uttarpradesh and N-W Tamilnadu ... 
Earlier, HEAVY T showers popped(4pm) over N-E Rajasthan and moved East ... now(7:30pm) over W,N-W Uttarpradesh ... 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Scattered, moderate T showers expected to persist over N,central zones of N-E states during next 2 days !
A low-level circulation is expected to persist over E Madhyapradesh and N Chatisgarh... and it's trough can be seen upto N,N-W Karnataka.
Another low-level trough or line of wind discontinuity expected from N Chatisgarh to N Rajasthan during next 36hrs.. 

There's NO significant weather is expected over most of Peninsula and central, E India. #HOT day conditions expected to persist !

Friday, A weak low-level circulation expected over N Bengal, Sikkim... and its trough expected upto S-coast Odisha
Isolated , moderate/light rain expected over S,central Odisha on Friday !  

A mid-level W.D trough is seen along 60E and dipping south upto 23N ... 

By tomorrow mid-morning, the trough is expected to affect N,N-W India ... 
This W.D system is expected to last till evening of Saturday !

8pm, At present most of N,N-central India is cloudy with light rain around ... 
Scattered moderate rain expected for S,W Kashmir, Himachal and Punjab. Light rain expected over Haryana and N,N-E Rajasthan.

#Kolkata - DumDum, 37.8 C today, "Hot and Humid"

Malout - 8:25pm, "after 26 hours now clear sky"
#HOT at 2:10pm, Hyderabad = 41 C, Nagpur = 40 C, Ahmedabad = 39 C, Jamshedpur = 38 C, Patna = 37 C, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow = 36 C
#Chennai - 2:10pm, Temp = 34 C and feels like 34.1 C

2:30pm, Mostly cloudy over N,N-W,N-central India due to W.D ... 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ENSO...and Developing El-Nino 2014

El niño is Spanish for "the boy", and the term El Niño refers to the Christ child, Jesus, because periodic warming in the Pacific near South America is usually noticed around Christmas.

El Niño events tend to begin in early Summer (Northern Spring), mature during Summer and Late Summer (Autumn), then begin to decay in Winter (of the Northern Hemisphere), with the event generally ending in the Spring (or early Summer) of the following year. The greatest impact normally occurs during the Summer period.

El Niño  is a band of anomalously warm ocean water temperatures that periodically develop off the Pacific coast of South America. 

El Niño is defined by prolonged warming in the Pacific Ocean sea surface temperatures when compared with the average value. The accepted definition is a warming of at least 0.5°C (0.9°F) averaged over the east-central tropical Pacific Ocean.  During El Niño years, the trade winds weaken and the central and eastern tropical Pacific warms up. This change in ocean temperature sees a shift in cloudiness and rainfall from the western to the central tropical Pacific Ocean.
Typically, this anomaly happens at irregular intervals of two to seven years, and lasts nine months to two years

ENSO is the oscillation between El Niño and La Niña conditions.

The first signs of an El Niño are:

Rise in surface pressure over the Indian Ocean, Indonesia, and Australia
Fall in air pressure over Tahiti and the rest of the central and eastern Pacific Ocean
Trade winds in the south Pacific weaken or head east
Warm air rises near Peru, causing rain in the northern Peruvian deserts
Warm water spreads from the west Pacific and the Indian Ocean to the east Pacific. It takes the rain with it, causing extensive drought in the western Pacific and rainfall in the normally dry eastern Pacific.

Current Year Situation:

Trade Winds:Westerly wind anomalies are present over the western tropical Pacific, and a reversal of the trade winds (i.e. winds becoming westerly in the equatorial region) in the western Pacific has extended east to the Date Line; this is the first time this has occurred since the 2009–10 El Niño.

During El Niño events there is a sustained weakening of the trade winds.

SST: SST in the last 2 weeks have risen in the Nino 3 and NINO 3.4 regions by about 0.5c..while NINO 4 shows no change.

Report of Bur. of Met (Austrailia) states: "While, due to the changes in the trade winds mentioned above, the Sub Surface Sea temperatures have started rising.This pool of warmer-than-average water reached more than 5 °C above average around 150 m depth in the central Pacific." 
If this pool of warmer-than-average sub-surface water rises to the surface in the eastern tropical Pacific this may lead to surface warming and the formation of an El Niño.

SOI: Having peaked at +14 recently, the SOI values have started falling,  and averaged -12.6 by 23rd March..--the lowest 30-day value since March 2010— Having fallen thus, we are steading towards a El-Nino situation.

Cloudiness Report From BoM Australia: "Cloudiness near the Date Line has generally been above average from late February.

Cloudiness along the equator, near the Date Line, is an important indicator of ENSO conditions, as it typically increases (negative Outgoing Long-wave Radiation (OLR) anomalies) near and to the east of the Date Line during an El Niño event and decreases (positive OLR anomalies) during a La Niña event."


Indications and current developments show a fast development of the El-Nino...and as per the various models, may reach a full fledged El-Nino status by August 2014.

From Vagaries

Heavy rains and strong t-storms wreck havoc over kolkata 25th march 2014

Take a look at this size of a "Hail" .... Near #Kolkata, 24-Mar ...

Today, A mid-level W.D circulation seen over N Pakistan... and expected to fizzled out in next 12hrs... 
2:30pm, Cloudy with showers over Kashmir, Himachal... rest of N,N-W,N-central (upto central Uttarpradesh) is cloudy ! 
Two low-level circulations also seen .. one over Punjab and other over E,S-E Rajasthan ... 

Next, mid-level W.D trough and upper-level circulation is expected to affect N,N-W,N-central India on Friday ... 

Next 2 days, Due to present and upcoming W.D... Scattered Heavy/moderate rain to continue over Kashmir, Himachal and Uttarakhand.
During next 2/3 days, moderate showers are expected over Punjab, N,N-E Rajasthan and Haryana ... 
More W.D ahead, so more rain ahead for Kashmir, Himachal ... expected to continue even till 30-Mar.

#HOT at 1pm...
Hyderabad = 40 C
Nagpur = 38 C
Ahmedabad = 37 C
Bangalore = 36 C
#Chennai = 32 C
A large fire was burning in India’s Sri Venkateshwara National Park on March 24, 2014 ... 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

7pm, Showers continue over Kashmir, some zones of Punjab and Himachal ... 7pm, T showers seen over S Haryana, S-coast Odisha, S,S-W Bengal and S-E Madhyapradesh ...

#HOT today...
Ahmedabad = 36.3 C, Nagpur = 36.2 C, Raipur = 37 C, Nizamabad = 38.8 C, Gulbarga, Raichur = 39 C, Kurnool = 40 C.

#Chennai - Today max temp was 34.4 C and yesterday was also 34 C.

The First Nor'wester of the season for Kolkata 24th march 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

#HOT Andhra today, Anantapur = 41.4 C and Kurnool = 40 C.
#HOT Tamilnadu, Thiruchirapalli = 38.9 C and Salem = 38.4 C

Some other #HOT cities today... 
Raipur = 38 C
Akola, Raichur = 39 C
Gulbarga = 39.2 C
Madurai = 38.2 C 
#Kolkata - "Some zones received massive T storm for around 35 min"
The low-level circulation along S,S-W Bengal is expected to weaken in next 18hrs ... 

Low-level trough from N Rajasthan to N Chatisgarh, Jharkhand is also expected to weaken in next 24hrs.
Meanwhile, the line of wind discontinuity from E Madhyapradesh to Coast Karnataka is expected to persist till 26-Mar 

Isolated showers forecast for S,S-W,central Bengal tomorrow.
And NO rain for Wednesday !
But, more rain ahead for W,central Bangladesh tomorrow as well. #WT20
Scattered T showers to continue for N,central zones of N-E States during next 2 days !!
Rainfall during past 24hrs in N.India.. Srinagar = 8 mm, Amristar = 19mm, Patiala = 14mm, Hissar = 9.6mm and Jaipur = 13mm

The mid, upper level W.D trough is expected to persist over N-W India during next 48hrs... 
More scattered rain ahead for S,S-W Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Uttarakhand, #Delhi till evening, 26-Mar.. 

Meanwhile, another mid-level W.D trough is expected to affect N-W India on Friday !!
4:30pm, T.showers seen over S,S-W,central Bengal and into W,central Bangladesh ... 
4:30pm, Showers continue over Kashmir, Himachal and T.showers also seen over E,N-E Rajasthan ...

Malout - W.D, Thunderstorm [VIDEO]

Malout, S-W Punjab - 7:15am, today. "Thunderstorm due to W.D"

Kolkata - 23-Mar, "Kal Baishaki"

Yesterday's THUNDERSTORM over east and north east kolkata.

Malout, S-W Punjab - "Good morning! and its thundering

RT @GanpatTeli1: Light shower in #delhi through out the night. @weatherofindia (9:35am)

#HOT at 1pm,
#Chennai - 33 C
#Bangalore - 37 C

12:30pm, Due to W.D, Heavy rain over S,S-W Kashmir, N,central Punjab, Himachal and into Uttarakhand ... 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Posted Sunday 23rd, Night:

M-3, now as an Upper Air Trough over the North Pakistan/Kashmir region, is supported by an induced Low over the North Rajasthan region. 
M-3, would move East, and the induced Low would withdraw its support after Monday Night, reducing the rains in the plains to almost "nil" by Tuesday. 

Even as M-33 moves Eastwards, heavy rains expected on Monday 24th in Northern Pakistan and Kashmir, HP. 
Islamabad, though not getting much rain on Sunday, will get showers on Monday 24th. As around 20 mms fall, the day will be cooler at around 19c on Monday. Rains reduce on Tuesday.
Karachi will be partly cloudy. Would expect overcast conditions from Wednesday 26th, and possibly light rains in some parts on Wednesday/Thursday.

Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi NSR get showers on Monday.
Delhi NCR can get a sharp Thunder Shower on Monday evening. Parts of Delhi could receive around 5 mms on Monday evening/night.
Still, days will not exceed 31c till Wednesday 26th, and rise a couple of degrees on Thursday 27th, maybe around 33c.

Mumbai, usual. Sunny and Clear. The NW winds will maintain the day temperatures to around 33/34c. Not expected to heat up much temperature wise, as the humidity will increase next few days.
Pune: Not so encouraging news, as we can "safely" expect the mercury to touch 38/39c by Thursday. Consolation factor: Nights will remain pleasant to around 18/19c in the beginning of the week.

Light isolated rain likely in parts of Marathwada (Maharashtra) on Tuesday 26th/Wednesday 27th.

As the system around Bengal weaken, little chance of a thunder shower popping up around Kolkata vicinity on Monday. Tuesday onwards weather remains dry. Day temperatures shooting up suddenly from Wednesday, possibly to 38c.

Bangalore: Not common to this city, the days will be sunny and hot, at around 36c next 4 days. However, nights will remain clear and around 21c.
Temperatures are expected to cross 40c in parts of Interior Andhra Pradesh. Parts of Northern Tamil Nadu will also see temperatures around 38-40c.
Hyderabad (India): Would expect light clouds. Days would be hot around 37/38c.

From Vagaries
Today dated 23 March is celebrated as WMO Day every year.. And Year 2014 has a theme of “Weather and Climate: Engaging Youth”..


Saturday, March 22, 2014

A strong W.D is expected to affect N,N-W,N-central India on tomorrow evening ... 
#Chennai - getting #HOT. Yesterday, Airport records 36.4 C.
Today, at 1:10pm it was 35 C.
low-level circulation seen over Central,N Chatisgarh and its trough can be seen South upto S Kerala coast .. 
Another trough runs from this low-level circulation towards N-W upto N Rajasthan !

In 18hrs, a strong low-level circulation is expected over S,W Bengal along N-E Jharkhand ... 

This circulation is expected to bring T showers for S,central,S-W Bengal on Today evening, Sunday and even on Monday 
T Showers expected over most parts of Bangladesh on Sunday, World T20 matches may get disrupted or washed out ! #Cricket
Due to the low-level trough, scattered T showers for S,central Kerala to continue today and Sunday.

Badlapur min temp 17.6°C with max humidity of 58% today. So had nice cool morning.

Karjat min temp 15.2°C with humidity of 50% & Palghar 18.8°C today.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Badlapur max temp 35.9°C with min humidity of just 11% today. Bit relief from heat today but very dry conditions continues..

Current temp 31.5c with humidity of 13% at 6.30pm today. Humidity fluctuating between 11% to 13% only from 12.30pm to 6.30pm !

Today max temp below 37c here after 7 days period !!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A weak W.D system is expected to push into N-W India from tomorrow noon.
Next strong W.D system is expected to affect Pakistan, N,N-W,N-central India from evening of 23-Mar ... 

From tomorrow, rain is expected to be back for Kashmir and Himachal ... 

Low-level line of wind discontinuity is seen from Odisha to S,S-W Maharastra and to N Lakshadweep islands ... 
In 24hrs, a low-level trough is expected from N Rajasthan to Jharkhand, another from N,central Chatisgarh to N Kerala 

On Saturday, a low-level circulation is expected over Central Bengal, Jharkhand ... 
On Saturday,Sunday, a low-level circulation is expected to be over N,central Karnataka ... 

On Saturday, T showers expected to pop along S,S-W Bengal and into N,central Bangladesh.
Bangladesh - #Cricket, World T20 matches on Saturday, Sunday may get Rain breaks or even washouts !

Scattered T showers over S,central Kerala and S,S-W Tamilnadu to continue on Friday, Saturday.

5:30pm, T showers over S-W Tamilnadu, S Kerala, N Bengal, Sikkim and over Assam ...

Badlapur max temp 38.0°C with min humidity of just 10% today. It was almost calm till 1pm with bit N breeze in between which lead to hot & very dry condition here..

Thane IMD AWS had temp 37.5°C with dew point of just 1°C at 12.30pm today.. So Thane max temp is also around 38°C with min humidity of just 10% today..
At 11am, Barmer = 36.3 C, Bhuj = 37 C, Kolkata = 37 C, Nagpur = 37.3 C, Nasik = 37.4 C, Gulbarga = 38.4 C, Rentachintala = 38.2 C
At 1:10pm, #Chennai = 34 C, #Bangalore = 37 C (WoW), #Hyderabad = 38 C.

1:33pm, Malout - "Partly cloudy and hot weather in malout 30 C"

18-Mar, Day Temperature map of India... shows above 35 C temp over most of E India, N,central Peninsula ...
From Sunday, the above 35 C day temp is expected to spread its net into E-central,central and  into N-central india. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Badlapur max temp 39.0°C with humidity of 19% today !! It's an scorching heat here due to NE land breeze till 3pm..!!

Badlapur humidity further drops to 9% at 5.30pm today..
3pm, Isolated rain seen over S Tamilnadu, S Odisha ... 
RT @GiriSubu: A cool, breezy spring morning. Loving it :) @weatherofindia #dombivli (7:44am)

#HEAT is on !
2:10pm, Nagpur = 39 C, Hyderabad = 38 C and Bangalore = 36 C.

#Chennai - Airport, yesterday records 35.9 C.
Today at 2:10pm it was 35 C and feels like 37.7 C

At 2pm, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Thiruchirapalli and Coimbatore, all records 35 C

Yesterday, in S Peninsula, Mahabubnagar (Andhra) records 39 C.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3pm, T showers seen over S Tamilnadu. And scattered moderate rain seen over N Chatisgarh ... 

El Nino - Will it affect 2014 Indian South West Monsoon ??

6-Mar-2014 :: ENSO update released by CLIMATE PREDICTION CENTER / NCEP / NWS, 
"ENSO-neutral is expected to continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring 2014, 
with about a 50% chance of El Niño developing during the summer or fall."

Here's the full report ... Download PDF

11-Mar-2014 :: ENSO report released by Australian BOM ...
"Recent observations indicate that warming of the tropical Pacific is occurring. The tropical Pacific Ocean
sub-surface has warmed substantially over the past few weeks, which is likely to result in a warming of the
sea surface in the coming months. A recent burst of westerly winds over the far western Pacific is the
strongest seen since at least 2009 – the last time an El Niño developed."

Here's the full report of BOM ... Click here

Meanwhile, the Indian Ocean Dipole is NEUTRAL, and expected to remain that way till August-2014.

El Nino, effect on Indian South west Monsoon 2014??

"raising fears of a possible weak monsoon this year." ...
India keeps a close watch on El Nino" ...
"El Niño Could Hurt India’s Monsoon "...

RT @aknarendranath: Unusually heavy thundertorm over Delhi around 05.45 am. Farmers must have rued it for the damge to their standing crops. 

9:30am, Heavy rain over Kashmir, Himachal and Uttarakhand. moderate rain popping over N,central Uttarpradesh as well 
During the night, T showers popped over N,N-E Rajathan and traveled across Haryana, #Delhi. Here's a sat IR 3:30am..

W.D is moving away to East... today showers will push into Nepal, N,N-E Uttarpradesh, N Bihar, N Bengal, Sikkim and into Northern N-E states

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dust storms in West Asia and North Africa can increase the Indian summer monsoon rainfall a week later .. 
#Chennai - Yesterday, Airport records a max temp of 32.6 C and today morning it was 22.6 C.

Most of peninsula and E India, the day temperature has risen sharply ...
In Tamilnadu salem touches 37.2 C.

IMD - "A number of stations recorded the highest maximum temperature of 38 C in S,central Peninsula"

During next 3 days, the DAY temp is expected to rise above 35 C over most of Peninsula and W,E India ... 
From 22/23-Mar ... Most of #India is expected to touch the 35 C day temperature ... 

Today - An easterlies is affecting S,S-W Bay, Srilanka and S,S-E Tamilnadu ... 
From tomorrow - T Showers are expected for S Tamilnadu and for W-Ghats of S,Central Kerala ... 
From tomorrow, Afternoon T Showers are expected over S,central, W-ghats of Kerala .
Expected to persist till 22-Mar !!

In next 24hrs, a low-level line of wind discontinuity is expected from E Madhyapradesh to N-W Karnataka ... 
Scattered Moderate rain expected to persist over W,S-W,Central,N,N-E Maharastra during next 36hrs.

11am, Analysis suggest that mid,upper-level W.D trough is affecting N,N-W India ...
In next 36hrs, the W.D system is expected to move away East ... and moisture will push to E,E-central India .. 

During next 36hrs, moderate/heavy scattered rain expected for Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakhand ... 
By tomorrow, the W.D rain is expected to push into Nepal, N,central,E Uttarpradesh and Bihar.!
Tomorrow - A 50% chance of "kal baisakhi" for Bihar, N Jharkhand and into N,central,W Bengal !

5:30pm, Cloudy with scattered rain over Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana and N,N-E Rajasthan.. 

Badlapur received showers early morning today (17-03-2014).

Badlapur had surprised drizzles with thick drops between 6.30am to 7.00am today.  

Badlapur min temp 25c with very low 45% humidity today. Rainfall recorded 0.5mm ending 8.30am today..

Very amazed that Rain God blessed with showers and played natural Holi (Dhulivandan) with trees & plants on earth surface here.. :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Badlapur was hot with thundery build up today(15-03-2014)

Badlapur max temp 38.0c today with min humidity of 25% today.

Also at 5pm, thunder clouds gather so sky turn darker with some distant thundering but with no rain. As per radar rain was just 15kms away in East dir so missed it ..

A low-level line of wind discontinuity is seen along N Maharastra, S,central Chatisgarh ... 
A low-level trough can be seen running along S-W coast of India from N Kerala coast to S-E Gujarat...
A weak Low-level circulation is expected to persist over S-E Madhyapradesh, S,central Chatisgarh during next 24hrs 

During next 36hrs, scattered light/moderate rain expected over W,central,E Maharastra, S Chatisgarh, N,N-E Andhra and into S Odisha.