Monday, June 13, 2016

Monsoon progress expected to be stalled for next 4 days

Heavy thunderstorm n rain in #Margao in #Goa at 1 pm 

#Monsoon has progressed upto #Goa and Bay wing of Monsoon is yet to progress North...
Monsoon progress along SW,W-coast of India and North Bay is expected to be stalled for next 3 days.

West coast offshore trough is expected to persist along S,central Maharastra coast, Karnataka coast and N-coast Kerala during next 36hrs. The SE coast trough is still strong and expected to drop a strong circulation over W,NW Bay, to drive the Monsoon into E,NE india !

On Friday, W,NW Bay is expected to get active with a low-level circulation over NE Andhra coast ...
Upcoming circulation at upper-levels is expected to be near Chennai coast...
From 16-Jun, entire Kerala and S-Peninsula will get active with heavy rains ...
#Monsoon will get active again over Kerala from 17-Jun and from Saturday the Northward progress will happen along SW coast.

Monsoon for #Kolkata expected on 20/21-Jun 
For #Mumbai it can be beyond 20-Jun !!

During next 36hrs, HEAVY rain expected along Karnataka coast, #Goa and upto S-coast Maharastra ...
In 36hrs, T showers will pop over S,central,N Karnataka, S,central,NE Andhra into S Chatisgarh, S Odisha...
HEAVY T showers also expected over S Bengal, #Kolkata into Bangladesh and entire NE states of India.
Scattered Dust storms, T showers with squalls expected to pop along East-West trough over Haryana, Punjab, W,central Uttarpradesh in 36hrs

Showers Of Relief 13th June 2016 , Kolkata

Showers Of Relief 13th June 2016 , Kolkata

It Died at Mid-night only to be Re-born in the Morning , the Supercell Regenerated itself to crack over The skyline of Kolkata on the early hours of 13th june 2016 , giving some relief from the sweltering weather . 
Indeed a Welcome Pre-monsoon shower
And God was great enough for Giving us the Perfect Gift as we Turned 3 Today !!!!

June 13, 2016 at 11:13AM

10:40am, Sunny day in #Pune . City have to wait for another 5 days for monsoon. #weather

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