Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anini & Tuting crosses 1000 mm rainfall for the year ahead of Cherrapunji.

The rainfall figures given are in mm (Top 20 places - minimum 300 mm upto 22.04.2012)
  1. Anini (Arunachal Pradesh) - 1020
  2. Tuting (Arunachal Pradesh) -1010
  3. Cherrapunji (Megahlaya) - 750
  4. Manali (Himachal Pradesh) - 590
  5. Car Nicobar (Andaman & Nicobar Islands) - 570
  6. Gangtok (Sikkim) - 510
  7. Silchar (Assam) - 510
  8. Tezu (Arunachal Pradesh) - 440
  9. Nancowry (Andaman & Nicobar Islands) -440
  10. Dharmashala (Himachal Pradesh) - 420
  11. Passighat (Arunachal Pradesh) -390
  12. Kalpa (Himachal Pradesh) - 380
  13. Kanjirappally (Kerala) - 350
  14. Piravom (Kerala) - 350 
  15. Perunchani Dam (Tamil Nadu) - 330
  16. Bhuntar (Himachal Pradesh) - 310
  17. Pechiparai Dam (Tamil Nadu) - 300
  18. Srinagar - (Jammu & Kashmir) - 300
  19. Kailasahar (Tripura) - 300
Other places may also have obtained more rainfall than the station quoted above. 

After last year's epic rainfall race for being the wettest places during South West Monsoon. I have compiled a poll for viewers and rain followers voting for the season 2012. The link to the polls is here Poll code. The 2011 rankings can be found here - 2011 SWM rainfall rankings
4:30pm, Scattered T.showers seen over S.karnataka, showers over N-E.Andhra, coastal Orissa..
RT @otvnews: Two die of heavy lightning in Banki area of Cuttack district
RT @newglamourboy: Raining in cuttack bad news for kkr and dc . IPL (4:37pm)
RT @shauvick: Raining in cuttack.. :'( (4:05pm) ... IPL match at 8pm here... status pls !
RT @manishsahoo: t's raining cats and dogs cuttack (4:11pm).. today's 2nd IPL match is schedule here at 8pm
chennai - 4:10pm, very HOT .. 35.0°C and feels like 40.7°C, sea breeze has set it but NO respite from heat!
Thunderstorm wreaks havoc in Pollachi.. on Night of 20-Apr..
10:30am, Heavy rain over N.Srilanka.. 95% of India is clear ..
If the Bay circulation moves as predicted, then Heavy showers expected for S,S.central,Central-coastal Tamilnadu from 24-Apr.
T.showers expected to be widespread and strong from Monday over Central,S.Kerala and over S.Tamilnadu..
Afternoon T.showers forecast for Orissa, N,N-E.Andhra, E.Maharastra, S.Chatisgarh from today till 26-Apr..
COLA predicts, after tuesday, the circulation is expected to persist over central Tamilnadu for 2 days and then move North.
COLA now predicts the S-W.Bay circulation will crash over Central.coastal Tamilnadu on 24-Apr..
Circulation persists over S-W.Bay.. And moisture persists over kerala and S.tip Tamilnadu ..
chennai - having a clear day with some low cloud formation... temp. at 10:40am is 34.0°C and feels like 38.3°C
chennai - having a clear day with some low cloud formation... temp. at 10:40am is 34.0°C and feels like 38.3°C

This coming week, we see some "activity" in the Southern regions. A low, B-1, has formed in the SW Bay on Saturday, though weak at 1004 mb. It is expected to move W/NW, and cross South/Central T.N. coast at 1002 mb near Pondicherry, at around 11N. B-1 should cross by Tuesday, though being the first low of the season, its behavoiur needs monitoring. B-1 should then merge in the trough running N/S from Bihar to S.Tamil Nadu. 
Rains, goood amounts, are expected this week especially along the T.N. coast till Wednesday.

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