Wednesday, January 06, 2016

January 06, 2016 at 09:22PM

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January 06, 2016 at 09:18PM

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Scattered rain ahead for Rajasthan, Delhi, W-Uttarpradesh

Next 2 mornings...
COLD mornings to continue for many zones of E,E-central India including Chatisgarh, Odisha ..
Some zones in N,central Maharastra and Gujarat to have above normal morning temps on 7,8-Jan.

A mid,upper-level trough in westerlies (WD) is seen approaching W,NW India.
Now along 61E, 22N ...
2:30pm, this trough is already pushing cloudy weather over N,NW India ...
Before Friday morning, mid,upper-level WD trough is expected to push into N,NW India.. some rain ahead ! ..

Due to this WD, good upper-level moisture expected to push over N,NW India in next 42 hrs ...
Before Friday morning...
Scattered light / moderate rain for S,SW,central,E Rajasthan, Haryana, W Uttarpradesh ...
Moderate / HEAVY rain / snow expected over Kashmir and Himachal during next 36hrs...

In next 42hrs, scattered light / moderate rain possible for #Delhi also.
#Winter #Rain
This may reduce some of present high Air Pollution !!

Heavy rain for E-coast Srilanka

#Chennai today morning...
Nungambakkam 23 C
IWM Polichalur 22.5 C
Airport 20.5 C

Today morning temps were slightly higher than Yesterday over most of Tamilnadu, including hills.
Dharmapuri 17.5
Kodaikanal 10.3
Ooty 5 C

Present easterlies below 10th parallel has raised the Night temps by 1 / 2 C ALL across Tamilnadu..
2:30pm, Cloud cover seen over central,N Tamilnadu.
Heavy rain along E,NE Srilanka due to easterlies ...

This easterlies is expected to give HEAVY rain for E,NE,ESE coast of Srilanka till Friday.
Drizzles / light rain for central,SE coast TN.
In next 42hrs, 30% chance of light rain / drizzles possible over central,SE-coast,S and W,NW Tamilnadu.

Tamilnadu Next 2 mornings.
N,NW zones will have below 20 C.
Rest of the zones will have 20 to 22 C morning including #Chennai