Sunday, December 14, 2008

Going to be a Thrilling Final day...

It's going to be a thrilling final day of 1st test match in Chennai (Ind v Eng).
What's in store the day and days ahead?
Going by the latest satellite pic, shows nothing for next 2 days.
That's good news for the test match.

Chennai, was bit hot today and humid. And even the yesterday's night temperature was not that low (around 25 degrees). And in night we even had a small drizzle or two.
North-east is almost at it's end now.
Some GFS models suggest that we might have a LAST depression almost the same area as that of "07B".
Take a look at this model...
A low pressure system indicated to form around 16-Dec-08.

This system will not move north because still there is a ANTI cyclone in northern bay.
Studying the "Sea Temperature Charts (STC)" for the past 4 days suggests that the HEAT potential for the LOW pressure system in southern bay is decreasing.