Sunday, April 24, 2011

RT @mithunmedamana: Fabulous April month in Kerala....!!
Every 2-3 days you get a nice rain....
Hope it continues in may too

5pm, Thunder showers again over S,S-central Tamilnadu, Central Kerala , central Karnataka and over S-W Maharastra ..
Chennai - Now 11:44am With mild humidity and temp. is at 31.6 C
10:30am, Most of Tamilnadu and Kerala are clearing off... but more showers expected today as well .. S. Bay very active.
Today, the circulation is along central Tamilnadu coast and it'll persist there for another 2 days, slight N. movement.
Chennai - Had some drizzles around 4:30am.. Now 11:38am its still cloudy and will clear up in another 1.5hr
RT @mithunmedamana: Nice rain here in Kerala on the Easter Sundaay..!!!
:-) Happy climate and Happy people
Chennai - T.shower or heavy drizzle will start after 2am