Sunday, September 08, 2013

Chennai - super Sunday !!

Chennai - 6:15pm, Raining steady now over Polichalur zone

Chennai - 6:30pm, Heavy rain now with thunder and wind gust over Polichalur zone!

Chennai - 6:40pm, "it's a cloud burst here" very heavy rain now over Polichalur zone.. expected "super Sunday" is here!

Bangalore - 5:45pm, raining in some zones of city and suburbs

RT @senthilvijay: It has been raining heavily for the past 45 mins #Tiruvottiyur @weatherofindia @rajkumar71

RT @s_raghuraman: @weatherofindia it's raining in Ashok Nagar Chennai 5:45pm

Chennai - 6pm, no rain so far over S suburbs. Raining over some parts of central city for the past 45min

Chennai - 3pm, showers seen popping over N,N-W from city and into S Andhra. Today there's a 100% chance of rain for city.

Chennai - 6:30am, a heavy drizzle can push into city in next 30min