Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Coldest Winter in 100 Years, Europe Shivers

 Winter Dec to Feb inclusive in Britain and Europe will be exceptionally cold and snowy – like hell frozen over at times - with much of England, Germany, Benelux and N France suffering one of the coldest winters for over 100 years. It is expected that two of the three months Dec, Jan & Feb are likely to be in the three coldest for a 100 years (eg using Central England Temperatures).

This is Piers Corbyn, of Weather Action who predicted Copenhagen would be deluged by snow during the Climate meet last year. This time, he predicts one of the harshest winters in recent times for whole of Europe. Read more here.

Meanwhile, Europe is getting a feel of what winter may look like this week. Temperatures dropped to as low as minus 18 degrees Celsius in some parts of Germany, while driving rain in Italy triggered the collapse of two Roman walls in Pompeii and flooding in Venice. Britain, shivering in the earliest widespread snowfalls of winter since 1993, was one of the countries worst affected with two of its major transport hubs scrapping all flights. 

Will New Delhi follow by going sub-zero this winter? 

5:30pm, a Fully cloudy S. peninsula ... and more showers coming up for C and N. coastal Tamilnadu..
RT @ndtvhindu: RAIN DAMAGE-Trichy: Flooding destroys 50,000 acres of crops near river Kaveri.
RT @ndtvhindu: RAIN WOES IN TN-Cuddalore: 1,800 cubic metres of water let out off Veernam river.
RT @dinaithal: தொடர்ந்து கனமழை பெய்து வருவதால் மக்களின் இயல்பு வாழ்க்கை பாதிப்பு
Nagercoil - Non-stop drizzles and sharp showers continue even now 4:17pm
RT @jan_dz: Sudden mid-day downpour chennai rain (3:51pm)
RT @a_for_shreya: chennai - Awsommmmm Rain...awsom climate ...:)) Looks like after 7pm:)) (3:38pm)
Chennai - Heavy rain just 3:25pm starts in Saidapet.
RT @arvindnatarajan: Heavy rain in Velachery Chennai (3:24pm)
RT @fabwrite: Heavy rain, its pouring in Mandaveli (3:24pm)
RT @dilipm: its raining like there is no tomorrow chennai rain (3:21pm)
RT @gokz87: Heavy Rains Pouring Like Hell in Pondicherry @weatherofindia (1:44pm)
RT @chennaiweather: Heavy rain lashes Chennai. More to come till this week end
Chennai - sharp showers now 2:40pm in saidapet... and more to come towards evening and into midnight!
RT @ssrivatsan: Looks like today's weather is going to be dull. No rain and No sun. lazyweather chennai (1:05pm)
RT @vjerry: It was cloudy since morning and now the drizzling started.... Bangalore @weatherofindia (1:21pm)
Chennai - from yesterday 7:30pm, sharp intermittent showers continued till early hrs of 1-Dec... now 9:41am its heavily cloudy.
8:30am, Heavy rain over central Tamilnadu coast... and more on its way ..
Nagercoil - Drizzle and sharp showers continued all thru night .
A weak low circulation is expected again over Gulf mannar... More heavy rain for S-E and S.Tip Tamilnadu ...
Heavy widespread showers will continue for Central and N.Tamilnadu coast... till 3-Dec..

COP 16 Cancun Climate Meet: What a difference a year can make!

Last year at COP 15, UNFCCC meet in Copenhagen, the mood of climate activists at were not only upbeat but belligerent. The campaign for a successor treaty to the Kyoto protocol began as much as six months in advance. Spurred on with funds and encouragement from sponsors, climate activists in thousands booked all jumbo jets and hotels to attend the event so much so that air-fares sky-rocketed and hotels booked to their brim. The world media joined the chorus and delivered a massive coverage.

A series of meetings in Germany, Korea and China to the run-up of Cancun proved inconclusive. The UNFCCC is under severe pressure to jump start the treaty process in Mexico, however, public doubts about climate science and policy coupled with an inability of developed and developing nations to find common ground leave the UNFCCC with a daunting task ahead. 

Accordingly, the mood of climate alarmists going into Cancun is visibly downbeat. The world suffers from apocalyptic fatigue and scepticism so much even they know too well their usual doomsday soothsaying are now met with derisive laughter. With public support cultivated over the last decade or so has largely evaporated, the lack of confidence reflects itself in the run-up to Cancun. So unlike Copenhagen, this time it had been a rather quiet and more sombre affair.