Sunday, March 25, 2012

Next Week's Forecast:

1. M-6, the latest in the series of W.D.s in March, is now sweeping through Northern Pakistan and India. The clouding is pushing Southwards into Punjab and Haryana. Northern areas of Rajasthan are parts of Delhi are clouded too. 

M-6 will precipitate in the Northern regions of Pakistan on Sunday. Some incoming moisture will bring rains to Upper Sindh and adjoining regions on Tuesday, 27th. 

But Indian states of Kashmir, H.P. and parts of Utteranchal will continue to get rains till Tuesday, 27th March. In fact, on Tuesday, it will be heavy in H.P. with upper regions of Keylong and Kalpa receiving snowfall.
Punjab can get light rains on Monday. Delhi will not get any rains from this system.
M-6 moves into Western Nepal as a weak system on Wednesday, 28th March.

2. A trough line runs along Central India, roughly in line with 20N, for most of the week from Monday thru Thursday. The N winds and the S winds meet along this line. Starting Mon/Tuesday, Effect will be: hot temperatures South of this line, specially in the Eastern part of the trough covering Eastern Vidharbha and adjoining Orissa. 

Nominal rise in NW and Northern India of 1 to 2c in day temperatures.
Strong N winds above the line, from Rajasthan in the West to W.Bengal will be prominent. 

3. Thursday,29th and Friday 30th, could see persisting heat and hot temperatures bringing almost heat wave conditions in Cenral Sindh, parts of Saurashtra and Gujarat region and Vidharbha.

City wise Forecast on Vagaries