Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Komen remnant to fizzle out in 24hrs, N.Bay to get active again from 7-Aug

Today, the remnant of Cyclone Komen as a weak LOW is seen over S,central Madhyapradesh ...
Circulation associated with this LOW is seen up to upper-levels and slight tilted to S-W.
500hpa circulation see over N,central Maharastra
At upper-level (500hpa) the circulation is over N,central and up to S-W Maharastra ...

In next 24hrs, this LOW and its circulation are expected to fizzle out almost in same location.

N.Bay may drop a LOW / low-level circulation on 7-Aug ...
At present, a weak low-level circulation seen over S Rajasthan.
On 7/8-Aug, this might also intensify further.

And NO sign of revival of West coast offshore trough during next 2/3 days, even though today the coast is getting good rain.

2:30pm, Scattered heavy rain along W,S-W,N-W and coastal Maharastra, Karnataka coast and Kerala coast ...
2:30pm, Scattered rain seen over Bihar, Bengal, Haryana and Punjab...

Rainfall alert for next 36hrs
Before morning of 6-Aug..
Heavy rain for W,central,N,E Maharastra, S,W,central Madhyapradesh .
Coastal Maharastra, coastal Karnataka and Kerala to get more scattered Rain during next 24hrs

Today as well, scattered T showers expected over S Karnataka, S Andhra, N,N-E Tamilnadu, Bangalore and Chennai.
RT @RajanRamaswami: @weatherofindia Heavy rains with mild at JP Nagar V Ph Bangalore (3:57pm)
Chennai - 4pm, mini T cells seen over W-S-W,S-W from city at around 50 to 100km.
Moderate rain may push into city, suburbs before 6/7pm.

On 6-Aug.. good widespread rain expected over Northern zones of Monsoon axis.. i.e over Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, W Uttarpradesh, Uttarakhand
On 6-Aug, some scattered rain will persist over S,central Madhyapradesh and into central Chatisgarh, N,E Maharastra.

#Chennai and #Bangalore can expect more T showers on 6-Aug as well !.
Chennai - Yesterday's T showers...
Nungambakkam = 30.8mm
Airport = 61mm
IWM Polichalur = 58.2mm
Raijin AWS ( = 15.4mm