Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chennai - Mild drizzles now 8:30 pm, heavy showers to come after midnight and into early morning.
Major heavy showers breaking out along Central TN coast "Nagapatinam" .. http://ping.fm/gYElH
http://ping.fm/FGGlE .. Is Cyclone "ward" re-emerging from srilanka coast..??
Take a look at this ODD looking satellite shot ... 3:30pm IST .. http://ping.fm/JTU5x
Chennai - More heavy showers after 6pm. or after midnight.
Chennai - Just now 4 pm a super shower lashed Saidapet zone.
REPORT:: Earthquake in Bangladesh .. http://is.gd/5oaf8
What happened with Cyclone "Nisha" .. take a look .. http://is.gd/5oa93 .. will the present Cyclone/Depression "Ward" take this route??
Will weakened Cylone "ward" will take a path like Cylone "Nisha" ..??
Remnant of Cylone/depression "ward" has not moved into Srilanka .. in fact it's predicted to move north .. http://ping.fm/LxFRB
North-East Monsoon is going very active along Tamilnnadu coast for next 48 hrs.. http://ping.fm/96XnQ
The year 2009, the warmest since 1850, claimed 55 million lives across the globe .. http://is.gd/5o9Pp
ALERT:: Giant iceberg off Australia breaking up .. http://is.gd/5o9NI
Gore: Polar ice may vanish in 5-7 years .. http://is.gd/5o9Mz
ALERT: Mayon volcano in Philippines oozes lava ... http://is.gd/5o9IF
And here comes the COLA prediction for next 48hrs .. http://yfrog.com/4ei38p .. very to very heavy showers for central and north TN coast.
http://ping.fm/07ZvN .. there's a possibility that the LOW pressure may move north and take the COLA prediction.
http://ping.fm/iYHEN .. satellite shows that Low pressure "ward" .. is staying over coast of Srilanka.
Satellite at 9:30am IST, shows heavy showers and more on way for central, south-east and north TN coast .. http://ping.fm/fL1or
RT @elitemayank: A very good morning today here in chennai its raining but not like cats and dogs,its seems to me a sweet kind of rain gives a nice feeling
RT @praisid: Gr8 climate here n chennai..Can't even c a ray of sunlight..
RT @Jax: Crazy weather outside... It just went dark as if it's an eclipse... Raining in spurts... chennai
Chennai - Southern suburbs of chennai is receiving heavy showers than northern part from early morning.
Heavy showers from south-Andhra coast to extreme southern tip of Tamilnadu is expected for another 36 hrs.. till the remnant of "ward" dies.
Central coastal zone of TN is also receiving very heavy showers all thru night and into early morning as well.
Central coastal zone of TN is also receiving very heavy showers all thru night and into early morning as well.
Huge cell over extreme northern tip of Srilanka and extending well into south-east coastal area of Tamilnadu
Already we can see very heavy thunder cells all along TN coast..
Cyclone "ward" still 8 am IST have not crossed Srilanka fully.. meanwhile it's causing a LOW pressure trough to be formed all along TN coast