Thursday, September 20, 2012

RT @senthilvijay: @weatherofindia good amount of rain in north chennai #Tiruvottiyur (8pm)
#chennai - 6:15pm, T.shower system from N-W is now moving E-N-E towards Sriharikota in S.Andhra. City will miss the rains for now!
#chennai - 5:30pm, a Heavy T.shower system is continuously approaching from N-W.. now at 45km from city. This may touch the North suburbs. 
3:30pm, Isolated showers seen over E.rajasthan, N,N-E.Madhyapradesh...

3:30pm, Heavy & widespread rain seen over Chatisgarh, E,S-E.Maharastra, S,W.Orissa, N,N-E.Andhra and Jharkand..

3:30pm, T.showers also seen over S-central, N-E.Tamilnadu ..

#chennai - 4:45pm, 2 T.shower system closing in on city, 1 from W-N-W at 80km and another from S-W at 45km.
#chennai - 3:15pm, having good strong sea breeze now. A strong T.cell can be seen over North from city at around 25km... near Ponneri.
#chennai - 3pm, some strong showers are sweeping zones S-S-W from city at around 30 to 100km.
Isolated T.showers for N,N-E.Tamilnadu, S.Andhra & #chennai to continue till 23/24-Sep.
During next 24hrs, Heavy & scattered rain possible over N,N-W,central.Maharastra, S.Chatisgarh, Orissa, N,N-E.Andhra..

In next 2/3 days, last of the Monsoon rain will be over N,N-W,N-E,E.Maharastra, Chatisgarh, Jharkand & Orissa ..

Heavy rain over North of N-E states will continue till 24/25-Sep ... and go down rapidly ...

Scattered rain over Jharkand, Bihar and into most of Bengal till 24-Sep.

Some showers also possible over S,S-W.Madhyapradesh during next 3 days.

From tomorrow, almost NO rain forecast for entire N,N-W India .. Bye Bye to South West Monsoon for N,N-W India ..!

Almost NO rain forecast for entire W,S-W coast from today.
A weak offshore trough along S-W coast is seen... and this'll vanish in another 2 days ...

The seasonal LOW over Pakistan has also weakened considerably and will persist at around 1004hpa till 24/25-Sep..

Monsoon Axis has weakened and a weak low level circulation can be seen over N.Chatisgarh ...

Today a weak UAC or wind discontinuity seen over N,N-W Maharastra ...

A strong UAC possible along S.Andhra coast on 24/25-Sep ...

During next 3 days, a weak circulation will persist over N,Central and East Maharastra ... 
#chennai - 2pm, T.showers seen near Tambaram .
12:30pm, Fresh showers seen over N,S.Chatisgarh, S.Orissa, N,N-E.Andhra, E.Maharastra, S-E.Tamilnadu ...

12:30pm, More rain over Sikkim, N.Bengal and North N-E states .. 
Today also High Vertical.V will occur after 3pm over S,S-E.Karnataka, N,N-E.tamilnadu, #chennai & S.Andhra.. but will less moisture presence

...(cont.) Scattered low intensity & less duration T.showers possible in these zones.
#chennai - 1:25pm, showers also seen South of Tambaram near Chengelpet... around 40km S-S-W from city.

Sole rain cloud in bangalore yesterday

#chennai - 12:40pm, having a HOT & very Humid day so far, with good cloud formations. Some preliminary T.cell formations also witnessed.
A strong shower is now 12:40pm is sweeping parts of S.Andhra coast .. now its 25km West of Sriharikota.